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  1. Aye man no worries, no harm done I took it constructively. Yeah I understand the pennies will add up and I feel myself increasingly willing to spend 2300 on something I'm going to be working on and doing myself and learning from rather than giving a large amount to someone else to do all the work. I like the term Built Not Bought and I'd like to be able to say I've built this rather than some geezer I don't know done it all for me, if that makes sense. Okay cool I'll check it out now! Once again thank you!
  2. Thank you ax53, you're completely right and I know I'm not up to the task right now but I have this stupid mentality that I'm sure many of us have that if someone else can do it why can't i. You seem to know a lot for someone that hasn't turbo'd the 1g fe so this information is a gold mine for me. I'm fairly good with working on cars in general but I was put in doubt by various other forum posts that have stated the only way is the kit way and there didn't seem to be much information out there to counter that. I thought to post a question myself was the quickest and easiest way to get the answer I was looking for. You've now given me the fuel to pursue this so thank you I was beginning to be disheartened. Just as you've done I will be going to watch others builds and try to learn as much as I can. Would you have any suggestions for videos or forum posts that you've found particularly helpful? Thank you for your response its greatly appreciated.
  3. At the is200 price range? What would you guys suggest in the £1000-£2000 price range? I think I was leaning towards this because they are so cheap to buy and by many accounts, they're fun, good looking & sound pretty nice with a nice exhaust system strapped onto it.
  4. I'm can't really say I'm looking for the power gain as much as im looking for the choo choo s haha. Obviously a power gain would be nice but I'm not looking to run fast 1/4 miles or track times with it. Just looking for a car that looks good and sounds good.
  5. There's an eBay one that a few topics on this forum speak about and that's the only one I've seen spoken about really. So you'd say it's possible to do with minimal changes to the stock components?
  6. Hello im looking to get install a turbo into and IS200 and looking through this forum and various other forums I've not really found a clear answer to my question. Can you just install a turbo onto the is200 without having to buy this £2300 kit? For example, could I just change the manifold and install a turbo without having to spend all that money. I understand that some stock internals may need to be upgraded however e.g. flywheel, manifold and such.