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  1. Si it seems not only bmw has problems with the timing chain... that is sad
  2. The weird thing is that this error only appears in stop and go traffic when the engine switches from electric, also, the engine runs perfect. If the chain would be streched, i am guessing that the engine performance and smoothness would be affected. For example, in my case if i put the gearbox on S (this does not allow the engine to stop even if the hybrid kicks in) no error will pop. I driven the car for two weeks like this and no error codes poped up. As soon as i hit traffic and the engines power on and off... the error appears.
  3. It is weird because it is a common issue on the 350's but no one solved this issue or report to solved it. Indeed this error or the 0016 appears only in stop and go traffic.
  4. The dealer is an idiot. The problem you are facing is that the tpms ecu has stuck in a loop mode and yes, you cannot clear the errors with techstream or any other diagnose. To solve the problem, simply take a paper clip and connect the 13 and 4 pins on your obd with the ignition on(not the car started, just ignition on). This will totally reset the tpms ecu.
  5. Bringing this topic back again. I need to change the front discs and brake pads. Do i nned techstream for that? Should i disconnect the battery? Key fob not near the vehicle? Thank you!
  6. I did not update this topic because i wanted to be sure that the problem is fixed, but for now, it's been almost an year and i did not have that issue anymore. It seems that something happened when i cleaned my throttle body. The cold starts where stupid with missfires and shakes throwing p0300 code. To cure the problem i simply unplugged the 12v battery terminals located in the boot. When i plugged the terminals back and cold started the engine, it somehow calibrated itself because for about 30s the revs where going up and down, then it settled itself and since then... no more cold start problems. As for the p0016 code, the enigma was partially solved. My guess is that the ring tone in the phazer is damaged or something. I had the vvti sensor changed(camshaft sensor) and it turns out it was bad. Now the error is still returning but very rarely. Mine pops the code when the engine is shutting off and on, so the cure this, i now start the car and drive it with the gearbox in S mode (in this mode it does not allow the engine to shut off) till the engine temperature gets to 95 C. Then i put the gearbox in D and no more p0016 code. It may sound stupid but this is how i cured the problems with my car. For this code i am guessing it could also be the crankshaft position sensor but to change it you must remove the a/c compressor and i decided to leave it like that
  7. Hello John, can you give more details about this prelube system, how to fit it, where it can be found? Thank you
  8. After i studied a little it seems that my fans are in the corect place. the 7 blade is on the left and the 5 blade fan is on the right (looking from the front of the car) but... they both spin clokwise.
  9. John thanks a million for your post. Since then I did not have problems with overheatig... however i do not know how but today when i was cleaning the engine bay i saw the two electric fans spin in the same direction. That is why my car overheated. The car did not have any accident i do not know how this was possible, maybe when the valve recall was done the fans where not mounted corectly. Can you please tell me what is the direction of the blades rotating? Towords the exterior of the car? (One spining to the left and one to the right looking from the front of the car?) thank you very much!
  10. Another info. If a put the car in maintenance mode and drive like i posted above there is no weird sound. Except for a nasty clunk when i stop but i think this is normal since the car is not made to be driven in maintenance mode. Again thanks for the help.