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  1. Hi guys there is a set of alloys to fit an Is220 with tyre size 225/50/17 that may be available to me. I have attached a pic of the rim do these rims fit the GS mk4 I.e same pcd specs etc.? any help advice much appreciated
  2. Thanks guys on the hunt for a 2nd set mainly for winter duties. let me know what you have got. NB just need the rims will sort own boots out
  3. New to Lexus ... hopefully

    Yes going to be a change from Honda engines vtec or idtec for sure. But looking forward to it. The car will be mainly used by the wife (hope she likes). We are replacing the CR-V with the GS and she was worried about the size of it when first purchased so I am sure that initial feeling will be with her for a couple of days till used to it. i could not even bring myself to purchase anything German. They don't interest me and all look very similar. I appreciate there is similarity to the 5 series in the GS but there is more to the Lexus than just the exterior look. german cars are all about high volume sales and the UK market appears to gorge on it without thinking. When I buy a car I want quality and reliability and hopefully the Lexus will deliver.
  4. Hi is it possible to run a set of 17" rims on a gs300h and put winter tyres on? there is no clearance issues with brakes or discs. what is the minimum size to run on this car? thanks
  5. Good man and thanks for providing the feedback. will certainly avail of this update once I complete purchase of a 14 GS
  6. newbie saying hi

    RC is a lovely car and both cars above are exceptional. Lucky guys! unfortunately the rear seats are pants in these lol
  7. New to Lexus ... hopefully

    Met the dealer and the car today! Hope to pick up the Lexus GS at end of this month so deal in principle done and agreed. Just need to fund the remainder of balance owed. Full details on when I pick up the car (tempting fate)! All information supplied by dealer was pretty accurate and they appear a decent bunch of guys. Very accommodating.
  8. New to Lexus ... hopefully

    @ryanmch67 Mate, all you have to do is ask!! if you see me about don't be afraid to introduce yourself! you thinking of a Lexus too? oops just saw your sig ... already have one :)
  9. New to Lexus ... hopefully

    Hi mate, I recognise you from HK and I have the same thoughts as you. The new civic is very nice but just fancied a change. I will be selling my trusty CR-v for the GS. you still enjoying your switch over?
  10. New to Lexus ... hopefully

    Hi many thanks for the welcome. with regards to the new civic, it was on my shortlist for sure. I could have got a 17 car for less than the GS I potentially buy with the right engine size and spec but in the end the civic ain't a Lexus ... and I fancied a change. the new civic is a great car to drive and would be better than a GS but it's too familiar and hence the leap into this model. aye there are a few usernames on here I recognise from Honda karma forums
  11. Hi Just put a holding deposit on a used GS300h F Sport today so heading over to dealers next week to view and drive the car prior to finalising deal all being well. Don't want to say too much about the car till secured but so far communication and detail from the Lexus dealer has been 100% Hopefully be a new Lexus owner by end of the month and will make use of these boards and hopefully get to know some community members etc. I am a long time Honda customer and will remain so as I still have a couple of their toys in my garage, but unfortunately due to Honda UK being managed by morons they refused to bring the Accord to these Islands to much annoyance and disappointment I have opted for a GS. Been a long time admirer of the Lexus brand regardless of biased U.K. Car mags and reviewers. Japanese cars and manufacturing is hard to beat so looking forward to trying Lexus/Toyota (first time) outside of Honda, Mitsubishi and Nissan (prior to Renault involvement). more updates soon ...