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  1. That's it! My ISF has finally returned home! The gearbox has been paired up (remaped) with the car and everything is working correctly!
  2. In the end I found a used gearbox on Ebay for 1000 € delivered. The cost for a refurbishment was 5000 €! @Connor what did you do after your gearbox problem?
  3. hello, the gearbox of my ISF has been replaced by a used which I previously validated the serial number at my LEXUS dealer. My mechanic friend who did the work has restarted the car but there are many fault codes, the forward gears do not work well, only the reverse works well. Do you think it is necessary to reprogram (remap?) the gearbox at LEXUS dealer? Do I have to buy the gearbox ECU that goes with the used gearbox or has nothing to do with it?
  4. Hi, Bad news, the gearbox is dead! Change twice the oil was not enough. The gearbox skids and all the torque doesn't go to the wheels. I have 2 solutions today : either refurbish the gearbox or buy a second hand. A mechanic friend of mine will do for me the removal and reassembly of the gearbox. What do you think is the best and fastest way to remove the tranny? Remove only the gearbox or take out the engine + tranny? I found LEXUS ISF used gearboxes from 2010 and 2011 at good prices and I asked the LEXUS workshop manager if they could fit on my 2008 car. He replied that from December 2007 to August 2009 the gearbox reference is 35000-53130 and that since August 2009 the reference is 35000-53140. In your opinion is still good or not?
  5. I think it's almost impossible to prove that the breakdown is related to the passage of the car in his garage
  6. I have just received the quotation for the replacement of the radiator, the flushing of the gearbox and coolant: 1730 € / 1522 £ (8h of labour).
  7. Thank you very much @Big Rat !!! I'm waiting for the result of the drain, I hope I will not have to replace gearbox ...
  8. Bad news : The LEXUS workshop manager just called me, the coolant is contaminated with transmission fluid (radiator dead). He called a gearbox specialist who told him that the gearbox was probably dead because the coolant is attacking the clutch discs. The workshop manager advises me initially to replace the radiator and to drain twice the transmission, but without guarantie of success. What is your opinion?
  9. For information, this morning the tow truck man started the car to put it on his truck and he restarted to put it down to the LEXUS garage parking. During this last maneuver he had to accelerate hard enough for the car to move, as if the parking brake was engaged. Could it be a lack of pressure in the transmission? I hope my explanation is pretty clear ...
  10. As a precaution, I contacted my insurance agent who took my car with a tow truck and took it to the LEXUS garage. I spoke with the workshop manager and he will try to look at this today. To answer the various questions, the engine oil level is ok and the oil has a nice normal color, there is no mayonnaise inside the oil filler cap.
  11. Hello, I'm from France so apologize for the spelling mistakes ... I took a few weeks ago my 2008 LEXUS ISF to an independent mechanic I know to install the USRS kit, bleed the brake fluid, repaint the front bumper, the bonnet and the 4 wheels. I got my car back on Friday, February 9, I traveled 50 km to go home and everything was ok. The next afternoon, I drove 20 km and back in my garage I see a big leak of coolant and a big puddle under the car! The big problem is that the liquid is a little greasy and mixed with oil. With a friend we found the origin of the leak: When I start the car, after 3 seconds, the big engine coolant supply hose becomes hard and the coolant leaks through the hose too much full right next to the coolant reservoir cap. The coolant in the tank has a milk chocolate color. What is your diagnosis? Do you think this is related to the passage of the car at the independent mechanic or is it a bad coincidence? I will contact my car mechanic tomorrow to discuss it.
  12. @Ace8800 The headlights are wrapped with a tint film?