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  1. This looks so awsome. I had a is220d & want is-f front wings as there wider. My front bumper is already modified but i really want this set up on rears. I know it was a long time ago but u dont have any info from your conversion? Cheers Simon
  2. Hi, have a 2007 lexus is220d with the standard interface. I am looking at buying a multimedia interface with the screen & bluetooth & all the wires etc Anyone know if this will just plug in or will i need anything else? Regards Simon
  3. Thanks for your reply Steve, a few people on here i see mention changing the oil filter is hassle. Fingers crossed i dont have any issues. :)
  4. Hello, i am servicing my is220d this weekend at my friends garage, does anyone know if any special tools are needed etc or isit basic when coming to sump plug etc? Thanks Simon
  5. Yes please. Thanks Simon
  6. Hi, yeah possibly..what system have you got? Thanks Simon
  7. Hi guys, i know its a short chance but im after a set of the is-f front seats. If anyone has any info please let me know. thank you.
  8. Hi guys, had to replace the battery on my is220d yesterday. The original battery was still on there which isnt bad for 8 years. This morning gone out and the only window that opens is the drivers side front. This will only go down if i hold the switch, not the normal 1 touch. can anyone shed some light on this? thanks simon
  9. Ah ok, I'll check sizes and stuff once there fitted and check, probably will get spacers just give that extra wide look. Ok thanks for the information I'll let them know.
  10. I've orered myself some of the H&R springs. Should be here next week and have just got myself some new 19s too so soon as there on I'll post a picture. They look smart Jon. Sits just right, I did think about some spacers but I'll check what they sit like first. Thanks :)
  11. Hi Guys, I have been looking for some lowering springs for my is220d. Eibach do a set 30mm all round. H&R do a kit which is 35mm all round, anyone know of a kit which is any lower? Thanks Simon.
  12. Hi guys, im after the factory sat nav/Bluetooth system for a is220d 06 onwards? anyone got anything for sale. Thanks Simon
  13. Hi Guys, got myself a 56 plate is220d, it has the mark levinson audio which is brilliant, but doesnt have the Bluetooth connection or ipod, is anyone selling the upgraded system inc sat nav that comes with the Bluetooth? Thanks Simon.
  14. Thats the kit, brilliant thanks very much👌
  15. This is the kit I've seen, plugs into the back of the factory head unit so I don't have to use the aux in or 12v charger. This kit plugs into the bottom of the iPod soncan control iPod through steering wheel etc. Anyone had any experience with this kit or similar? Thanks 😄
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