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  1. You can update HDD sat nav yourself. Finally found a topic with a post I made a year or so ago which tells you how to do it (or at least, how I did it):
  2. The difference I can see is that the X2 one comes from Australia and the 'normal' one from ECP in UK. Quite frankly, IMHO you are wasting money buying very expensive 0W-20 oil. It might be best for fuel economy but you get just as good protection with any fully synthetic 5W-30 oil such as Mannol fully synthetic 5W-30 (eg eBay 5L Mannol ENERGY 5w30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil SL/CF ACEA A3/B3 WSS-M2C913-B). The official test fuel consumption figures are arrived at with 0W-20 oil which is why Lexus push it so hard. I doubt you will notice any real world difference if you use 5W-30 (but be sure to get the fully synth version - they do a non synth version too.) Many other 5W-30 oils are available! The fuel filter is correct - it fits inside an aluminium filter cover. You need a special tool to remove the cover - the tool engages with various flats and lugs. Beware - if the cover is overtightened as is often the case you risk damage if you try and remove it with anything other than the correct item - I have one for an IS250 but am not at present doing my own servicing on my GS300h and I'm not sure if the one you need is the same. Someone will point you in the right direction. BTW - you won't need the white plastic thingy and the smaller o-ring.
  3. Just to be clear on the functions of the 12v battery vs the hybrid battery - as I understand it the 12v battery is normally only used to switch on the computers - the actual starting power to turn the starter motor comes from the hybrid battery unless the hybrid battery is out of charge completely in which case the 12v battery is used as the whole power source. Some people have suggested on here that as the 12v battery is not used for serious power when starting you can use some sort of small battery - but that would not be wise in case it is needed for starter power. As a general rule, It is never a good idea to run any car engine for a short time - if you start the car, drive it for a few miles at least unless you just need to shunt it out of the way on your drive or whatever. But try not to do that too often before going for a proper drive.
  4. Three cut outs on one side engage with three lugs on the filter housing and one (the central one on the opposite side) with the one lug on the opposite side. And of course the flats engage with the flats on the filter housing. Not sure how that all wouldn't work for you.
  5. Your description sounds right - maybe post a pic of it? Sent from my PSP7551DUO using Tapatalk
  6. I think it's a characteristic of electric power steering. You'll get used to it. Sent from my PSP7551DUO using Tapatalk
  7. Indeed - that sounds pretty good - I don't know if you actually save money on that basis or if it just spreads the pain! Is the quoted price 'all-in' or do you have to pay extra for oil, filters, etc? Here's the reason I asked. My car is coming up to 6 years old and has done 41K. I need a service early in October. The 'recommended' service is a full 6 year one - costs £655. An 'Essential Care' service is £415. I discussed this with my local dealer back in May for complicated reasons I won't go in to here. But the difference is they don't change the plugs on the Essential - that's the only difference - £240! Now a) I don't consider that you need to change the plugs at 41K miles, even if they are 6 years old and b) 4 plugs for a GS300h cost £55 - they are all accessible - no plenum chambers or anything to remove - just a bolt for the coil and you're straight on to the plug - I can do it myself in 10 minutes tops per plug. So I'll be doing that at 60K miles or thereabouts. You can buy an Essential Care service plan - includes a major and a minor for £4 more than paying for those two services separately when they arise. Then of course they want to do the MoT for £14 more than my trusty local garage. (Which I use for Mots for various vehicles at least 4 times a year and in the last ten years have only had two failures - once for a misaligned headlight aim and once for a loose brake bleed screw). The Lexus will be Mot'd there in a couple of weeks time.
  8. Try these guys (never used them personally);
  9. You don't say which model you're looking at, or how old. Some of the things you list may not be minor - you can't live with bit of dampness on an AC system - it has to be completely gas tight or it will empty quickly (unless you want to dispense with AC altogether - but hey - this is a Lexus GS). Oil leaks might not look much but can cost a fortune to fix. If you went to a Lexus dealer they would want to replace the seizing brakes lock stock and barrel. The hybrid battery might recover or be recoverable - but it might not. I would walk away - find a car with a full Lexus service history including a (passed) hybrid health check.
  10. A faulty TPMS is an MoT fail (major fault) on cars first registered after Jan 1 2012.
  11. That's what Lexus specify, but it's a ridiculous price. You can use any good differential oil conforming to 75W85 and GL5 - eg Redline 75W85, Febi Bilstein 75W85 Axle Drive Oil GL5, Fuchs Titan Sintopoid FE 75W-85 fully synthetic gear oil and other brands are available.
  12. I suspect there is a problem with the wiring or plug to the MAP sensor. Maybe internally in the wire at the first tight clip or in the plug - poss a poor joint between wire and terminal. You've wiggled the wire and that fixed it temporarily, then it failed again. Try more wiggling but it will need a permanent repair. Of course I may be completely wrong. But many sensor problems are really the wiring - a lot of perfectly good sensors get chucked away. Sent from my PSP7551DUO using Tapatalk
  13. Sadly there comes a time when you have to decide to cut your losses. It might be worth a flush and refill but anything more is going to cost serious money. Maybe just live with it until it fails completely - that might be many miles away.. Try and find a specialist Lexus independent and get an opinion when he has seen and tested the car.