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  1. Thanks everybody - most helpful! i have the boot-liner and ivory carpet mats already fitted - so will be pursuing some rubber mats for the cabin, I think! 😎
  2. Thanks Herbie - just starting my Googling journey - so will check these out too! 😀
  3. Have just taken delivery of my 2012 RX450 Premier - low mileage and lovey throughout. However, i guess the Ivory interior will soon look the worse fro wear, so am thinking about black rubber or carpet floor mats to protect the interior. Do Lexus make a range or better from elsewhere...? Thanks! Paddy
  4. Hi Folks- just about to purchase a low mileage 2012 RX450 Premier and wondering if i should consider having a tracker fitted. Lots of different types around - which is a bit confusing - so wondered if anybody has personal experience/ recommendations etc. please. Many thanks!
  5. Many thanks for all the comments and advice - much appreciated! 😄 Paddy
  6. Thinking of changing my 10 year old RX400. Reluctantly, because it has never let me down in the five years I've owned it, and it's a lovely drive, of course. So would like another hybrid and am thinking of a 4 or 5 year old RX450 or maybe an NX. Also, the new RAV4 Hybrid looks tempting. Any thoughts, comments or advice most welcome!
  7. Thanks Sorcerer - still just checking options at the moment anyway.
  8. Thanks Verbout - never heard of this product, so have emailed them for a local stockist to have a look
  9. So....the ignition key for my 2008 RX450h has cracked. it still works ok, but you have to take careful hold of it once inserted in the ignition; it feels like it might snap or something when it's turned. Otherwise, it works fine. Question it possible just to have a new plastic case thingy or will Lexus want to sell me a brand new key? And what might that cost from a main dealer, I wonder? Any advice gratefully received :-)
  10. Thanks for the replies - yep, the lock switch was the problem! (Or, rather, the idiot who'd pressed it and not noticed!!) mea culpa :-) Cheers - Dáithí
  11. Hi Folks Although the drivers' own window switch works perfectly, all of the other window switches have just packed up. Neither the drivers' switch for the other windows ,nor each individual window switch works - only the drivers' window and switch are operating. Any ideas on how to maybe re-set? Many thanks! :-)
  12. Thanks for the comments Folks! Nobody I've contacted seems to have any of these tyres - so I'm now looking for alternatives that would sit well with the Latitudes I've just put on the front . Suggestions gratefully received! :-) Cheers