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  1. Marco12

    Just a rant!!

    I know they are expensive, but the version of the CT that I bought is a non luxury type. No leather seats, no mouse control, 6 speaker audio. I wanted to give it a little bit of flair, so I opted for LED headlights, a bamboo strip and the lighted door sills. These are the only type I can get from the official dealer over here. They look soooo good though in real life, I am happy with them.
  2. Marco12

    Just a rant!!

  3. Marco12

    Car servicing, worth using dealership?

    Here in The Netherlands, it's around 175 Euro at the Lexus dealer, so 200 pounds seems a bit high
  4. Marco12

    Just a rant!!

    These were pretty expensive, around 900 Euro which includes labor. That is only for the front. In an original Toyota part catalog I see that they are listed for 649 Euro. Maybe Lexus USA thought that these are to expensive and had a cheaper version made for the American market? I read a review of the cheaper version, were the say that the illumination was uneven and it didn't look as good as door sills of other Lexusses. I just can talk about the ones I have, they really look fantastic and high class. I'll try to make a better image and post it.
  5. Marco12

    Just a rant!!

    I just remembered that I still have the box of my door sills. I ordered them when I ordered the car, when I took delivery 6 months later, they put the old ones in here. These are made in Japan.
  6. Marco12

    Just a rant!!

    The look different than the ones my Lexus dealer installed, and different than the ones oat the Lexus UK site. Maybe there are different versions of the door-sills, or the US dealer is selling non-official parts. I don't know, I just see the difference. Without more knowledge we can't say that Lexus UK is ripping you off. Here in the Netherlands the door-sills are expensive as well.
  7. Marco12

    Bamboo dash trim

    The bamboo strip looks really nice in my car. Don't know the part number, I had it installed by the dealer when I took delivery of the car.
  8. Marco12

    Just a rant!!

    I think that these are fakes. They don't look as nice and stylish as the original Lexus door-sills that my Lexus dealer installed.