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  1. olliesgrandad

    Car boot liners for 2016 IS300h

    I've had the bootliners version in both my 2015 GS and now my 2015 RX450h. Both an excellent fit and I think better than the oem version I had in my 2014is300h. Oh and much cheaper toi
  2. The Ml is fine but the setup is not as good as the Ml in my previous 2015 GS. For instance the dab radio doesn't display the name of the performer. The way the car drives though is superb. You have got heated seats. I chose the Advance spec because it is a nice compromise with equipment and has a very comfortable ride and seats. My car has the cream interior which gives it a nice look
  3. The Ml system was a standard fit on the advance when the range was face-lifted in 2014.
  4. I have advance on 15 plate and have driven 6000 miles in 3 months. Most comfortable car ever owned and seats are amazing. My aching back is so much better now. Miss the cooling seats of my GS 300h but that and a few other minor omissions from the spec I can live with. Advance has excellent Led lights and the Ml sound system. My car has panoramic roof but the other option was sunroof on Advance spec. 19INCH Wheels are standard. Am averaging tankful to tankful 33.6 mpg.
  5. olliesgrandad

    RX450 - MPG

    I've covered 5000 miles since late June and checking tankful to tankful have averaged over 34mpg. Mixed motorway,urban and cross country driving
  6. Welcome to the fold Dave. I can't help re the headphones but like you my car was bought with new budget tyres on the front and original Dunlops on rear. I don't think OE tyres are always best and my 'go to' tyre guy has suggested Michelin Cross climates as best tyre. There is a Michelin offer on in October so will hopefully Change them then.
  7. olliesgrandad

    Is a remap possible?

    Just achieved over 33mpg tankful to tankful driving from Gloucester to Fountains Abbey via minor roads across the Peak District (including a trip to flash the highest village in England) with 2 adults 1 small boy and the car stacked up to the roof with clothing and food for a week away. Very pleased.
  8. olliesgrandad

    Picked this up today

    Owned a number of Fords over the years and despite one issue (replaced 1985 fiesta xr2 with 1987 model which had harsh drive train issues) they have all 'done what it says on the tin). Have driven 100's of thousands of miles in police vehicles from the 70's to the 00's and apart from the last of the Escorts they were all very robust and comfortable. 1970s Escort mk1s and 2s were great fun with slick gearboxes you could gearchange without using the clutch. The early mk1 Fiestas were a revelation in unmarked police spec. So modern and well equipped. The Mk2 escorts were a great all purpose response car. I regularly drove an unmarked one which had experimental electronic abs (a manual system was only ever fitted to production cars). The V6 Granada engined Transits were a hoot. With a top speed of over a 100 they were an interesting drive especially as they didn't have double wheel rear axles. I did one trip at high speed of around 70 miles and I reckon 11 Mpg was about the consumption. Mk2 Granada 2.8 was a great car. I remember driving one on the A46 from Bath to Stroud on a driving course and being told to keep the speed over 100mph where possible. In those days in the middle of the day driving an unmarked white car with no sirens or blue lights! I certainly wouldn't discount owning another Ford.
  9. Having jumped ship from Mercedes 2 years ago I would be reluctant to return to the indifferent build quality and reliability of the newer Mercedes. Now in 1997 I very nearly bought a 6 months old C36 AMG - absolutely fell in love with it, but they wanted £42,000 for it and I would only go to £40,000. I ordered a new Audi A4 Quattro tiptronic estate ( bad move) and a week later the Mercedes dealer rang me offering to sell me the C36 at my price...…………….. I think that in those days the AMG cars were the real deal.
  10. I don't think I would be paying them for the standard of work exhibited here
  11. olliesgrandad

    3RX and DAB radio

    Coming from a 2015 GS 300h to 2015 RX 450h Advance I was extremely disappointed with the DAB radio in the RX for the very same reasons.
  12. The sales brochure doesn't give the trim colour, but I can confirm that with my beige leather the door tops, dashboard and steering wheel are all a very dark chocolate brown.
  13. olliesgrandad

    New to forum Is300h owner

    My Irish family have bought cars here in the past. Just a question of finding the right car.
  14. olliesgrandad

    New to forum Is300h owner

    Great to see so many Lexus in The Republic. Importing at the moment for you must also be good because of the weak sterling.
  15. If it didn't deactivate EV mode you would be stuck because the traction batteries as I understand it are the ones that start the petrol engine. I never force EV mode when parked as the car won't start petrol engine until batteries are depleted.