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  1. You don't need to wait for the V5C - in fact it is the law that you either tax it or put it on SORN on the day you buy the car with the 12 digit number on the green slip.
  2. The battery terminals go next to the firewall (bulkhead). Given that, the terminals will probably only fit one way round - the leads will be too short otherwise. I'm not familiar with the underbonnet layout on the IS220d but that should give you a clue. The G7 and G8 are the same battery with the terminals the opposite way round. Looking at pics on Ebay of the underbonnet, I'm pretty sure that the G7 is correct. Or alternative batteries with the terminals in that orientation. It's UK code 335. It is likely that the G7 is unusual and they try and fob you off with the G8 (or equivalents) wh
  3. Oh - no sorry - you keep the green slip, don't you? The seller should have filled in the yellow part and sent it off to DVLA. Did you check that he did? You can tax it or put it on SORN on line just with the green slip.
  4. Don't understand what you're saying there. 1) Did you send off the little green slip - that's how the V5C is issued in your name. 2) Did you tax it or put it on SORN the day you bought it? You should have done one of the two.
  5. Yep - check the pressures with a gauge but then reset the TPMS. The button is somewhat obscure but it's under the edge of the dash in the area of the steering column. There are two buttons - I just forget what the other one is for - someone? I think it's the right hand one for the TPMS.
  6. The way to get instant acceleration in the GS300h is to flick the down paddle a couple (or more) of times - engine revs instantly rise to the power band - much quicker than just putting your foot down (obviously you need to do that as well). Jolly useful when you come up behind someone you want to overtake and need to wait for an opportunity. I find sport mode a bit jerky. I rarely see the use of the paddles mentioned in regard to GS hybrids (except for a few marginally derogatory points)
  7. The thing is when you lock the car securely with windows all shut. You go in your house and squeeze the key jn your pocket by sitting down or your kid plays with the key. Next morning you go to the car and all the windows are open. Not so cool then. It happens.
  8. I replaced my 2006 IS250 (which I had for over 7 years) with a 2014 GS300h Premier. It is superb and so far (18 months) at least, faultless - it has perfectly adequate performance even if you don't get the kick in the back of a 450h. But its performance suits the car - its a relaxed cruiser. I get my kicks from my supercharged MX-5 (which is quicker than a GS450h). A 300h is a bit less licence threatening than a 450h and if you get a 2016 one the road tax is only £20. My wife is certainly not a car nut and just regards them as transport - but she often comments on how nice the GS300
  9. The V5C shows the date of first registration (in UK). That can be a long time after date of manufacture. Dealers would be able to tell you the date of manufacture if they can be bothered to look it up for you. Otherwise the date on all the plastic parts is a good clue - since Japanese manufacturers have used 'just-in-time' supply lines for years, the vehicle manufacture date will be within a couple of months of the date on the latest of the plastic parts you can find.
  10. Lots of petrol stations, especially in rural areas, only sell 95. So eventually no E5 there.
  11. WD40 Contact Cleaner. That's the brand WD40, not your regular WD40 spray. Other brands of Contact Cleaner are available. It's mostly Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA).
  12. As far as I know, all IS250s have the 4GR-FSE engine. Mine was described as a 2006 - first registered in late March 2006. But it was made in Sept 2005. You can deduce when your car was manufactured by careful scrutiny of multitudinous plastic parts on the car - most have a date stamp. So do some metal parts but not many. There is often a substantial gap - can be 6-9 months or even longer - between manufacture and first reg in UK. It takes 6 weeks on the ship and who knows how long in a UK storage yard and then a dealer showroom or lot. Whatever, Rowley - your particular car is in the
  13. P1238 doesn't necessarily mean an injector problem. It can be set when a cylinder is operating poorly. I still think head gasket - common on IS220d. It may be OK with a compression test but show a problem when running. A sniffer test on the coolant might show combustion gases. I'm clutching at straws though.
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