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  1. Dexy

    Check Vsc

    Thanks Colin, I still smile when I close the door and start it up 😆
  2. Dexy

    Check Vsc

    Yes Steve, think my love of German cars has ended for good 😂
  3. Dexy

    Check Vsc

    Hi, oops forgot to update that ! Yes the battery was kaput and once finally tracked down the oddball size battery and replaced it, the warning light disappeared, should've realised because the dashboard lights seemed dim and I never twigged on. The guy I bought the car off paid for the battery as good will. Loving the car it's costing me less in fuel than my BMW did too which is a bonus 😊
  4. Yep it all goes in our lovely governments pocket 😂
  5. Just see what the emissions are and there's a list on tax site and will tell you what it will be for year but I just got in before the £485 mark
  6. Mines manual tax £290 and sport one with xenons, sat nav, ml stereo and memory seats etc, garage said if it's registered before March 2006 it falls into the cheaper tax ?
  7. I'm fuming, it's a disaster in waiting for someone
  8. according to salesman they have no intention of fixing it as they will loose too much, I just hate the fact some other poor sod is probably going to go through same as I did 😡 The is250 is lovely it's the sport spec I think? Sport pedals electric steering wheel 18"alloys and ML stereo & sat nav and so on, I'm in gadget heaven !!
  9. No I ended up buying from a garage in Peterborough, he took me on a 40 minute test drive and put 6 months warranty on it, has FLSH and paperwork for anything that's been done so hoping things go better this time 😏
  10. Arggghhh, Evans halshaw have put the car back up for sale on the website, I'm just hoping the poor unfortunate who purchases it will question the log book when they get it why I had it for less than a month 😡
  11. That's one nice car ! Ouch for half of the repair bill on the Porsche though 😖 Only had one problem on this and that was a brief flash of check vsc and red warning triangle but turned out to be battery giving up,but the garage covered the cost for me as good will as the battery is not covered under warranty. After driving a 3 series BMW then to this interior, it is like driving a plane lol You will have to let us know if you get it ! Thanks
  12. There's a thread on here is220d blown head gasket , Evans halshaw sold it me with a blown head gasket ! Love the 250 though 😀
  13. Hi Wazzer I'm a newbie too and after having a disaster with the is220d went for the is250 instead and love it, though I did just get in the cheaper tax band with it being registered Feb 2006 (£290) after that I think they jumped up to £485 for the year, but the car is the quietest car I've owned and comfy too!
  14. Dexy

    Check Vsc

    Thanks, he's sorting a new battery for me on Monday, and has said if that doesn't clear it he will get it sorted, problem is I'm in Doncaster he's in Peterborough
  15. Dexy

    Check Vsc

    Hi all, not having much luck on the IS front following the HG failure on the diesel just purchased the petrol , but on start up only I'm getting the red triangle and check VSC, the garage I've bought off think it could be a voltage fault as battery reading 12.2 and 10.1 under load ? It isn't on whilst driving just when I depress clutch pedal to start, anyone heard of this? Feeling a bit disheartened although they have said they will sort it, any help appreciated.