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  1. My understanding is that the paintwork should have been warranted by the insurer's approved bodyshop. I would certainly fight this issue on the basis that they repaired it. The issue is nothing to do with Lexus and I would certainly buy another. I had a very bad experience with insurance company repairers on an is300h and learned that I would insist in future on repairs by a Lexus approved bodyshop. As an aside it might be worth speaking to your local chipsaway repairer. My guy in Gloucester (Stuart) does superb work in his workshop and they could probably deal with this for a lot less money than a bodyshop. They fully warranty the work for as long as you own the car. I see you are not too far away and Gloucester chipsaway is only across the Road from Gloucester Docks and outlet centre. Sure that could be fixed in a day at a very reasonable cost.
  2. You will help reduce the awful air pollution in your towns. 👍👍👍
  3. If it is the later car with lacquered wheels please check the centres carefully for corrosion. I've just had my wheels refurbished by Lexus as a goodwill gesture. I had them powder coated in a shadow chrome which I think looks similar to F Sport and is far more durable. I recently saw a car similar to mine (again 2015) and that had the same issue with the wheels. Picture is of my refurbished wheels
  4. Sorry my car has the Ivory interior and no problems with keeping it clean. In fact if the car has a scruffy interior I would suggest it hasn't been cared for and time to walk away.
  5. Main thing to check is that it has a valid hybrid health check certificate. If so Lexus warranty the batteries now for 15 years. I understand that batteries generally aren't an issue. The inverter apparently is the big ticket item that can cause issues. Plenty of good advice from owners available on this forum. All hybrid Lexus are extremely quiet.
  6. You use a piece of clay bar and a lubricant. Rubbing it on the paintwork like an eraser it lifts out contaminants. It leaves a really smooth finish. Plenty of videos on YouTube showing its use.
  7. Try chemical guys blackllight. Lasts for around 9 months which in my case is 15000 miles. Easy to apply and beads beautifully. After every wash just spritz with their H70? Gives a great finish
  8. Friday put my battery mower in the back, a nice easy fit to go and mow my daughters lawn as son in law had back surgery 2 weeks ago. Today cleaned the interior. A nice easy job with such a lot of room to work in.
  9. Does the noise change if you rev the engine or does it remain constant? As suggested are the oils and other levels good? Could it be hydraulic tappets? The only strange thing is you have the battery light on. How do the lights level, is something amiss there?
  10. I wouldn't worry about the tan interior. My car does around 400 to 500 miles a week and stays far cleaner than the wife's Fiat 500 with maroon leather. I've done 21000 miles in just under the year and the interior looks great. I find it far easier to clean than the black in my last 2 Lexii and the tan rubber mats are superb.
  11. Are they damaged? If not then it might be worth treating them with gummi phlege or aerospace 303 to see if that will revitalise them.