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  1. I've also Sorn'd the IS250 and have thought about Laid up cover but not sure if I will just yet. I actually re-taxed the IS in March and then didn't use it at all. Mind you my mileage has been minimal since I changed jobs last year and I sent from doing a 22K a year commute to working from home so the full tank of petrol I put in on 29th December is still only half empty! Insurance companies will be making huge savings while most cars are off the road and even commercial mileages will be vastly reduced.
  2. I assumed his was the SE-L as it had the reversing camera, Sat Nav and ML stereo but i suspect, thinking about it, they may be a part of an upgrade package.
  3. Have you discovered that the keyless entry is operated by touching the inside of the pull handle handle and 1/2 second later the doors unlock and then pull the handle? If you try and pull the handle immediately you end up having to pull a second time like you did i the video. Also, have you discovered the speedo can be programmed to change the backlight colour at different speeds? Does yours have the rear electrically operated blind?
  4. I found an online how to video but I can't find the link now. I'd suggest getting the parts from Lexus Birmingham including the inlet manifold rubber gaskets. It's not difficult if you're methodical and take your time.
  5. I'm in North Cardiff. Pop it down and I'll do it in front of you for half of that or better still show you how to do it yourself and supply jacks and stands if you pay for lunch at the Caerphilly Mountain cafe when we test drive it afterwards. I have a set of caliper wind back tools already, and red brake grease and wet and dry papaer toclean up the sliders if needed and ... well you get the picture.
  6. Only think I would disagree on is the plugs - Don't bother up to 100K miles. Like I said, i changed mine at 60K and they were still perfectly serviceable and were the originals.
  7. Bought mine, a 2007 SE-L auto 2 years ago at 59K miles and its been excellent value. Put 4 tyres on it when i bought it as the old ones were quite worn winters £246.00 Rear brake pads at 67K miles £48.00 Waterpump at £69K miles £115.20 (parts& fluid only - fitted myself) Headlamp bulbs at 86K miles £93.98 I did the major service at 90K miles £164.75 for all parts inc iridium plugs and gaskets 4 tyres (Dunlop Bluresponse) Costco at 94K miles £223.58 fitted Battery replaced (Yuasa) at 96K miles £75.19 O2 sensors replaced at 97K miles £266.54 I've done all servicing myseld including interi oil changes every 5K miles and filer at 10K. Now at 102K miles and I've gone from doing 20K a year commute to doing just a few hundred a month in the last six months. Average fuel consumption calculated on an app brim to brim over 2 years and 43K miles is 36.81mpg. Bering in mind mostly done on Motorway on cruise at 75mph indicated. Cost per mile (excl purchase cost/depreciation) has been 21p per mile. The Exhaust is a major concern as an original will set you back a substantial sum (Circa £1.5K I beieve) but if I had that issue I think I'd have one made. I've owned everything from a Honda Jazz, Nissan Primera, Skoda Supern to a Jag XFS and its fair to say that the best all rounder has been the Lexus. The dashboard rattle did annoy me when I bought it but I had the dash clips changed for the upgraded versions when it went in for the airbag recall and that cured it. It's a lovely calm, comfortable, quiet and relaxing place to be and has enough power that you never feel let down. Just make sure you find a good one, It took me 6 months to find mine and I know I paid top money for it but it has been worth it. It is a shame it just doesn't get used at the moment since I started working from home and reaching the point where I think I may be better to sell it
  8. What I particularly didn't like was the fact that the ACC made you leave a large gap which other cars would move into causing the car I was driving to brake to open a gap which then another car would pull into etc etc. It was just too sensitive and too urgent in its braking.
  9. Thanks Bob and Texas for clarifying. Having experienced adaptive cruise control in a friend's Volvo, I'd pay NOT to have it.
  10. I ran mine on the originals to 90K and seemed fine. After changing them there was no discernible difference in smoothness or performance.
  11. I'm not but i know it disables the boot unlock button. Valet button.
  12. Noticed last week that when I walk close to the car with the key the puddle and interior lights come on before I touch the handle.Nice touch.
  13. Some impressive mileages. Although its hit 100K miles it drives like a car with less than half the miles. I regularly get a displayed 42mpg as my commute is 80 mile round trip of mostly clear motorway. The computer is optimistic by about 7% ish
  14. Ea,lier today my car joined the 100,000 mile club. Is it sad that I drove around the block before I got home to make sure I hit 100,000? What mileage are you up to and who ha the highest.