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  1. The new 5 series has a really nice engine, and I bet it's full of new toys and features on the inside, but the outside ? .... *** it's awwwful! Yes, I agree the front lights to look "similar" to the IS, but as for the rest of it it ? AWFUL! The M5 shape previous to this was much better, it just has to be said ..... looks so much meaner. Now, you tell me, that this shape doesn't look better than the new one ! Grrr :-) lol
  2. Thanks for all your replies people, Lexus managed to re - fix the standard grille back on, it was just loose form the clips at the bottom, yes it still has one broken clip, but that can't be seen unless you open the bonnet. I still would like a sport grille, but it's now not a priority if you know what I mean ! Thanks !
  3. Yeah, mate i've been searching eBay like every 30 mins , sad I know .... but I need one ! .... the sport one they have on there at the mo has a broken clip, and I have seen almost new ones on there before. Thanks for the reply though !
  4. Hi people. I don't know if you may have read another one of my recent forum submission, but someone has decided to reverse into my IS200 in the car park, and drive off ! My bonnet, and my grillle has been damaged because of this. Does anyone have a genuine LEXUS SPORT GRILLE for sale ? .... I don't want the TRD's or anything else .... prefferably one to match the colour of my car Granite Sky, but I'm sure I could get it painted, if the price was right .... So anyone out there who is selling one, or even knows where I can get one somewhere, at a reasonable price, please let me know ! I'm g
  5. I was going to open up a NEW topic today, but after reading this ... I guess i'll just ADD! I parked my car in a public car park last nite, only to come back and fine the bonnet had a DENT in it, and the mesh grill had been broken back (the clip) Now i'm really PI**ED OFF !! as it's obviously some idiot reversed into my car and drove off !!!! I'm tking it to LEXUS in the morning, so they can have a look and give me an estimate, has anyone here got any recommended bodyshop people ? in the East London area ? There isn'y any damage / scratch to the actual paint work, it's just a dent in the f
  6. I'll have to contact him too ! ... that's exactly the arm rest, hmm ... I guess it's just dealers wanting to make loads of £££ as per usual then, I definately want one of those arm rests !!
  7. I drive past this car almost EVERY DAY .... it's a silver pearelscent coloured IS200 it's a W REG, it's always parked out side some shops on GREEN LANE in ILFORD DAGENHAM. That paint work is very nice, i've never seen one like it ..... are you a club member ?
  8. Thew news IS200's have the arm rest installed in as standard ... well I know the SE one does. When I asked my Lexus dealer how much it would cose them to install one in my car .... he said "we haven't actulally installed one to date, as it would cost about £650" He reckons that he would have to change the whole center console to be able to house to arm rest !!!!
  9. Mate .... when I was buying my IS200 I had the same problems ..... "what do I get?" ... manual or auto ... I really coldn't decide. But now I have bought an auto box i'm soo glad ! .. i'd never go back to a manual car ..... especially if you live in London, or an area with a lot of traffic .. the auto is the best option I think !
  10. The "system" of can control, says that you should select a grea "before" completing the overtake. That gear should be sufficient enough for you to be able to overtake the vehicle, then after you have passed the vehicle change gear. You don't change year when alongside of a vehicle !! In a manual, cruising at 5th or 6th .... depending at what speed your doing of course, but suggesting that you are sticking to the legal limit, on a national ... i'd say 3rd gear would be sufficient to complete to overtake, then pick gear 4 when the overtake is complete. With an auto, i've got an auto ... and
  11. I've got work ... I'll try and get either day's off .. .then i'd love to come up ! it will be a great laugh !
  12. What's the condition of the 6230 ? ... and how much for cash mate ? ... i've got one .... but want to buy another as a present ! Thanks!
  13. I have been having problems with the garage for about 5 days now! it's sooo slow, then it don't load ! It finally loaded ... then it just wouldn't go into the "image gallery" section! HELP!
  14. Mine was doing that recently, at first we though it might have been the Brak Calliper Clips, holding the pads in .... but then it was established that it was the rob between the two callipers that cause the pads to squeeze the disc, that needed lubricating, as it was making the "clunking" noise .... Maybe ?
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