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  1. Well... finally, problem solved! Man this was a tough one. Ok so apparently the problem was with a connector at the driver side,(mine is LHD). In every documentation of this problem that I had it did not tell anything about the driver side connector. I took of the panel of and apparently a blue plug right at the bottom was the cause. I had a friend who is an expert with electronics and after hours of testing saw that the harness is in short and traced a light green cable that was the cause. Then we traced the wire to the drivers side and managed to sort out the problem. Hope my experience helps others if they encounter such a problem. The trace was even harder when the diagnose (techstream) pointed the BCPS as being faulty (error: c1378, sub code: 112). Again i want to thank you all for helping me with opinions. So happy everything is ok now.
  2. Ok... i replaced the bcps... still getting the error, i do not know what to do at this point 😞
  3. I drove the car about 30 miles, nothing happens, code is still there and techstream can t delete it. I will buy a new bcps and see what is what. The 12v battery, before, when the brake pedal was pressed with the engine off the dome lights where loosing intensity, now with the new battery they stay constant so it is good that i changed the battery. I am sure all this mess started from that weak battery. I will keep you up to date how will i solve this problem, hopefully very soon and not something big of a deal 🙂
  4. Delphius 1 you are right. I unplugged the bcps and nothing happend, same error so the bcps is faulty. I bought a new battery today, the code is still there, i am wondering if those capacitors will regenerate if i drive the car or should i buy another bcps. Thank you for your answer
  5. I am thinking at the 12v battery to,I checked the voltage and it was 12,7, seems pretty good to me but i will order one tomorrow and see if i have any luck. Thank you for your answers.
  6. Hello everybody, i need some help regarding a Lexus Rx450h with the C1378 error. This code popped out right after a check hybrid system, the error for the check hybrid system was:" lost comunication with hybrid battery suply (029a-123)". I reset this code, managed to arrive home with the car and then the C1378 code start popping up along with the check brake system in the dash. I checked the fused, i checked the brake power supply and the harness, at this point i do not know what to do anymore. I tried resetting the car by unplugging the battery and using a paper clip for the 13 4 pins in the obd... still getting the error. The cars abs esp, tcs, etc work fine, i tested them but the error is still present. At this point i do not know what to do anymore. From what documentation i found on the web, the skid ecu could be the problem but what bugs me is that all the safety functions are active and working properly. Can someone help me what to do? Thank you!
  7. Si it seems not only bmw has problems with the timing chain... that is sad
  8. The weird thing is that this error only appears in stop and go traffic when the engine switches from electric, also, the engine runs perfect. If the chain would be streched, i am guessing that the engine performance and smoothness would be affected. For example, in my case if i put the gearbox on S (this does not allow the engine to stop even if the hybrid kicks in) no error will pop. I driven the car for two weeks like this and no error codes poped up. As soon as i hit traffic and the engines power on and off... the error appears.
  9. It is weird because it is a common issue on the 350's but no one solved this issue or report to solved it. Indeed this error or the 0016 appears only in stop and go traffic.
  10. The dealer is an idiot. The problem you are facing is that the tpms ecu has stuck in a loop mode and yes, you cannot clear the errors with techstream or any other diagnose. To solve the problem, simply take a paper clip and connect the 13 and 4 pins on your obd with the ignition on(not the car started, just ignition on). This will totally reset the tpms ecu.
  11. Bringing this topic back again. I need to change the front discs and brake pads. Do i nned techstream for that? Should i disconnect the battery? Key fob not near the vehicle? Thank you!