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  1. Man, you need to chill and stop worrying. I got several warning lights which I was advised was failing battery. As it was 12 years old I changed it and had same issues so after further investigation found it was one of the upstrearm O2 sensors so changed both just to be safe.
  2. Just remember that you're now living with Japanese reliability and not German ban counter led money making reliability hype. I've owned 30 or so cars in my life from Austin Allegros to Jag XF's, Rover P5b and TVR Chimaera plus Audi A4, Skoda Superb estate and Honda Accord and the Japanese cars were always the most reliable. Loving my IS250 after 3 years and 45K miles (over 40K in the first 2 years and less than 3 in the last 12 months) I've had to replace one O2 sensor, headlight bulbs, water pump and battery (but in fairness it was the original battery and 12 months old and most annoyingly it didn't need replacing - It was the O2 sensor at fault)
  3. Generally its accepted wisdom that water pumps re good for around 60k miles so nowhere near where you should be concerned. It's normal to have a high idle for the first 30 secs or so and mine also ticks slightly so don't think you have anything to worry about. Glad to hear the headlight issue is sorted now it's time just to enjoy the car and stop worrying
  4. That's appallling. Its not like its difficult or expensive to change either. If you've had the car serviced at a garage and been charged for that filter I'd be having a chat with them around whether they think its acceptable. If you've had the car a while and serviced by same garage, check back to see how many pollen filters you've been charged for. This is one of the reasons I do all of the work on my cars myself.
  5. As already stated it will almost certainly be the bulb. If in doubt swap the bulbs over and if the bad bulb is still bad after swapping and the good bulb remains good, you know its the bulbs.
  6. Rent a Ramp in Warrington. £12.50 for first hour and £7.50 per hour therafter sounds mega cheap to me, especially if you have the knowledge and confidence to DIY the job. https://www.ufixautos.co.uk/services.html Also, Lexus Birmingham sell lots of stuff online and even if you can't find what you want on Ebay give them a ring as they tend to do deals on stuff much cheaper than your local dealer.
  7. Had to dig out the invoice: From Powerbulbs.com Looks like they've come down in price and with a multibuy discount a pair is £65.98 inc delivery. I paid £93.98 in Oct 2018 😞 https://www.powerbulbs.com/product/osram-xenarc-d4s-mercury-free-single-xenon-hid
  8. I had exactly the same issue about a year ago and di exactly what you did, swapped the bulbs over to check if it was the bulb or the ballast resistor that was fault and I even got the same result. The faulty bulb worked for a short time then died. After some research I bought Osram bulbs as when they arrive they have a code you can put in on their website to check they are genuine. I seem to recall I paid about £100 for the pair.
  9. If your dash doesn't creak before they do this job make sure you tell them that so if you get it back creaking you can get them to remedy. If it already creaks/squeaks get them to change the clips that hold the dashboard in with the newer thicker ones. They should know all about this. They should put £25 worth of fuel in as well by way of compensation.
  10. I've used Sainbury's petrol in mine since I bought it 3 years ago and no issues. The problem is all the pottering about. Save your money on fancy fuels and injector cleaners and just give it a good old Italian tune up.
  11. I'll just leave this here. It's done better but the first pic I could find...
  12. As long as the correct Iridium plugs were used I'd agree. If not then they would need changing sooner. I changed mine at 95K and they looked like new. Replaced with Iridium so should be good for another 90+K miles
  13. I've also Sorn'd the IS250 and have thought about Laid up cover but not sure if I will just yet. I actually re-taxed the IS in March and then didn't use it at all. Mind you my mileage has been minimal since I changed jobs last year and I sent from doing a 22K a year commute to working from home so the full tank of petrol I put in on 29th December is still only half empty! Insurance companies will be making huge savings while most cars are off the road and even commercial mileages will be vastly reduced.
  14. I assumed his was the SE-L as it had the reversing camera, Sat Nav and ML stereo but i suspect, thinking about it, they may be a part of an upgrade package.