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  1. The amount of times I hear this at work! 😂 as for the problem of backfeeding other systems. A simple diode in the right place should stop this. Make sure the poles are the right way round though or you’ll get absolutely nothing on you’re LED 😉
  2. Ok, I’ll do that tonight. Would having the egr blanked off have an effect on that sensor do you know at all? Mum also having a slight smoke issue but I’m sure that’s down to the 5th injector and having no dpf
  3. Well now I’m absolutely sure it’s the wastegate I’ll start fault finding. first plan is to get it fail again then unplug the vacuum hose and see it’s pulsing 12v at the plug. Causing the vacuum to open and close
  4. So the actuator that is at 45 degrees is the wastegate. And that is the one opening and closing when I get the fault. Interesting
  5. Thanks guys, should keep me busy for a bit. I have the techstream in order I’m just waiting for it to turn up. I’ll keep you updated
  6. Well if anything it’s a new avenue to go down. when the car loses power it won’t even rev above 3000 RPM! Where can I find the SCV on this car or is this where I have to take it to a mechanic...
  7. The car failed on me as was getting fuel, the wastegate actuator was the one moving. I’m intrigued by this. Would I get any other symptoms? The car does take a good 3-4 seconds to start up when cold, then over revs for a few seconds before idling normally
  8. So it’s definately not the wastegate. It failed on me just then so while the engine was running, the actuator arm was down, I disconnected the vacuum and it shot straight up, I then connected it and it moved straight down again. So it can’t be stuck. i think you’re right, I need the techsteam data
  9. okay, nothing was done with this as far as I am aware, but seeing as though the EGR is blanked, I could disconnect this? It uses the same air feed as the wastegate vacuum valve. So maybe because this cooling actuator is constantly opening and closing it’s reducing the vacuum input (or lack of) on the wastegate? I maybe talking nonsense too 😂 it also seems to start playing up when the engine is at operating temperature. Reading about these cooler egr coolers they only kick in at operating temperature?
  10. Yes haha! but I originally thought this was the wastegate. And this is the actuator that is stable until the car fails then it keeps opening and closing. So I’m trying to figure out what that actuator is?
  11. Okay, so the mysterious valve on the right goes to the first actuator you can see in that picture (what I mistook for the wastegate) and this is the one that keeps opening and closing when the car fails, I have noticed it only fails when the car is up to temperature. the valve on the left (the one I tested last night) does go to the wastegate. The wastegate opens and closes if you pinch the vacuum pipe and let it go so I’m sure that is working correctly
  12. There are 2 diaphragms with actuators down there. Both pipes leading to them. I am assuming one is the wastegate? So what’s the other
  13. I am definitely confused, my understanding is the one on the right in the picture controls the wastegate. In that case I have got those pipes the wrong way round according to our pictures. I have the metal heat guard off so I can see the back off the turbo. 2 second I’ll go and take pictures...
  14. So my findings for today, embarrasingly last night I was looking at the wrong vacuum valve and I believe I was looking at the one for the variable veins in the turbo? Which would explain the results I was getting So after finding the right valve, I unplugged it and blew through it, air coming out the filter. Connecting it to 12v and blew through, air coming out the other vacuum pipe. So it seems to be working. However I drove the car with it unplugged and could tell no difference (turbo kicking in as normal) and I had no error codes displayed, but I did with the other vacuum valve. Surely this isnt normal? I am getting a resistance across the valve with my multimeter. interestingly enough though, since I unplugged it and starting messing around I can’t get the car to fail again. I have added a picture because I’m not entirely sure I have the vacuum hoses in the right configuration, if someone could confirm this I would be grateful! And thanks for all the input guys!