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  1. Well, I had to admit defeat and book it in at a local garage for next week as I couldn't risk stranding the car on the drive. I have four cars ranging from a 12 year old Honda Jazz to a 49 year old Rover and have been working on cars for more than forty years and have only been beaten once before. Thanks all fro the information and support.
  2. Well this is turning into a real PITA of a job. All good down to undoing clip on the wires to the sensor. It is awkward and my wife's hands were able to get in and squeeze the clips on the plug where my lumps of meat just would not go. once the clips were released it almost fell out. Now the hard part: Removing the sensor. Soaked overnight in releasing fluid and using the correct socket with a tightly fitting ring spanner on the top to turn it and i began to get movement; at first I thought I'd begun to free it but closer inspection reveals that the socket is rounding the corners off the sensor nut 😠 Ideas? I'm ready to sell the bloody thing! I've loved this car for 2 years and 45K miles and now...
  3. Quick update: I've checked for air leaks and can't find any so have ordered two sensors and the socket from sparkplugs.co.uk. They should arrive tomorrow so I'll start soaking the old sensors in releasing fluid
  4. Thanks again Dec. Presumably would be able to hear an air leak with bonnet open and engine cover removed? Which side of the car is bank 2 on?
  5. Thanks Noo Bee and Declan. Its 2197 - me mis-remembering. Sounds like a swap over of sensors may be a good move. Does it need a special tool to remove the sensors? I understood that using the car with a faulty sensor 1 would more likely burn valves than ruin the cat as it tends to cause the engine to run lean. Can anyone confirm the part number for the sensor 1 please?
  6. Cheers for the additional info. There are 2 codes coming up from memory P0158 & P2157 which indicate the two sensors in bank 2. A friend who builds F1 engines suggested the sensors may be fouling up as I do lots of motorway cruising and a good Italian tune up may clear them. Couldn't try it yesterday due to bad weather but might give it a go tonight. If that fails I'm reluctant to change both sensors in case the upstream one is affecting the fuelling which may be showing as a problem in the downstream sensor. Anyone know if that is s likely scenario? Also, best place to get a sensor(s) if I need them?
  7. Yep. I cleared them again leaving work tonight and I'll be they're back tomorrow. The codes its throwing up are P2197 and P0158 which point to the left bank O2 sensors BUT the dash is also saying "Check VSC" and I can't see the two being connected.
  8. No it wasn't apparently. New battery fitted on Sunday and on my journey to work this morning the lights are back on 😭 Wasted £75 on a battery.
  9. Thought I'd post an update. Firstly thanks for all of the helpful information to you all, much appreciated. I noticed GSF were having a 60% off sale so I ordered the Yuasa Hsb 030 as above and it fits wee if a wee bit taller and couple of millimetres narrower than the original. Ended up paying £75.19 inc VAT so not too bad. Once fitted i took the car for a short run and checked for fault codes (and pending) but all clear so fingers crossed for next week when I do my daily commute.
  10. Thanks everyone. Sidney, may I ask where you sourced your battery please?
  11. I'm trying to find a replacement Panasonic type 068 with CCA>600Ah but am failing miserably. I know the Bosch or Yuasa batteries are a good alternative but would like to stay Panasonic if possible. Anyone else managed to source one?
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'm pretty sure it's not the alternator as its reading 14+ volts when running and around 12 when engine off. I'll get the battery checked and hope it's that.
  13. Last week I didn't use the IS250 at all and it was parked up for 10 days.Usually I do 400 miles a week. When I tried to start it on Monday it cranked over reasonably fast a couple of times but wouldn't start. I know its still on the original battery (2007) which hasn't caused any problems as such but I suspect it'll be getting weak with age so I tried a jump start and it spluttered into life and after a quick rev it ran perfectly on my 40 mile motorway commute to work. It started OK on my way home but about 10 miles into the journey home the VSC light and the EML lights came on along with the warning triangle and a "check VSC" message in the display. A friend popped over with his OBD scanner (bluetooth to phone app) and read ad cleared the codes. One of the codes was RH oxygen sensor i think We took it for a short spin and no codes re-appeared. This morning the car started fine and was OK all the way to work. Again, coming home at about 10 miles into the journey the same lights came on. Is this likely to be the battery on the way out or is there some known issue? Any advice gratefully received.
  14. I noticed yesterday that mine is the original from 2007. Checked levels and all fine. I know I'm about to jinx it by saying its not showing any signs of giving up... yet!