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  1. Yorkies modified is220d

    Cheers pal buy lexus you never be disappointed
  2. Yorkies modified is220d

    Looks great but no idea really maybe something dishy? Or paint theses wheels I have in ford magnetic what my standard wheels are painted in
  3. Yorkies modified is220d

    Future hmmm maybe new wheels lol
  4. Lexus Leeds said today that they been doing it since Xmas (I know thus as a mate with a 250 had his done in Jan with a full valet too!) but they check on a date for my 220 and said I'm due for recall but haven't had the info from central yet? Lol but they said there on it and hopefully they can proceed very soon
  5. Yorkies modified is220d

    Latest pics! Last week car was in a bad state(by my standards) So full cleaning down it was!
  6. Yorkies modified is220d

    Modified nationals
  7. Yorkies modified is220d

    Modified nationals prep! Full machine Polish,wax and full works clean!
  8. Yorkies modified is220d

    @dougie175 This winter just did alittle work! New front lip,rear defuser,window spoiler,Duel exit exhaust and had the front end repainted!
  9. Yorkies modified is220d

    @dougie175 I'd be happy pal I will update it too!
  10. Yorkies modified is220d

    Picture from the m1 on Sat on way to japfest Silverstone
  11. Yorkies modified is220d

    Cheers and search rhino lip on ebay
  12. Yorkies modified is220d

    Pics I took just before I did the wedding car
  13. Yorkies modified is220d

    Dodo Juice mainly but poorboys black hole polish