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  1. Strange I just finished reading this article when my wife decided that a large armchair needed to be taken to the recycling centre( 40 minutes before closing) It only just fitted through the tailgate opening, but as it had to be lifted sideways at an angle through the doorways in our bungalow I wasn't surprised. Great car for the job.
  2. olliesgrandad

    New tyres fitted

    I had them on a BMW Z3 2.8 some years ago. Great grip but wore quite quickly or was it the way it got driven? 😊
  3. When you find an Advance please check the wheels. My car is suffering from spots of corrosion coming out around the centre caps on all 4 wheels. As my car was registered in March 2015 this is pretty annoying. When the car was serviced locally a month ago Cheltenham Lexus put a claim into Lexus UK but they said because I had only owned the car for 3 months the supplying dealer should have spotted the issue and rectified it under Approved Car Scheme. The supplying dealer has maintained the car from new and knows that the wheels are unrepaired and factory finished. They are currently deciding the way forward and supposed to be coming back to me next week.
  4. £26000 should get you a nice late series 3 advance spec car. I Paid £26600 for my 15 plate advance with 26000 miles. So my car was one of the last. Good hunting.
  5. Might be worth ringing Michelin as I think that some sizes may still be in the pipeline. I had mine fitted in October and they were on backorder then. Mine are 19's.
  6. olliesgrandad

    Fancy a rx450h

    Toyota have had so much experience with Hybrid powertrains and they are renowned for reliability. Checking that the car has been properly serviced and has had recommended hybrid health checks makes common sense. The big service is 60,000 miles when plugs are changed so that is worth accounting for. I have stuck 11,00 miles onto mine since June and it runs beautifully. The only issue is that I am waiting for Lexus to sort out my lacquer coated alloy wheels which are corroding around the wheel centre caps, so if you choose and Advance model check that.
  7. I put Michelin Primacy 4s on my GS 300h and they were amazingly quiet compared to the OE Dunlops. Much gripper too.
  8. £26000 should get you a nice late series 3 advance spec car. I Paid £26600 for my 15 plate advance with 26000 miles. So my car was one of the last. Good hunting.
  9. What is your budget? There are plenty of cars out there just a case of finding the right one. Full service history is important and you need to check that it has up to date hybrid health check documentation (Hybrid batteries are then warranted for 10 years). Avoid cars with air suspension as otheer folks here report unreliability. F Sport have firmer ride so if considerin . Advance spec (I have one) are luxury spec plus excellent LED headlights, pan or sunroof and post 2014 cars have ML sound system as standard. I have done 11,000 miles in 4 months and averaged 34mpg tankful to tankful. Lexus warranty I would say is a must for peace of mind.
  10. Common with so many modern cars. 2014 mini was awful and my 2012 e class Mercedes cabriolet used to every 6 weeks or so drip water onto my arm when driving. The only way to stop it was to pull over and open and close the roof. Not to be recommended in a storm. So many frame less windows on cars also drip when they window closes after shutting the door. Not like the good old days when the foot wells filled with water...
  11. Now you have corrected the paint I would use chemical guys blackllight on the paintwork and spritz with their v7 every wash
  12. Definitely a warranty matter.
  13. olliesgrandad

    They've eaten my aerial... again!

    Grey squirrel?
  14. Clean mine also. Not that there is a lot to clean apart from the big plastic covers. Aero303 gives quite a nice finish or chemical guys matt protectant.
  15. olliesgrandad

    Moving from RX400 to...?

    Tax on my 15 plate RX450h is £145. So not a lot in it compared to similar aged NX.