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  1. well lets see now. my partner bought one from new. SHOW ROOM.. an IS200 sport. now has 155000 on the clock. has always been to lexus\toyota for service as lexus do not repair maintain them, them selfs. it is basically a TOYOTA . Lately with my self sending car to local garage to get new tyres fitted. asked my garage if I could see underneath (as me thinking I might get a fresh thrill) as the IS 200 are very low slump cars... To my hora noticed much serface rust on under carriage and much deeper corrosion on bolt heads and sub-frame. basically theres not much you can remove from car with-out an oxyacetalyn torch! and complete replacement parts. that is if you wish or must!! replace the many rubber bushes or dampers or any other parts that are fitted to this model! OK so theirs not many years left till M.O.T fail and a demand majar parts to be replaced. but I know that there is still a year or two or a good few thousand miles left till that happens, with a little extra TLC. Well lets gat back to the real reason I was keen to see underneath our IS200 and this is a common fault on this model, when driving the front wheels grip road as if you are in a road rut, pulling car to left or right, but I know this is nothing to do with camber or tow. as I had just recently had the car computer tracked. and a new set of tyres that are rapidly going bald on the inner edge,leaving 4mm tread on tyer not good. on inspection found only lower support arm rubber bush to be at fault, lose. that needs replacing. N\STK suspn. armlowe L48068-53010 £224.63 EACH+VAT car not worth it total loss NSTK suspn.arm lowe L48660-53010 £169.71EACH+VAT car not worth it total loss N\STK ball joint L43330-51935 £39.63EACH+VAT car not worth it total loss I now get to the most annoying point that leaves me with anger and disgust with the motor industry, mostley with LEXUS!! their parts are very extortionate, Well I do have an old car after all, so my fault I guess. and i have not entered what I think of staff at LEXUX. in respect of this web site. So MY ADVICE is don't GET one. not unles its done less than 10.000 miles. buy new or stay away! my other car's is a 2010 VW passat. and\ 06 V8 JEEP and\ 04 VW GTDI... ALL HAVE DONE OVER 80.000m. what a shame as you can never hear our IS200 engine when its running.only when cooling fan kicks in, and its always had a polish or two per year like I said we have looked after her, but its time for her to GO. Never again lexus.. but keeping my plate !777LEX.
  2. sell it. or do it your self.
  3. Where do you lexus owners buy parts from. As I strongly feel that lexus do charge excessive amounts for parts?! N\STK suspn.arm lowe L48660-53010 £169.71+VAT EACH N\STK suspn.arm uppe L48610-59025£220.58+VAT EACH this is very much needed as my car that i got from new that now has 155500m. That now has a pull to the left or to the right side, I have at all times computer align wheels, but find tyres on front are wearing on inner edge! that is a common finding with this model. I do wish to keep my is 200 as I have always felt that it is a beautiful piece of engineering not to mention body shape.. but feel that what lexus want in £ for parts is in far execs of what the part\car is worth.. could I please have advise as to where I can find replacement of decent quality that are at an afordable and far price.. saving me hours of anguish. john.
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