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  1. My latest lockdown mod split and paint the internal doors in the fog lights black very easy to do and I think it looks great!
  2. I don't know quite a lot until the tyres sat in line with the arches! Lol
  3. What is the offset of your wheels in the first place?
  4. 225 35 19 front 255 35 19 rear it depends on how low you will run you may need to grab a heat gun and roller the bumps out of the inner archers at the front
  5. This one is worth a posting up to I was only one year old when this came out in 1984 still like it!
  6. Rewind to the 90s with this one...
  7. I buy all my bulbs from here just fit LED bulbs in the reverse lights there are a lot brighter than the standard bulb
  8. The wheels are 17inch x 8j wide 45offset and 60.1 centre bore on the original wheels... but you don't want to use offset 45 the fitment of the original wheels on Lexus's IS horrific... For reference the size of my wheels is is front 19 x 8.5j and 45 offset and the rear is 19x9.5j and 35offset ***** you will agree Fits the car much better
  9. I travel from York to Sheffield Dave is very very good and very reasonably priced it's worth the trip every time I'm I've been doing it for 5 years
  10. The last five years I have used lex-tek autos, Sheffield I have travel from York for my servicing etc well worth the drive Dave was a headtech for 17 years with Lexus and this very very good and his prices are very reasonable too!
  11. the lip at the bottom of my bumper is just a rubber rhino lip from eBay they're like £7 and you just screw them to the underside of the bumper
  12. Wow I guess I'm lucky I pay £290 a year fully comp, 37 14 year NCB,no points, every available upgrade on the policy including drive any other car fully comp, 12000 miles a year also a lot of modifications and key cover all included!
  13. I have the k&n filter on a is220 to be honest every time I have a different car I always put the k&n filter in You won't gain a massive amount but it does feel a little freer on the throttle and you do get a nice little tone from it I don't know how much you're paying for a standard filter but it's only £35 from EuroCarParts I'm pretty sure it's the same filter for 250 and 220
  14. I would recommend BC coilover that's what I have at £650/700 I great kit and 4 years on still going strong!
  15. Always change the pin and sliders! Saves you plan later! Lol
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