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  1. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    Ford Escort Mark One. Polski Fiat (I was broke) Toyota Corolla. Toyota Carina II Toyota Carina E Toyota Carina E Suzuki Grand Vitara Suzuki Swift Peugeot 406 Diesel Honda Accord Diesel New Suzuki Swift Citroen Cacus Lexus 1S300h.
  2. Genuine MPG IS300h vs Displayed MPG.

    The exact same for me! I've stopped looking at the MPG which is pretty good and just love driving the car. The CVT which is much abused, is in my experience brilliant. It gives you ferocious acceleration where you need it. The car is so effortless to drive.
  3. My last car was a Honda Accord Diesel which was very economical, but displayed 10% less consumption than you could demonstrate from full to full at the diesel pump. My IS300h which I love is similar. I tested it full to full and it said 54.8mpg, actual mpg was 51.6. I'll do it again and I'll get it's the same. Have any of you done this?
  4. Mpg

    I don't have a sunroof in mine, but did in my previous car, a Honda Accord diesel. It is the most useless accessory you can have in a car! I used it maybe 5 times in ten years.
  5. Mpg

    I only use sport if I really want to accelerate hard. Otherwise ECO. It's just a fabulous car and ultra-stable in my opinion.
  6. Mpg

    My car's done about 3500 in five months or so. Recently the MPG's got better, warmer weather maybe and being run-in. Anyway on trip to Mayo and back (400m) averaged 55.9 mpg. Only about 20m on motorway. Rest on dual and single carriageway roads. Last week drove to Dublin hard (90% motorway). Averaged 49mpg. Back from Dublin today. Was tired so stuck at 62mph rather than 75. I was amazed, 58.8 MPG. I think that's extraordinary. I just love everything about this car except that it doesn't have automatic wipers.
  7. Verdict on CVT?

    Mine is not an F but I get the same MPG. Averaging 45 with mostly town stuff, got 53.6 from Dublin to Cork. Got nearly 600m out of a tank, 49.6 mpg. Included a long trip (300m) another 100m trip and shorter stuff.
  8. This morning I had to go somewhere, a warehouse, which was not on my satnav. When I was there I marked the spot on the software. I then tried to name it and the software would not allow me go from the naming field to the OK at the bottom, so I lost my change. I repeatedly tried. No dice. Then, by accident I navigated to the field at the right where you can change the input type and when I pressed the downarrow, choices appeared. I just chose querty which was illuminated, the OK was illuminated, pressed it twice and bingo. Problem solved. I repeated it and it works. This MAY only pertain to the Irish version, though I doubt it.
  9. MPG test today. not bad.

    Well I've had three diesels. First was a Suzuki Grand Vitara 1999 Jeep. That did 27mph in town and 35 on a long run. Second, Peugeot 406. That did 55mpg on a long run and 42-44 general. Third, Honda Accord diesel. 37 pure town driving, 42 general and about 53 or 54 on a long run.
  10. My IS300h had done 1200 miles by this morning. I drove to my brother's house in Dublin, 165m. It was foggy so I decided to take it easy. Stuck to 60mph. 90% of trip on motorway. 52mpg. Came home and decided to push it. Same distance, 53.6 mpg. Doing 75mph on most of the motorway. That's our limit in Ireland. Why this. Well it was from 0C to 4C on way up, 10-13C on way back. So, temperature does matter. One thing that struck me as amazing. On the 10 miles or so from my brother's house where I'd been demonstrating the car to him, so it was warmed up, and I zeroed it there, it did 59mpg until I reached the motorway. This was in 30-40mph mostly free-flowing traffic. I love this car. I'm used to the gearbox etc., and it's just brilliantly relaxing to drive.
  11. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    Honda Accord Diesel, Peugeot 406 diesel, Suzuki Jeep, Toyota Carina E, two of them, Carina 2, Toyota Corolla etc.
  12. Verdict on CVT?

    I prefer it to a conventional auto.
  13. My First Day With Is300H..

    I love this car. It's my favourite ever car in fact.
  14. My First Day With Is300H..

    I drove to Dublin on Sunday. 165m. Mostly motorway. 47.8mpg. Not bad on a cold day!
  15. My First Day With Is300H..

    What I most like in a car is smoothness. Having been driving the car for few days, I'd got used to the quiet. Got a taxi last night, a new Hyundai i40. The racket was noticeable. I wouldn't have noticed it a couple of weeks ago!