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  1. Actually now starting to get a very positive responce now from the guys on the BMW forum. After now typing out the differences between the IS and the 3 series and adding a couple of pics of my old car a lot of them are actually starting to agree with my views. All in all they no, like it or not the IS200 offers a much superior package to the rediculously priced, no toys included bland 3 series. There are 3/4 hardcore BMW disciples who now seem to be quietly leaving the debate as they no they are fighting a losing battle and i am now becoming quite suprised that the majority seem to be prasing
  2. Is anyone still following this thread on the BMW forum, think i will have to let it go now guys or run the risk of being banned. Will anyone still talk to a banished BMW driver on this forum if i am hung, drawn and quarterd. I can add some Lexus style lights to my 5 and pretend cant i.
  3. I disagree Matt, i was a regular on this forum for almost 2 years and questions were often asked about other cars. Yes, they were always biased but more often than not in a nice way and a little freindly bannter was often included. If someone was asking a genuine question about other brands, between the humour serious responces were more often than not given. Not all but some of these guys on the BMW forum seem to hold a genuine hate for anything not BMW. I no a few members on this site who deflected to other marques and were always wished well. I really dont think the BMW boys would be the sa
  4. Even though i am now a BMW owner i still dislike the majority of BMW drivers. Not all, but the majority are so far up there own backsides it amazes me, they really think they are are head and shoulders above the rest. Although my 5 series is a craking car i would not rate it any higher than a Lexus in any field and when my brother in law decides to sell is RX300 ( he will sell it to me for trade price) or the values drop on the new GS i will be back. BMW's are good car's, i think it is the owners that give them a bad name and as for a 3 series they are now more common than Mondeos.
  5. Ok fellas, long time no chat. As i needed a bigger car for the expanding family i decided on a BMW 525i Sport. Just thought you would all like to no, even though i am now a BMW owner i am still fighting the Lexus corner on the BMW forums. Even though i love my 5 series I think my next car will have to be a new GS or RX400 so i can get back on a decent forum with members who talk sense.
  6. I bought the centurion pro77dvd package with multi region player and 2no 7" widescreen tvsfor £180. I then installed it all in my Jeep for the kids. I then bought 2 tv headrest mounts from centurion at a price of £18 pound a piece. cut out rear console and headrests to happily fit dvd player and tvs, hid all wires through seats and finally connected audio to my vehicles speakers. I have never attempted anything like this before and not blowing my own trumpet but believe it could not have been done any better if i paid the £450 asked by sextons for the proffesional install not including dvd &am
  7. Ha ha :D Just read this!! Like you're style!! Ever thought of anger management classes? Thats quality mate!! ← No need for anger management mate, as i said 'CALMLY' kicked off his wing mirror.
  8. Had some young chav slam his door into mine a while back while i was sat in the car. Got out, checked mine for damage lucky there was none. Calmly kicked off his wing mirror and stared straight at him waiting for reply. Looked like he was going to cry, sat back in his car, more careful with door this time and drove off.
  9. Nice one, make sure you stick at it, its an excellent trade.
  10. So what your saying is, i should park in a normal space with a baby who cant even crawl yet, undo her from the car seat through a partly opened door because of restricted space and then drag her by one hand through the gap of the door and the car body, and no i am not being stupid, when parked in normal spaces gaps can quite literally be this tight. Also you say you have two girls aged 5 and 7, thats fine. What about the people with 3, 4 or more children, dont you think a young mother posssibly on her own with baby in hand, and trying to also control 2, 3 toddlers should have to walk further
  11. I have three children aged 5, 3, and 0 and NO, parent and child spaces are not a privilage. When you are trying to take out three children you cannot just open the door slightly they have to be opened fully, it is more than likely the people denting cars in the main car park are the parents who cant get in a parent and child spot and have to open there doors fully into yours. Bare this in mind. If you were in a wheelchair and could not park in a disabled spot because they were all taken by people who 9 times out of 10 are too lazy to walk a couple of extra feet, wouldnt you be tempted to accid
  12. Just shop around mate and dont except your first quote. There are some right rip off merchants out there and i can honestly say from experience generally the more they charge the worse the workmanship and after service. Funnily enough i done some work yesterday for an elderly guy who was charged £2800 to swap over a boiler. Same boiler, same place, he was told the boiler was £2000 in fact it can be bought for just over £450. The robber who charged him done a duff job, left no number and didnt even warrant it up. He called me to put it right, he nearly died when he found out i would have done t
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