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  1. So I got home last night found the fuse box and got the brake light problem sorted. Cleaned her up and decided to hit the club ..all good. Came out the club at 4:30am to find some PRICK stole my antenna. I am so f'ing mad right now. This is the first I've been out in months and what a welcome back I got. I was (and still) so mad that I did even talk to the chick I went to the club with afterwards either since it was her grand idea to go to the club in the first place
  2. Ok thanks guys...will have a look when I get home....I need to have sorted so i can hit the town tonite without the cops pulling me over
  3. Hi Guys, Can someone tell me just where I can locate the fuse box that houses the fuses for the rear park lights :duh: I have searched this car hi and low to no avail. I have an 99 Altezza and have so far located 3 fuse boxes (2 under the hood and one on the passenger side below the glove compartment almost next to the floor mat).
  4. Nar mate.. I just need to know whether the car uses SHOCKS or STRUTS!!! simple Which of these does the 1999 Toyota Altezza come stock with? SHOCKS ...yes/no STRUTS...yes/no
  5. Quick question to anyone who can help. I have a 1999 Toyota Altezza..manual in complete Jap and am trying to figure out whether the car uses SHOCKS or STRUTS. I'm trying to get my brother to send me the parts since they need changing but am not sure what the car uses. No I have not gone under to see nor do I have time. Yes I'm sure I own the car but I don't know jack about cars except how to keep clean and drive. He ships in two days and have no time to go visit a mechanic. Parts are expensive around my part. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  6. ok here u go mate..don't think u could ask for anything more http://www.japcar(blocked word)/autowallpapers/toyota...a_800x600_3.JPG
  7. Will do, it's in tomorrow, so with any luck it'll be sorted! Stu please let us know the outcome mate. I too am experiencing the same prob and have been told everything from moving pads in the calipers to ball joints.
  8. prento


    Hey Matt... The island is only 108 sq mls and there are about 30 Tezza's down here. Fortunately, mine is the only green one and a buddy of mine has the only yellow one. I just want to set mine further apart from the others by rebadging it.
  9. prento


    My car is centre on this page the green one.
  10. prento


    pardon my ignorace but what exactly are the shims?
  11. prento


    Me again.... Am thinking of rebadging my Altezza with the Lexus logos and the IS200 badge. Will the lexus logo's fit easily onto the 1999 silver rod grille as they do onto the 2000-2002 mesh grille? Or would I have to buy a whole new grille like the one in this pic? that grille an aftermarket product and if so, who's the manufacturer? I would prefer to keep the silver metal look as opposed to using the black mesh look. If it is standard lexus grille..what's the approx cost?
  12. prento


    No not all the time. I find that it only happens when going on bad roads and into pot holes. I will hear it occasionally when breaking on smooth roads but only when a sudden sharp break is applied.
  13. prento


    I have this problem that I have been experiencing lately with my car. Lately, when i apply the breaks there is this sound of metal grinding against metal, a sort of clacking sound, mostly when I apply the breaks when going on a bumpy road or into unaviodable pot holes. At first it started in the front left wheel area, now I'm hearing it in the front right. There is also a sound of losse metal banging in the rear whenever I hit those pot holes. I took it to the mechanic, he checked the breaks but they were still practically new, same as when I first got the car 5 months ago. He said the pr
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