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  1. Yes, it is indeed. Thanks again.
  2. HI Everyone. Problem has been resolved. Thankfully, the sun was out when I took the car to mechanic. He can hear the knock and problem was immediately reproducible. First he thought it was top mount. Then disassembled everything and found one of the shock absorber was busted and showed sign of leak. He called me up next day saying anti roll bar links were not good either. To analyze the whole situation, when shock was not holding car properly especially when weather is warm, it kind of put more pressure the anti roll bar linkages which in turn make them loose, create play and knocking sound. After spending £600 on parts and labours, car is finally sorted. Thanks PCM for recommending Jepex.
  3. Thank you PCM. They are about 45 mins (32 miles) away from my house. But hey.. if they are good with Lexus, I will go there. I am quite desperate to get it fixed. Already sent online inquiry form.
  4. Yes, that's for diagnosis charge. They can't guarantee they will find the fault after paying £95+vat either. Fixing is another story. As you know dealer charge arm and legs, I'd rather get it fixed at local/independent/3rd parties garage.
  5. Thanks Lillywhites. I presumed you had it fixed while it is in Lexus warranty? I love the car but that noise is killing me. When I contacted Lexus UK, they said they will charge something like £95+VAT or something like that.
  6. Lillywhites. Thanks for replying. You said it all. I don't want to shell out a lot of money to replace all parts and only to find out problem is still there. I wish I had a mechanic friend like yours. Did it make noise when you go over bump. Mine doesn't. It only happens when weather/car is hot and setting off in first.
  7. I am reaching at the end of your tether. The front brake slider pin had been replaced. The problem with knocking noise is still there when the car makefoward/backward motions in 1st gear. Been to a few garages. They don't have the patient to wait car is warmed up and check properly. All they did was 1 mins drive quickly concluded no noise was detected. They always ask to leave the car. By the time they check it, all parts are cooled down and noise is temporarily gone. As the weather gets hot in UK, the noise has become a major nightmare. It feels like some kind of loose joint or part in the front suspension. Could a mechanic in London (specifically in Sunbury/Surrey) area check my car? Of course I will pay. If you guys know a place, will you give me a shout..
  8. HI Jules, Looking back your previous post, are you asking whether I have straightened up the anti rattle clip on the brake? Sorry for lack of knowledge, could you show me what front anti rattle clip look like? in the past I tried to look for it on eBay but no one sell it for IS220D No, I haven't had chance to replace the slider pin yet. I bought it but hasn't got time to take it to mechanic and get it replaced yet. I agree with your theory, it could be just rattle clip or brake slider pin. When weather gets hot, I feel like the entire end was loose. I am planning to take the front wheels off and check today but I don't think I will be able to re-create the issue when the car is cold and on jack stand.
  9. Thanks Jules PF. I don't know how to check if the shock mounts are bad or not. For the a/r bushes and linkage, the mechanic put the car on lift and tightened it. Not when the car is sitting on four wheels. The issues is it gets very loud and felt like something at the front suspension is very loose (I can even feel that in the brake padel) when weather is hot. Now weather is getting cold again, the noise is barely noticeable. I don't know what could possibly cause noise to get louder when the weather is hot.
  10. Does anyone know how to find the clunk on front of IS220D when weather is hot. It is most audible when car is about to stop. Not that loud like in the video below but it is something like that. I had Sway/anti-roll bar bushes and drop links replaced last year. So I don't think it is that. This forum has a lot of experience owners and car experts. Last time, I managed to get the part which I thought it is impossible to get hold of. Two mechanic I have seen can't even find the source of the noise. He just said turn up the radio. Not very helpful.
  11. I can't thank you enough. ... Jules PF. Finally I can buy the part I need from AFC Parts. They confirmed they sell it.
  12. Thanks I contacted Biggred. Their reply was "Unfortunately we do not have any data on slider pin/bolts for Lexus." Contacted the Lexus Swansea they said they don't have any data on that part either meaning even Lexus don't do slider pin on it own. The guy said it might come with entire caplier but he is not so sure. The entire caliper for each side is about £180. It may or may not come with it. I don't know why it is so rare for this model because the other car slider pin set cost not more than 10 quid on ebay. The problem is there is a thud noise from front but the noise is gone when applying on the brake lightly. So I presumed something is loose in there and my mechanic told me slider pin are ceased and need replacing. I also noticed there is no shim between pad and caliper carrier.
  13. I am having trouble sourcing the front and back brake caliper slider Pin/ bolt with rubber dust cover and anti rattle clips for my IS220D 2007. Eurocarpart, Ebay, Halford they all don't do it. Any advice on where I can get one will be grateful.
  14. Creaking Noise When Going Over The Bumps

    Bad news. Exactly after 1 month of replacing the front anti-roll bar bushes, the creaking/squeaking noise has returned.. It was brand new rubber bushes. They didn't come with any grease, so I applied some red rubber grease before putting it in. I am now very disappointed to hear them squeak everything the car raises up a bit in first gear, tight cornering and going over the speed bumps... I'm thinking about buying another set of polyurethane version. But I don't see them available on eBay. Do you guys think Poly bushes will resolve the issue?
  15. I have the same problem and went to garage.They put the car on MOT shaking plate machine. They could not recreate the noise or find any problems. My problem is exactly like the original poster post. It is knocking sound coming from front suspension. It makes noise when you pull away in first gear or at low speed (<20mph). Also happens when going over speed bump etc. It doesn't affect car stability or handling in any shape or form. At the high speed the noise doesn't not exist. Anyone who replaced top strut mount fixed the issue? or any other suggestion from experience lexus owners please.... :( This noise is driving me insane. By the way, I replaced the front anti roll bar bushes about 4 weeks ago, it fixes the squeaking noise when going over bumps. Now this is the different noise. Can these be related?