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  1. I wanted an NX300h but the test drive was so uncomfortable I tried a 2015 RX450h and subsequently bought a 2015 Advance. Great car which I drove for great 30,000 miles before buying my current gen 4.
  2. My neighbour used to work for Indesit. Machines are designed to last 2 years apparently. We now buy more expensive machines that will last. Our dishwasher is a Miele, likewise our washing machine. Our last Miele washing machine failed after about 8 years. They reckon they will do 20,but this is based upon x number of washes per week. I looked into this and our machine had done 40 years worth 😂. Our current Miele washing machine has a 10 years manufacturers warranty and cost about £850. You have to look out for manufacturers using other brand names on products. We have a Miele cooker hood which had several issues. I then learnt it was made for Miele not by them.
  3. I have a very old Ctek which I am currently using on my wife's Fiat 500. Thoroughly recommended.
  4. The thing with windscreens is that Lexus don't fit them. When I had the misfortune to get a cracked windscreen in a 175 mile loan car the Lexus Dealer supplied the screen and sent me to a local fitter. I asked him about realigning and calibration of the cameras and he assured me that this is mainly' smoke and mirrors ' and if fitted correctly by a competent fitter there will not be an issue. Lexus supplied a fitting kit which he didn't use (because he was good) and I got a refund on it. The trim strips are eye wateringly expensive...
  5. When I had a BMW Z3 I managed to find a new genuine cover on Ebay. It was an outdoor version but I mainly used it in my garage. PU coated nylon is probably the best material. Important to ensure its well secured so that it doesn't chafe the paintwork. Try the Classic Car magazines for finding tailor made covers as I doubt Lexus made one.
  6. Think positively. You couldn't drive it even if you had it. It will also be registered later 👍
  7. I seem to remember the answer is no, but I welcome being corrected on this
  8. My wife did the same thing last week with her Fiat 500 while doing the school run 😢
  9. I understand certain motor cycle gang members are called 1% ers ⚰️but don't know the answer to this one
  10. Do make sure that you do tank to tank checks the computer is not very accurate - designed by Walter Mitty perhaps 😅
  11. The Lexus YouTube video is a great help. I am on my 4th Lexus having started with a 2014 IS300h f sport. As a high mileage driver I find that using eco apart from in traffic or cruising at a steady speed is counter productive to economy. If you dig around my old posts you will see my real world consumption figures. I have had more recent IS300h as loan cars and they are definitely better on fuel. Let's face it you are getting diesel mpg from a petrol and that's great (I'm comparing with my last Mercedes a E250 cabriolet which got mid to high 40s generally).