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  1. What I particularly didn't like was the fact that the ACC made you leave a large gap which other cars would move into causing the car I was driving to brake to open a gap which then another car would pull into etc etc. It was just too sensitive and too urgent in its braking.
  2. Thanks Bob and Texas for clarifying. Having experienced adaptive cruise control in a friend's Volvo, I'd pay NOT to have it.
  3. I ran mine on the originals to 90K and seemed fine. After changing them there was no discernible difference in smoothness or performance.
  4. I'm not but i know it disables the boot unlock button. Valet button.
  5. Noticed last week that when I walk close to the car with the key the puddle and interior lights come on before I touch the handle.Nice touch.
  6. Some impressive mileages. Although its hit 100K miles it drives like a car with less than half the miles. I regularly get a displayed 42mpg as my commute is 80 mile round trip of mostly clear motorway. The computer is optimistic by about 7% ish
  7. Ea,lier today my car joined the 100,000 mile club. Is it sad that I drove around the block before I got home to make sure I hit 100,000? What mileage are you up to and who ha the highest.
  8. Thread resurrection!!! This morning my IS250 was difficult to start. It caught after a long crank and ran roughly as if on 2 or 3 cylinders for a moment then stalled. It cranked again for several seconds before again starting and running rough. This time I gently applied a little throttle and it gradually picked up until it was running almost smoothly. I drove off and within a few seconds it ran fine all the way to work (40 mile journey) On way home this evening no problem at all. The car had been stood since Friday evening and there has been very heavy rain and high humidity (well I am in Wales) Just wondering if anyone else has suffered similar symptoms in damp weather?
  9. Final update for now: Once again my thanks to all who contributed. I spoke to the mechanic who changed the sensors who said the bank 2 sensor (nearside) was difficult and he used a shorter version of the socket with the side out of it with 2 extensions, 2 knuckle joints and a 3 foot breaker bar to remove it. Bank 1 was much easier. It took a while before the MPG came back to where it had been but I'm now seeing an indicated low 40's MPG again on my daily commute (40 miles each way of which 35 is generally clear motorway travelled at an indicated 75 MPH (true GPS 70). So, apart from the unnecessary battery it cost me £266.56 inc VAT. My Car has been with me for 2 years and 50K miles and has only had the sensors, battery and a water pump amd headlight bulbs(plus consumables - servicing costs and tyres etc.) My app indicates running costs (depreciation excluded) 21ppm. not bad for a reasonably quick petrol saloon especially compared to 23ppm for a diesel Superb I had previously and an XFS Diesel Jag 24ppm
  10. Thanks again to everyone for the help. The local garage charge me £75+VAT to change both upstream sensors (that I supplied from Sparkplugs.co.uk £176.54 inc Socket) which I think is very reasonable. I haven't had chance to speak to the mechanic yet to find out how easy or difficult he found it. Only one sensor was bad so if anyone is on a budget and wants to offer me a few beer tokens for the working s/h one feel free. It will be nice to have my Lexus back after a couple of days of doing my 80 mile round trip commute in the wife's 12 year old Jazz.
  11. Well, I had to admit defeat and book it in at a local garage for next week as I couldn't risk stranding the car on the drive. I have four cars ranging from a 12 year old Honda Jazz to a 49 year old Rover and have been working on cars for more than forty years and have only been beaten once before. Thanks all fro the information and support.
  12. Well this is turning into a real PITA of a job. All good down to undoing clip on the wires to the sensor. It is awkward and my wife's hands were able to get in and squeeze the clips on the plug where my lumps of meat just would not go. once the clips were released it almost fell out. Now the hard part: Removing the sensor. Soaked overnight in releasing fluid and using the correct socket with a tightly fitting ring spanner on the top to turn it and i began to get movement; at first I thought I'd begun to free it but closer inspection reveals that the socket is rounding the corners off the sensor nut 😠 Ideas? I'm ready to sell the bloody thing! I've loved this car for 2 years and 45K miles and now...
  13. Quick update: I've checked for air leaks and can't find any so have ordered two sensors and the socket from sparkplugs.co.uk. They should arrive tomorrow so I'll start soaking the old sensors in releasing fluid
  14. Thanks again Dec. Presumably would be able to hear an air leak with bonnet open and engine cover removed? Which side of the car is bank 2 on?