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  1. i think he's talking about the old 'red-top' beams single vvti 3S-GE celicas.... not the new 2ZZ-GE vvtL-i celicas, chump...
  2. What is a "Chinese type Guy"?
  3. Whitie's one is not Real TRD, as in Toyota Racing they never made a grounding kit for Altezza.... Whitie's one is a cheap universal kit, by some company infringing TRD's trademark/copyright on Ebay :D
  4. Thanks all, for the replies :D long ones to the rear it is then.....
  5. Yeah, ummm........instictively, i wanna put the longer ones at the rear...... would i be right in doing that?
  6. Hey guys, The Eibach Prokit springs come with a pair of springs longer and a pair of shorter ones... my question is: Which go where? Do the longer springs go to the front or the rear? thanks
  7. That's called "Gate-Shifting", it works exactly like the E-shift, except you do it manually with a stick rather than electronically with in, it allows you to control the top gear the ecu can go to, and allows you to down-shift when you want to....just like an E-shift..... Be warned....By doing this, you will absolutely Destroy your Automatic Gear Box...
  8. Click here -> TRD Version S high-performance Muffler After going through dozens of posts about the hks muffler, I was surprised that I wasn't able to find anything on the TRD Muffler!! Has anyone installed this or seen it in action? What are your thoughts on this? How does it sound? Hows the power increase? how does it compare with other mufflers? thanks
  9. Chris!! thankyou so much!!! :D the stupid repairers put mine in the wrong way!! no wonder i've been having water come in.....i'll have the dealer fix it up straight away! THANKYOU!! I love these forums!
  10. Hi, If you guys could take a quick look in you trunk, and lift up the floor, You'll see to the left of the jack the Air Vent for the trunk....there is also one on the other side of the car... Can you tell me which way the vent slopes down? Does it slope down towards the inside of the trunk, or does it slope down the other way towards the bumper... Also, can you tell me if the Rubber flap is on the inside or on the outside nearer to the bumper? i'm having some water get through there, and i think my vents are wrong way around... any help appreciated :) thanks
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