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  1. Hi Sheikh, I would think the bloke who did mine is too far from you, unless like many of us you want an excuse to go for a drive.. This is his e-mail adress. jon@fuels4tomorrow.com Address: 4 Church St, Carlton-le-Moorland, Lincoln LN5 9HR Phone: 01522 788363 I'm guessing its about 90+ miles..
  2. Many thanks for the information....
  3. O.K. Here goes. 'Exact' report from my mate. (No code number supplied) but... 'Catalytic converter efficiency below threshold bank 1. Air suspension had a code. (no number supplied.) Exhaust port solenoid has constant current. I did ask for codes, but. 'Its a long story'! I asked if my Cat is on the way out? Was assured it was the hole in the exhaust just in front of the sensor that was causing the problem. I am sorry to be so adolescent in my dealings, but I have the utmost faith in my mate's ability, if he 'can't' do it he will tell me. I also admit to being so excited when the car was fixed for £60 That I just wanted to part with the 'readies' and drive her.... Once again, my thanks and gratitude to those who took the trouble to answer and offer suggestion....
  4. Waiting for my friendly mechanic to get back to me with codes, but. Car is fixed. He tells me. 'It looks like someone has ripped a bracket off which has left a U shaped soft spot, which has blown through. Someone has also put a jubilee clip over it. Which looks to me like they were trying to hide it'? He has just given it a road test and dropped it here, no lights on, and as quiet as the grave.... Hopefully all done and at a Lexus cost of 2 wipers.... Thanks to all who responded....
  5. Thanks for the reply. I cannot detect a misfire, nor is the exhaust blowing etc. In fact I cannot detect any difference when driving to the way the old girl has always driven..??
  6. I hope I am as lucky as you. Just checked the ones I got, they are the Aero type too... I have to wonder if Lexus price by reg. No. or owner's intellect? Just checked an old receipt for wiper blades bought by the previous owner in........ 2009. < WIPER BLADE. L85212 -50060....£31:84 each. WIPER BLADE. L85222-50071... £13:03 each +VAT £8.01 Total £61:38.. Not bad eh! Only a £1 increase in 7 years..
  7. Can't tell you about the metal used, they still have the wipers. I bought a pair via recommendation from wiper blades ltd at a third of the Lexus cost. 'ooops'! my mistake, just checked receipt. £14:05.Haven't fitted them yet so can't report on quality...
  8. Not at all patronising. Yes I'm cost concious, not broke, but not a fool. I really hate paying way over the odds because of 'badge snobbery'. Thanks for advice.. Already taken steps to get error codes read. Thanks again.
  9. HaHaHa! LS430. Ordered mine both sides from local Lexus dealer. £62 + change.
  10. I apologise if this post is in the wrong place. A couple of days ago I was pootling through town when.... 'ping'. Up came the dreaded red triangle along with 'Check VSC'. 'TRC off'. and the EML on. Any ideas or helpful information much appreciated...
  11. Motorcyclists?

    Thank you Allan... :winky:
  12. Motorcyclists?

    My 4 pot..
  13. Motorcyclists?

    Hi Allan,The VFR is a great motorcycle. Whether scratching, touring or just pootling around.. Keep riding, and.. Keep those years at bay.
  14. Motorcyclists?

    Triumph cub. Nice little bike for a 200cc. But that was the problem, Triumph tried to get too much out of those 200 cc's. I hope yours had the petrol gauge in the headlight nacelle?? VFR Is a lovely machine, I have a V4 too, but mine is a stroker...
  15. Motorcyclists?

    He's a lucky bloke then.... Not to mention 'short of a bob or two'.... :winky: