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  1. New owner

    Thanks for your post Farqui: 450h-I Silver/Black. Photo to follow, when and if it stops raining!
  2. Just bought a 2010 450h (49k), to go along side my SC 430. Only done 300 miles so far but very pleased with it. I fine vehicle that's a credit to it's previous owner.
  3. Throttle body problem?

    Thanks for this Colin. Have to say that in all other respects the car runs very well indeed. It's now done 70k miles id that helps with possible reasons for the problem.
  4. Throttle body problem?

    Hi Colin, I have now tried with Aircon off but no discernible difference. Also tried in PWR and Norm modes but no difference. It's as if the wheels are driving the engine. Throttle position monitor / gearbox? As a matter of interest and to, hopefully, increase my knowledge, what was your thoughts behind the Aircon on and off? Regards Marc
  5. Throttle body problem?

    I'll try this Colin
  6. Throttle body problem?

    Thanks for your post Colin. "touching" the breaks doesn't seem to make a discernible difference.
  7. Throttle body problem?

    I have had my SC430 (6 speed) for a few months now and have a problem which I hope some of you cleaver people may be able to throw some light on. The engine idles smoothly at just under 800 rpm but when coming off the throttle at say 40mph for this example (but it's the same at any speed) the revs stay at 1100-1200 rpm so the car does not slow down - taking some 200m reduce speed to 30 mph. However, if the brakes are applied (necessary!) firmly, the revs drop to the normal idle level. Is the throttle body the likely culprit? Any help will gratefully received.