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  1. 1. Has timing belt been replaced at correct mileage. 2.Is water pump leaking and was it replaced with (1). 3. If its inverter problem then why consider 1and 2 unless it saves labour sorting inverter. Thermostat could be the cause of course which is hopefully a cheap job. Head gasket issues can normally be determined by a decent mechanic I would have thought. I don't quite understand why the petrol engine would overheat if the Hybrid radiator was the problem as I thought there were 2 separate systems for hybrid and petrol(but I may well be wrong). Might be worth getting a 3rd opinion before throwing money into the car.
  2. I would seriously consider an insurance claim to replace the necessary electronics, locks etc on the car. If the car is otherwise stolen the insurers may try to wriggle out of a claim if a stolen key has been used. As Colinbarber says you may be OK if the stolen key can be disabled.
  3. At 6'4 I would be considering perhaps an IS300h or a GS300h. Both have more interior room and are fuel efficient. My 2015 GS300h if anything was better on petrol than the IS300h. Both will exceed 40mpg easily. The GS on a round trip from Gloucester toy London including driving in heavy traffic did 54mpg checked tankful to tankful.
  4. In the olden days when I was in the police we used packing tape to go through the door seals and then put pressure on to lift the button or hook over the handle and pull. I suspect that these days it will not be so easy.
  5. Go to the dealer and ask for a paper service book. They should as a condition of Lexus Approved supply one.
  6. This reminds me of the story my parents told me. They shared a house with another couple around 1955 and my Dad and the other chap rebuilt an Austin A40 Somerset engine on the kitchen table much to the annoyance of the ladies.
  7. Try an RX450h if you want comfort in a vehicle suitable for your Irish bog roads (I have dual citizenship with my family being out in North Tipperary). I have owned both a 2015 3rd generation Advance model and now a 2017 Premier Both would be good. The adjustable suspension in my current car is fabulous and the ML sound system is superb.
  8. You should have a pape service book with the car. This is a condition that is in 'The Approved Lexus' conditions. It will probably be a copy due to GDPR (I've had 2 cars thus equipped)
  9. Regarding tyres, my first RX suffered from a worn wheel bearing type noise. Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres wear in a strange way and are known to cause this sort of whine. They were on the rear of my car and changing them cured the noise.
  10. Apologies but just quickly read this post. I had an issue with my alignment check on my last RX450h in that the tyre centre set the tracking up based upon my private number plate. Unfortunately that was for my previous 2015 GS300h. Luckily I spotted the model on the printout and they rechecked it. Fortunately the figures for the GS were identical to the RX and all was fine.
  11. I Had all 4 wheels on my 2015 RX450h refurbished last year as a goodwill gesture Just had a wheel replaced on my 2017 RX450h under warranty due to the start of corrosion near the wheel centre. The clues are all there...
  12. OP possibly says this because some people don't get on with the ECVT gear system - let's face it the motoring press are always critical for some unknown reason.
  13. Sorted. i didnt realise it was 15mm sat nav I needed to input. Now got PW675-00A38 as the required card Many Thanks