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  1. Thank you all your comments which have been really helpful and after further research, I am thinking that to get it ceramic coated professionally is expensive after seeing that a diy kit can be bought for around £100, whether they are the same quality I am not so sure. Therefore for the moment I am going to get a good quality polish/wax until later in the year, when I will see whats the latest on the market. So its out with the Bilt Hamber double speed carnauba wax for now, which does give off a reasonable shine.
  2. Has anyone had there car ceramic coated? Looking into getting my GS300h done as I intend to keep car for ten years or so. Car ends up with a showroom finish that lasts for years. Only reservation is what happens to the coating in later years. It is also quite expensive in excess of £1k.
  3. Hi John, Thanks for your very helpful response, did what you said and it went like clockwork. New casing now fitted. Thanks again, Brian.
  4. Does anyone know how to strip down a door mirror to replace the casing? (2013 Lexus GS300h L/H door mirror)
  5. Does anyone know how to strip down a door mirror to replace the casing? (2013 Lexus GS300h L/H door mirror).
  6. Well have updated successfully using the link above. The download file is quite big and a 64GB USB is needed. Takes about 90 mins to upload in car after entering the unique code supplied. Cost $99 approx £75 and is the latest version 2018 v2 just released. Well pleased and cost less than half the price quoted by dealer.
  7. Thanks again for all the sensible replies, I have a spare 12v battery which I will take with me, you have been very helpful.
  8. Thanks John & Hangie feel better knowing it will start on return. Peter, its a metal box, can be fixed or replaced, life is too short to be worring about car getting damaged, looking more forward to a holiday.
  9. Hi, Does anyone know if the hybrid battery will still start the car engine after leaving car at the airport for four weeks in winter (Feb/March) outside?
  10. Have been in touch with the sat nav update site : https://toyotamaps.online/map-updates/toyota-lexus-navigation-gen7-update They say that a new version will be out towards the end of this month (2018 v2). Therefore hanging on until this is released before I purchase. Will post how I get on in October.
  11. How do you update the maps in the navigation system on a 2014 GS300h. I went to the lexus map update site but that said contact your local dealer. I was under the impression that you could buy online and download to a USB memory stick with a unique code. So, can this be done online or do I have to contact local dealer?? I know its cheaper to just use iphone but if you can afford the GS300h then the cost of an update is minimal.
  12. Well I managed to hard wire in with very little effort. I dropped the overhead lighting panel, held up with two clips at the front and two at the rear using a plastic trim removal tool. There are two electrical multi plugs connected to this panel, one drivers side one passengers side (see the link provided by Ten Ninety above for pictures). Using a multimeter I located a negative and positive (positive only when ignition is on) going to the passenger side multi plug. I then connected a 12v dc to 5v dc convertor regulator to these wires (purchased on ebay for £1.89p plus 89p postage). The 5v dc output was wired to the mini usb cable which came with the camera. The camera I am using, which was a Christmas present is a Nextbase 402g Pro which mounts by the rear view mirror and is powered with a 5V dc supply. There is only a short piece of wire showing from the usb socket located on the top of the camera to where it goes into the overhead panel along with the cable from the rear view mirror located at the top of the windscreen. I am really pleased with the outcome and the quality of the movies from the camera day and night are second to none. The camera turns on and off with the ignition so can just forget about it knowing it is recording all the time when driving. Hopefully, may get a discount on my insurance premium when I renew it in a couple of months!!!