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  1. wanted

    Hi I am looking for one or two 18" aero alloys. Not bothered if they need refurbed,but must be straight (no buckles/dents). Please help Cheers
  2. Hi I know this is an old post, but do you have a picture of the NAV A/V Module Converter that you used for this mod Cheers
  3. Yorkies modified is220d

    Did you get the remap before the egr delete, as the guy that's doing my remap says he can remove the egr from the ecu as well as the dpf do you still have the parts from the egr delete cheers
  4. Yorkies modified is220d

    Hi im getting a remap soon and see that you've done the egr delete did you do it yourself do you have any pictures of the blank/pipes etc cheers for any help
  5. EGR removal

    Hi i am going to remove my EGR on my 2006 IS220D before I get a remap ,and was wondering where do I blank it off. if I remove the silver pipe do I blank off both ends( engine & EGR) have only seen one post about it and a pipe is connected into the turbo pipe. but it doesn't show the hole that's left on the engine does this need to be done Any help gratefully received cheers
  6. Stalling 220d

    Hi I am having a small problem with my car (2006 220d ) when I start the car first thing in the morning it starts ok but after about 20 seconds it stops, and it won't restart unless I use the (prime) Button . After that it starts and stops all day without any problems Must be something to do with the fuel supply, but don't know where to start Any help most welcome cheers
  7. Hi just got myself a 2006 is220d a few weeks ago, and the engine management light comes on now and again code p2002 dpf but some times when the light is on the car doesn't seem to have any power at all it just about reaches 2000 revs and struggles to get to 40 mph And other times the car runs as normal with the light on any help Most great full cheers
  8. Old newbie

    Hi Newbie checking in for the second time Had a Lexus is200 a few years ago Now got a Lexus is220d Looking forward to getting some ideas on modding it Cheers
  9. Hi I have just bought a 2006 220d in silver with 17" alloys that have been sprayed black Don't really like them this colour and don't know what colour to go for ( original silver/ anthracite / other) Has anyone got any pictures of cars with various wheel colours Cheers for any help First mod to do