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  1. Stefanelli ECU & software is as good as any other, all available systems have their fors and againsts. More important is the choice of injectors and vapouriser. Adam has put his finger on it, if it does prove to be problematical it is relatively simple to swap the ECU and/or hardware components.
  2. I owe you guys an apology, my info on centre bores was wrong. Merc c.b. is 66.6 but Lexus c.b. is 60.1 so yes you can fit Merc wheels with spigot rings and wobble bolts. I bought a set of after market alloys for my LS 430 with a c.b. of 73mm my assumption was that this was the correct size not realising that most of these wheels have 73mm as a default.
  3. The centre bore on Merc wheels is too small. You will either have to machine the wheels or fit expensive spacers. Good condition Merc monoblocks are expensive anyway, there must be easier alternatives.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm a bit late to the party on this thread but I've only just joined. I run a gas yard that sells LPG and obviously I get to see a lot of converted cars and to chat to their owners. I've just purchased a 2005 LS430 from one of my regulars it's just nicely run-in at 304,000 miles, 250,000 of which were on LPG. Anyway point is:- Yes you can successfully convert most engines prior to the advent of direct petrol injection which has created a whole raft of problems in itself. I have seen and experienced valve recession in a number of engines but there doesn't appear to be a hard and fast list of suitable/unsuitable engines for conversion.