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  1. I wouldn't know mate, I had to search this forum for how to pull the headlights out on mine! Supposedly yes you do have to remove the bumper to get at the one hidden bolt, however looking at the how-to I think some creative use of plastic spudgers around the wheel arch you can peel back the wheel arch liner and sneak a ratchet spanner in there. Don't quote me on it though!
  2. Thanks for the tip! I might pick their brains at some point if I get stuck. Between myself, middle, and eldest brother we've LPG'd cars from as simple as a Rover 820 to as complex as an X308 Daimler Super V8. All fully sequential gas injection. All passed COP11 with flying colours at independent installers. The 3uzfe looks to be a doddle as there is hoardes of space to fit injector rails in ideal locations with equal length hoses.
  3. Alpine radio is on Gumtree Beatsonic adaptor will be available as soon as the replacement ML unit arrives in the post (hopefully this week!) Fascia NLA
  4. Another little job done on the beastie. Front discs and pads. Not a huge range of tools needed. The old discs were in very poor condition - lots of large rust spots from having stood immobile under previous owner. This was causing vibration similar to warped discs at certain brake pressures. Very little pedal pressure = Fine, normal steady braking = HORRIBLE, Lean on the pedal = Fine. The old pads had plenty of meat on them but as a new axle set of Genuine Mintex ones were £25 it would be silly not to. £105 all in for Mintex discs and pads. So far, so good, done ~500 miles on the new discs and pads now and despite changing nothing else the brakes are so much better! The car never felt under-braked before but now I look back and think "Crikey, was it really that bad before?" Next job is LCA bushes, lower balljoints and wheel bearings.
  5. Phil, this forum has already proved very useful for tech info and the like. I'm a complete "newb" when it comes to Lexus (Lexi?) and/or LS430s I've been twirling spanners since before I could walk so lots of this stuff is ingrained in my sub conscious these days. John, the Horn rules are as follows: Horn means an instrument,not being a bell, gong or siren, capable of giving audible and sufficient warning of the approach or the position of a vehicle to which it is fitted . If vehicle first used after 1.8.73 it shall be continuous and uniform and not strident I'E no musical horns, clash tone horn is fine. No upper limit on dB though it is possible to fail MOT for a weak horn. The one I had there is a cheap ebay jobbie I bought for a laugh 4 years ago for my 800 - damn thing is epic and so far has not missed a beat. Its similar to this one: Plenty loud enough but if you buy 3 different versions/brands you'll get a lovely clash tone that sound like 3-6 cars all at once laying into the horn. Eldest brother of mine has that in his MX5 - works a charm for reminding the lorries that he is there.
  6. I was actually just going to wire the additional lights up as sidelights. Nothing in destruction and abuse regs that states you can only have 1 pair of sidelights on the front of a vehicle. Only the distance from the outer edges of the vehicle. Keep them at ~5W Halogen equivalent light output and nobody will be dazzled or otherwise affected by them. Now I look at it some more I may just have additional indicators in there. Something anyway as I 'need' to fill those lenses with something!
  7. What John said ^^^^ The only thing one would fall foul of is Destruction and Abuse regs regarding type of additional lighting. Adding sidelights is fine Adding additional main beam lights (a la rally cars) is fine. Adding a DRL is fine No interference with existing lighting is planned. As long as MOT man turns the front fogs on with a button or dial that has the symbol for front fogs and front fogs come on then all is well. I was just hoping to fill the redundant space as it irks me that someone went to the trouble of designing and building something for a specific purpose only to not use it. Here are a few photos of the rear of the light clusters and you'll see why an LED bulb in there wired up to the sidelights would be a neat addition. You can clearly see the fog light on the left hand side and the distinctly separate reflector assembly to the right with nothing in it! In other news I finally did the front fog HID conversion - now all my front lighting is either LED or HID all 6000K Comparison shot (the HID had just been turned on hence the blue tinge, once warm they are pure white with no blue whatsoever) And yes that is a sneaky 2-tone air horn in red underneath the offside OEM horn. Great for telling off those who dare cut up an LS430. Next job is LCA bushes on the front as they are the cause of my knocking from the front end. All balljoints have been replaced ~40k ago as were the entire upper wishbones. Can't blame a car for eating bushes after 144k Still averaging ~12-15mpg around town so really need to get a move on with my LPG installation.
  8. Alucard7002

    New to Lexus ownership!

    Not many at all, especially not in the condition mine is in. The old Rover is a doddle to work on but parts are getting seriously hard to come by. Service items and Bosch/Denso bits are still available for good value but you can't get new keyfobs or interior parts except from breakers/owners club. Even then I had trouble finding parts (lower wishbones for example, Rover never supplied the bushes separately just the wishbone complete - mine went soft, not a MOT fail but not the best. Took me 18 months to source replacements!) For a daily I like the ability to jump online or to Euro Car Prats/Andrew Page for parts. Plus the advantage of having a car made by a manufacturer that is still in business!
  9. The light I'm talking about is next to the fog light in the front bumper. I discovered quite by accident one I'd removed the headlights that the foglights have another light lense/reflector assembly next to them on the very outside edge. Hopefully this helps: My thought was to place an LED light in the "?????" bit of the fog light cluster and wire it up as a DRL. I'll see if I can snap a photo of the cluster from the back side tomorrow when I faff with the HIDs in the fogs (I need to fix the ballasts in a different way as one is rattling ever so slightly at fast idle)
  10. My mate has those EXACT same LED kits in his 827 Coupe. Looks the nuts. I had thought about it but it might look odd being next to the fog light and having two indicators one above the other. I used Chemical Brothers V32-4-6-8 polishes by hand followed by the Meguiars 2 step headlight restoration kit which I bought just for the clear UV resistant lacquer that was step 2. £24 from work with my discount ;-)
  11. I've got the LS booked in on Sunday with a mate who'll chuck it up on the 4 post MOT ramps with the shaker plates. He'll let me know what needs doing. My guess is all 4 balljoints want replacing and probably the drop links too. I managed to change the HID bulbs easily enough although I'm a Halfords Monkey by day so bulbs are second nature as are the cuts and grazes to get the things out! (Frenchies are the WORST followed closely by the Germans...) The car has large amounts of surface corrosion everywhere on the underside but the sills and arches are all ok. It was a Leicester car originally so just far enough north for them to be using road salt by the truckload. One of the many jobs is to have the underside steam cleaned and Dinitrol'd at some point. I'll keep this LS for as long as it needs no major work for MOT (3-4 years is my guess) then try a 460 and see if I like it! If not I'll pay the extra to find a mint low mileage example.
  12. Alucard7002

    New to Lexus ownership!

    Thanks for the welcome folks, No, it doesn't say anything down the side of the 800 Richard! I've had four of the things in various forms, 820, 827, and Vitesse. I learned to drive in an 800 and never really got out of the habit of driving them, brothers of mine all have Jag XJs but I'm 6' 5" with big feet but the XJ cockpit is just too tight to be comfy. Hence the 430! Finally found a car that fits my frame. This is less of an ongoing project, more fix it up so it's pleasant to drive again (the brake discs are so warped/rusty the steering wheel wobbles violently under gentle braking) My 820 was an ongoing project over the last 6 years. Now I've grown up a bit and learned I want a comfy sensible daily driver and a second, ludicrous toy car to play with. I'm thinking Locost with the Toyota 2zzge lump from a Celica.
  13. Thanks mate, Headlights were a doddle to remove. get some trim out of the way, two bolts and some carefully directed heaving. It is a bit nerve wracking getting the lower lip over the edge of the bumper but placing a few old business cars along it as scratch protection works very well.
  14. Hello all, Been looking for ages for a Mystic Gold with beige interior on a Y plate... I know, asking for hen's dentists. In the end thanks to a weekend in Amsterdam with my brother along with EU data rules and eBay for android I bought this instead! 2001 Y plate LS430 in Blue Onyx with the Ecru (beige) interior. Fixed a few niggles and have a few more to fix too. Nothing untoward and nothing I'm not afraid of tackling, I've rebuilt engines and welded up cars many a time in my years on this planet. Had to bodge the offside rear ride height sensor as the arm snapped on my drive home after buying it! Fixed now with the proper part. Need to get my LPG conversion going sharpish as I'm averaging ~12mpg with my commute. Also need to get used to filling a 90l petrol tank vs 68l LPG tank - price difference is quite drastic for a full tank! Polished and clearcoated the headlights as they were very yellow and let the car down, then put a HID HB3 kit in the main beams and the fogs (I do a lot of driving on the fens so lighting up the road with daylight is a must!) The little light lenses next to the foglights are not used on my LS for some reason, perhaps a JDM/US market thing. I am planning on putting some LED 382 bulbs in and use them as DRLs Also had a play with techstream and a £14.99 cable from eBay. All worked and told me I have two dead O2 sensor heater circuits on the pre-cat sensors. Will need to replace ASAP. All for now, shall report back once I've found the cause of the slight knock on the nearside front and put new front discs and pads on her. Cheers D
  15. Hello all, Looking to put original radio back into my 430. P/O fitted this lot and while it works the user interface and overall look of the things doesn't appeal to me. Make me a sensible offer considering all of this kit new would cost over £800 Or if you have the original ML Radio/CD changer, fascia (CD cover, switch backing and cubby hole) I'd consider a straight swap, mine is an '01 premium pack with ML and nav