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  1. Unfortunately aircon gas tends to leak if the system is not used - because it is purposefully switched off in the mistaken beliefs that it is not needed during the winter or that it increases fuel consumption - or as now, due to long term non-use of the car at all. It is a legal requirement that aircon systems be checked for leaks during the regas process - the old gas is pumped out, then the system is filled with nitrogen and checked for pressure loss, then the nitrogen is removed and the system refilled with the specified amount of R134a. (Or as James said, a leak detector can be used) Sadly, cowboy operators often miss the pressure check part. One cause of aircon systems not working is because they are frequently overfilled at the factory - they just hook up the gas source and open the valve for a sort-of-known time - my IS250 had nearly twice the amount of gas it should have had when it stopped working. I have heard of vehicles even more overfilled than that. So I would say - get it refilled properly, including the pressure check and make sure the operator knows how much gas is required for the refill. And use the aircon on at least a weekly basis - in fact keep it on permanently. (when the car is running).
  2. Since these cars have GPS, what a shame that they use the ordinary speedo drive for the HUD speed display, rather than GPS. The analogue speedo and HUD read a couple of mph slow at 30 mph and no doubt similar inaccuracies higher speeds. I have an aftermarket GPS HUD speedometer in my '92 MX-5. It is dead accurate - or at least reads exactly the same as other GPS devices (TomTom, phone etc) and roadside speed indicators. It's switchable between MPH and KPH as well. (As is the Lexus one, but still inaccurate)
  3. Quite a few different ones come up with very similar descriptions when I search Amazon for that, but they all look pretty similar under the skin. I guess it will do the job as a smart charger - but are you sure you'll be getting it today? They all look to have rather long delivery times! You could probably find a local garage to charge the battery for you in the meantime, if you can get the battery to them.
  4. PS - if you are getting a standard (non-smart) charger, take the battery to someone who can test it for you - maybe there is a local garage with a battery tester open, or most car accessory shops will do it for free, but I guess they are still closed.
  5. Have you ordered a smart charger such as Cetek? Whatever, don't try and charge with the ignition on - for one thing, you shouldn't have the ignition on for long periods without the engine running (it can damage the ignition electronics) and for another it will just take longer to charge the battery. A smart charger should tell you if the battery is retrievable - if it is, just follow the charging instructions. If it isn't buy a new battery and drive the car a few miles at least once a week
  6. 12v. It switches on the computers and they can react in odd ways with low volts. Sent from my PSP7551DUO using Tapatalk
  7. P0100 is caused by a MAF circuit malfunction. P0010 is a timing issue - between crankshaft and Bank 1 camshaft. They may well be glitches caused by a low battery, as mentioned. I'd suggest you clear them (you should be able to do that with the tool you used to read the codes), then see if they have returned after a few days.
  8. I hadn't seen the episode before - I guess it might be unfair to judge the programme from here - it was recorded 14 years ago - but why, oh why do they have to mess with the cars they are so-called restoring - fitting tacky wheels and gadgets for example - in other episodes Brewer complains about such things fitted to the cars he buys. I make a point of looking up the subsequent MoT history of the cars featured. You would think that the restoration would get the car to a point where it got a clean MoT but no (and it's typical). It did pass in 2006 but with advisories and was clean in 2007. Next MoT was a failure in 2009, with a pass with advisories a month later. And that was it - no more MoT history. And that's pretty typical of WDs cars - they go to a sector of the motoring public who buy a cheap car, spend absolutely nothing on it - not even an oil change - then chuck it away. This LS400 did apparently cover some miles before the chuck away, although the MoT in 2007 said 'no odometer'. Strange! Very often the car featured in the prog does about 3000 miles in about 3-4 years subsequently then disappears. Hardly worth all Edd's efforts! Usually (with exceptions) the 'enthusiast's mint car' doesn't fare much better, either! PS - one lesson (already well known here) from the LS400 - cheap replacement suspension parts are a waste of money - the new upper suspension arms Edd fitted were the subject of advisories, maybe even the MoT failure, by 2009!
  9. It's on Quest - channel 12 - at least where I live (Cheshire) Sent from my PSP7551DUO using Tapatalk
  10. Late 2014. There was some rearrangement of menus - nothing very significant, but I don't use the sat nav much anyway - I generally know where I'm going! For when I do use it I want the maps to be as up-to-date as possible. The update was in two phases - it said it was updating the software, then rather worryingly the screen went black for half a minute or so then came back and it said it was updating the mapping. I posted full details of exactly how to do the update on here somewhere.
  11. I updated mine with the May 2019 version. It updated the software as well as the maps.
  12. Yes - it should be an AGM battery. The original was a Panasonic, which you are unlikely to find in UK. I'd be looking at a Yuasa YBX9027 (but check for yourself that this would be correct,.) Other brands are available.
  13. Mine just comes up with the map on switch-on. Don't know what I did to achieve that - I did update to the latest May 2019 version recently, but I think it did it before.
  14. I don't wish to be pedantic but just for the record Lexus (and Toyota hybrids in general) don't use Lithium batteries - they have NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries. That technology is a bit dated now, but Toyota made it work well and they've stuck with it. NiMH cells have an alkaline electrolyte, usually potassium hydroxide. The positive electrode is nickel hydroxide, and the negative electrode is hydrogen in the form of an interstitial metal hydride. But Lexus have switched to Lithium Ion batteries for the new Lexus UX 300e - the first all-electric one.
  15. I shouldn't have forgotten that - my chauffeured executive grandkids drive me bananas with it! Sent from my PSP7551DUO using Tapatalk