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  1. Well I knew this morning that winter was on the way. The classic welcome to cold weather Lexus style was the TPMS light on.
  2. I was talking to an acquaintance last week who is a nuclear engineer for Eon. He was telling me that he wouldn't buy electric cars despite being able to get free electricity for car was part of a package from his employer. He said every time he's wanted to use a pool car they're always being charged so unavailable at midday. He was working at Hinckley Point for a few months and had a company BMW one series to use...
  3. Hi Barry. Who did you deal with in Cheltenham Service. I have always found them very fair to deal with and on more than one occasion when the technician has recommended work the service advisor has recommended waiting. On my last car the technician recommended front brakes but the advisor said to pop in after a further 5000 miles to check them. Sorry to hear you had such a nasty shock.
  4. The answer would be no from what I understand. My understanding is that you probably wouldn't need to get the whole lot of cells replaced in one go just the failed ones.
  5. I run Windows 10 on 2 laptops and a desktop. My thinkpad yoga x1 is about 4years old and very fast with i7 chip and 16mb ram. My desktop is a dell refurbished unit with xeon quad core E3 processor 32 gb ram an nvidia graphics card. Fantastically fast boot up and very fast overall. I use it for heavyweight photo processing in Adobe Lightroom where it breezes the processing I have got a 200mb fibre cable broadband from Virgin which clearly helps
  6. I had Primacy 4's on my 2015 GS300h and cross climates on my last RX450h. Primacy 4's were fantastic even in snow on the GS. I would personally stick with cross climates as they are fantastic. I recently put them on my wife's Fiat 500 and they have transformed that. I am so peed off they don't do them in the size for my current RX....
  7. Probably neither as I would rather have a premier 2 years older, save shed loads of cash on purchase price and VEL. I am rather biased though 😂😂
  8. You won't regret the change. I started with the IS300h and when I switched to the GS300h the difference in build quality was amazing. The economy on the GS is almost as good as IS with a lot more refinement. Enjoy 👍
  9. Don't forget if a gold member they will give you 15% discount off the service
  10. Hurrah. Rang Cheltenham Lexus and spoke to Mike Harris in service. Took the car in and he fixed it straight away FOC. Fantastic service, am well impressed. Apparently this is not an uncommon occurance. Access is gained by unclipping the end of the dash.
  11. Jumped in the car this morning and cracked my knee against the far end of the dashboard -the corner beyond coin holder. After a brief moment of pain thought nothing of it. Suddenly I realised that there was a new hole in the dashboard where the Heated steering wheel and front camera switch panel should be. They are now residing inside the dashboard with no way of retrieving them and seemingly no way of accessing the panel from underneath or behind. Can only think that they weren't properly fixed in the first place and the jolt from my knee on the end of the dashboard allowed them to fall in..... Call to Cheltenham Lexus in the morning required. Hopefully covered by warranty
  12. I guess so my gen 4 Premier has adjustable non air suspension which firms up the ride in sport or custom mode.
  13. My 1990 Mercedes 190e only had one rear foglamp but the wiring and bulb holder was present on the nearside so I just had to fit a bulb. My 1997 Audi A4 Quattro Avant had the wiring and bulb holder but I had to cut some plastic to install the bulb. That was a £38000 car back then so things haven't changed
  14. Is it under an extended warranty? If not I would just do the essential service.