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  1. My last car an IS 300h F Sport was black metallic and for some reason (unlike a previous obsidian black metallic Mercedes) iI could never keep it looking clean for more than 5 minutes. The white is so much easier to maintain and the pearlescent paint is so fabulously smooth and glossy. The Lexus grey would probably be my second choice, but buying used finding the right car is most important to me.
  2. Very nice looking car and hardly run it at that mileage
  3. Great looking car (but I would say that given the colour].
  4. My Irish family come here for cars because they're far cheaper than in the Republic and also are generally in better condition than the local cars which have been subjected to 'the old bog roads'. I traded an Alfa Romeo in 4 years ago in Somerset and the subsequent buyer flew from Belfast to buy it. So even within the UK it appears cars are cheaper outside Ireland.
  5. I was concerned about hybrid battery life and tackled the service manager at my dealer. He said in 11 years they had only replaced batteries in one vehicle due to wear and tear. Other replacements had all been caused by cars getting in flood water or rodent damage. He said they have several customers with cars exceeding 250,000 miles with healthy original batteries. He also made the point that replacement costs have dropped and you don't have to replace them all if their are problems.
  6. I have Megs super degrease and it is good but for fabric I think the chemical guys product is better and doesn't smell as much.
  7. Chemical guys have an intensive fabric cleaner. It is a professional quality product and has removed stains from most fabrics and carpets in my home as well as our cars. You dilute it and spray it on. Dabbing with microfiber cloth then lifts out the dirt. My Grandson got his red fabric coated life jacket covered in black grease from a canal lock and it came out easily. The best fabric cleaner I have found so far. Murphys law that I needed to use it today I have just checked and the product is called Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Stain Extractor. you dilute it 20 to1. My son-in-law spilt a mug of hot chocolate on our cream lounge carpet this morning and it has removed the stain no problem.
  8. Talking of 70s BL cars you clearly were lucky not to have experienced my 76 mk2 Allegro, it had a cylinder head gasket at 750 miles. The paint fell off half the car. The front seats needed reupholstrring as the seams came undone. Oh the throttle damper was a perpetual issue. This was just the first 6 months of ownership. The following 2 years were worse....
  9. On Tuesday I did a snowy 175 miles into Shropshire from Gloucester. I had almost neat washer fluid but when I got north of Kidderminster the washers froze at around minus 6. Very surprised the car hasn't heated washer jets as my last 2 mercedes did. The snow setting worked very well throughout the journey and I averaged 50mpg becauseI was driving slowly.
  10. I had a very bad experience in 2001 with an Audi A4 2.8 Quattro and have avoided them since (6 months out of warranty broke a camshaft due to metal fatigue). I have a friend who's brother works at a main dealer and 3 months ago he told me that on a Monday morning the place is full of broken down cars all under warranty. I think for reliability Lexus is hard to beat.
  11. The truth is that the motoring press are extremely biased as they favour certain manufacturers and are rooted in the past. Cars are going to change dramatically in the next few years because legislation will force it. If like me you drive in excess of 30000 miles a year you would know how good the ecvt is compared to other modern systems which are all set up for economy. Look at dual mass flywheels for instance and how troublesome they can be. Let's not forget all the semi auto gearboxes and how jerky most of them are. I have owned a lot of modern cars in the past decade and in that time have driven a third of a million miles. The ecvt in Lexus is brilliant. The lack of jerkiness compared to say a Mercedes auto is sublime especially when overtaking as the response to the throttle is instantaneous and smooth. You need to drive one yourself to make an informed decision. If I followed the advice of journalists I would have missed owning some very enjoyable and reliable cars eg Alfa Romeo Mito.
  12. Have owned my 2015 luxury model since July and have done 13000 miles. Car is superb on fuel and real world brim to brim has averaged 46mpg. No issues with the car at all. Fuel consumption is actually better than the 2014 is300h I had before. Tyre wear is brilliant. At 20000 miles they were all between 4 and 6mm and evenly worn. At service the only thing that was replaced was a pair of wiper blades costing £25. If you can find the right car you won't be disappointed.
  13. I just connected my LG flex2 android phone by Bluetooth to the car and it worked. When navigating with Sat nav it will sometimes just say 'incoming mezsage' if making a turn and it will then display the message on screen after manoeuvre is complete. You then select the 'read' option and it reads the text out loud. My car is early 2015 just pre face-lift luxury spec.
  14. A couple of weeks ago I managed to damage the rear bumper of my car with the metal dropbolt mounting of my driveway gates which put 2 small puncture holes into the middle of the bumper. No scuffs but 2 very neat and annoying marks. Being pearlescent white I was dreading the cost of repairs and the quality of finish. My local Chipsaway Franchise in Gloucester seemed to have some good reports so I paid Stuart the owner a visit. He said that the pearlescent would require more painting of the bumper than usual to get a good match and blend in and quoted a price of £192 inclusive. The car went in on Monday at 8am and I collected it at 4.30pm. I am over the moon with the result. Even shining a bright light on the paint to get the flakes to pop doesn't reveal the signs of any repairs. You would never know that the paint isn't factory finish. I would definitely recommend him for minor paint correction.