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  1. have not forgot about posting pics of my 1st lexus car is currently away getting full detail and cermaic coating applied once back i will get pics up have to say really enjoying the GS experience. it certainly is a nice place to sit and have a relaxing drive. even though the car has decent handling capability you dont feel the need to push on as much i find. i am not so sure IF I would feel this way if i did not have my NSX or my motorbike in the garage in order to have some proper fun but so far so good ownership is nice and i really like the car even though the cvt gb in terms of driver focused driving lets you down but then the car is not for that.
  2. will check this out. cheers i have a feeling its the phone ... the iphone was on in an instant i should buy my wife a better phone! :)
  3. hi reluctant to do it as mine is working fine! :) but she is the main user of the car and i would like to get it setup i was hoping not to do this ...
  4. One being that it's a bloody good car and totally underrated and ignored
  5. hi i have a 2014 GS300h f sport and I cannot get my wife's phone to pair with the car my apple x connected in seconds but i cannot get the moto to pair i have used the settings menu on the phone and keep refreshing to no avail of signal i dont have my phone on me whilst trying to pair and ensure that BT is off etc but still no joy very infuriating ... anyone got their android to work etc?
  6. i paid up for the extended warranty on my GS purchase as well. I normally dont buy these type of things but the Lexus one read fairly comprehensively and you are getting AA road side assistance thrown in which costs a few hundred quid anyway. you have to treat it a bit like an insurance policy ... "in the event of" ... and going on the basis of Lexus reputation i would like to think that if anything major happens within the warranty period having this will be beneficial. as i said i normally dont touch these things with a barge pole, and do not consider the Lexus to be something i would be worried about but my wife is a community nurse and her office is the car so with the AA cover etc this was useful just my take on it ...
  7. its disappointing to read the demise of the GS as this is the car that brings me to the brand for the very 1st time ... hoping to pick up my used GS300h this weekend :( its a really nice car but its no surprise that the german/uk publications marketing scheme and great leasing schemes have virtually killed off the sector with their output. its going to be difficult for anyone else to make in roads. real shame
  8. Hi guys there is a set of alloys to fit an Is220 with tyre size 225/50/17 that may be available to me. I have attached a pic of the rim do these rims fit the GS mk4 I.e same pcd specs etc.? any help advice much appreciated
  9. Thanks guys on the hunt for a 2nd set mainly for winter duties. let me know what you have got. NB just need the rims will sort own boots out
  10. Yes going to be a change from Honda engines vtec or idtec for sure. But looking forward to it. The car will be mainly used by the wife (hope she likes). We are replacing the CR-V with the GS and she was worried about the size of it when first purchased so I am sure that initial feeling will be with her for a couple of days till used to it. i could not even bring myself to purchase anything German. They don't interest me and all look very similar. I appreciate there is similarity to the 5 series in the GS but there is more to the Lexus than just the exterior look. german cars are all about high volume sales and the UK market appears to gorge on it without thinking. When I buy a car I want quality and reliability and hopefully the Lexus will deliver.
  11. Hi is it possible to run a set of 17" rims on a gs300h and put winter tyres on? there is no clearance issues with brakes or discs. what is the minimum size to run on this car? thanks
  12. Good man and thanks for providing the feedback. will certainly avail of this update once I complete purchase of a 14 GS