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  1. Try talking to Lexus Customer Services. Often they will make a goodwill gesture outside of any Warranty. My Last 4 year old RX450h had wheel corrosion not covered by extended warranty and Lexus Customer Relations paid for them to be refurbished.
  2. If you are talking about a gen 4 RX450h my Premier has the adjustable suspension where it stiffens in sport plus mode or can be specified in the customize menu. It is very good on undulating surfaces as it makes the car less wallowy.
  3. They don't do the Cross-Climates in the size to fit gen 4 RX450h 😭😭😭😭
  4. I allegedly retired at the Old age of 49 years and 10 months since when I have done all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs, a while in an opticians working for my daughter, mystery shopping (everything from banks to motorway services). Counting adverts on supermarket trolleys, photographing advertising hoardings to quality control placement. For the last 13 years I have worked part-time for a private company doing house conveyancing searches at councils. It is surprising what opportunities are out in the world for us oldies
  5. The Big road tax change on any car with a total list price (so that include extras when new) of £40000 or over is 1st April 2017. My car was registered in January 2017 so I pay £115 a year. If the car was a few weeks newer I believe it would be around £500..
  6. I have the Lexus liner that came with the car which is good. On my last RX450h and previous GS I bought cheap fitted ones which were brilliant from the internet. I think I posted details on here at the time. The best part of them was there was a non slip area in the middle which effectively stopped cargo from moving.
  7. Cross Climates given the choice. Sadly they're not available for my current car so will have to put up with whatever is available when they need changing.
  8. Michelin have a similar offer at present. There offer is really good because they put the cash in your bank👍 I just had a set of Cross Climates fitted on my wife's Fiat 500. Transformed the ride from the factory fit Goodyear noticeably.
  9. My 2015 gen 3 car definitely didn't have it and it couldn't be configured by me or the dealer. It was as the result of a court case in the USA that they deleted the feature on later gen 3 cars. My gen 4 car has the feature as did my 2014 IS300h and 2015 GS luxury. Probably they were a later design and had better emergency release.
  10. I don't understand why you would want to convert one of these complex cars to LPG. Mine is averaging nearly 37mpg at the moment which is about 4mpg less than my wife's Fiat 500. I just wouldn't want to be in an accident with all that high voltage electricity LPG and petrol together. ⚡⚡⚡
  11. Just blown £929 into my wife's 2015 fiat 500 with 17000 miles. MOT, major service with cambelt change (required after 4years). Oh there was an advisory on front tyres so I decided to fit Michelin Cross Climates all round which accounted for £360. My last 2015 RX450h cost £695 for the big 60000 service. Funny how all cars these days seem to cost similar amounts to maintain
  12. If you want a nice spec model then consider the limited edition advance. The only issue on later ones is corrosion on diamond cut wheels. Lexus paid for mine to be refurbished as a goodwill gesture and I managed to get my dealers refurb company to powder coat them in a chrome look grey much like f sport wheels.
  13. Spark plugs will be due every 60,000 miles so yes is the answer. If you can find a good 450h Within budget I would go for it as will be that much more up to date technically. Having said that the condition of the car would be my first consideration. Always remember that expensive cars were expensive to repair when new and that doesn't tend to diminish with age
  14. Everything was replaced apart from the actual water pump itself including the ancillaries belt. Interestingly the cost of the work including MOT was not far short of the 60,000 mile service on my last RX450h, which just goes to show how all manufacturers fund the small profit margins on new car sales with the cost of parts (and I did get a discount on both parts and labour).
  15. Servicing is a strange beast. We have a 65 plate Fiat 500.we bought it 2 years old with 3000 miles freshly serviced. For first 2 years we had it the supplying garage did a basic service as it covered less than 5000 miles a year.. On Friday at 17000 miles we decided it needed a big service as at 4 years old it required a cambelt. The garage we use is a small Fiat dealer which is family run. They clearly previously marked the service book as annual services. They quoted for a water pump (which I was Happy to pay for). When I collected the car they said the pump was perfect so hadn't changed it. Lexus Approved cars need to be checked thoroughly for service history and I must admit any future purchases will involve buying a car that has a full history available from the supplying dealer.