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  1. I once bought an E34 5 series bmw 520 for £1209.Smoked it around for 18 months and in the throes of buying a heavily discounted new Ford Fiesta my wife asked the dealer if he would take it as a trade in. I got £1500 pounds for it!
  2. Well I have now covered 1000 miles and my average Mpg is 35.7checked tank to tank. After refuelling Saturday I covered 102 miles around the Cotswolds and according to the car computer averaged 40.7 Mpg. Can't be bad 🙂
  3. In the 16 days I've owned my car I've averaged over 35mpg in 907 miles according to my phone app. This is measured tankful to tankful. This is my 3rd lexus since October 2016 so I'm used to driving hybrid. My 2015 gs300h averaged over 44mpg over 27000 miles. Driving a hybrid is totally different to a conventional car. Watch the Lexus YouTube video that will help.
  4. olliesgrandad

    My Lexus Portal

    Have got the app this week and all of car's history is there.
  5. olliesgrandad

    GardX Paint and Leather Protection Controversy

    Apparently the guarantee is not transferable in any event as I bought the car from a dealer (albeit the one that has supplied and serviced the car from new). The guarantee contains the details of the original purchaser so they say they can't disclose details of the treatments performed..........GDPR is being used everywhere as an excuse for poor performance it seems
  6. olliesgrandad

    Clean your steering wheel....!!

    I regularly use 'Chemical Guys' leather cleaner on mine. Very gentle and not sticky.
  7. Well my 'new to me' 2015 RX450h had a GardX label affixed to the windscreen. I wondered what treatment had been applied so rang them. The new Data Protection rubbish prevented them from telling me as the guarantee paperwork is in someone else's name . Then ensued a conversation where I pointed out that because of this I was prevented from buying any maintenance product from them. After the call I had a 'lightbulb' moment. Yesterday I put my car on the 'My Lexus' phone app. Yesterday there was no service history. Today there is- well it shows that GardX was applied to the exterior and the leather when the car was new. Now the exterior I don't give a hoot about as it will be getting a coat of 'Chemical Guys' Blacklight 'polish. The leather is another matter. Do I get the GardX Leather cream to protect it (bearing in mind it was treated with it 3 years ago) or do I use Autoglym leather cream? The cream leather looks great at the moment and When I cleaned a corner with chemical guys leather cleaner no dirt came off.
  8. Decided at a very early stage that cream over carpets weren't the best idea. After toying with the idea of putting a set of black ones in I stumbled on a set of cream rubber fitted overmats in the Lexus Ebay Shop. for some reason ebay gave me a £10 discount code so bought them for £94 including delivery to my local Argos. Very pleased. They look great and of course fit perfectly and safely .
  9. I see my old GS is advertised today for £20,902.
  10. Well I've now had my 2015 RX450h Advance for a week and around 500 miles. How does it compare to the 2015 GS300h Luxury I traded in? Firstly Negatives; 1. Auto locking function is not available. 2. ML DAB radio is nowhere near as sophisticated and doesn't show details of track being played. Difficult to tune in, Media files awkward to find and no album covers displayed. 4. Auto wiper function not as easy to engage. 5. No blindspot indicator or rear cross radar. 6. Only one USB port in centre console. 7. Rear camera slower to come on when reverse gear engaged 8. No EV light when car running electric unless EV mode used. 9. EV mode very difficult to sustain compared to GS Neutral: No paddleshift on steering wheel. Main beam headlamps when flashed are not Xenon Positives; 1. Sat nav seems easier to program 2. conventional bulbs in interior lights ( GS always seemed gloomy with led's). 3. Creamy responsive V6 4. Excellent LED headlamps 5. Quiet luxurious cosseting ride. 6. Gorgeous deep soft cream leather seats. 7. Reclining rear seats 7. The way things like the coat hooks and grab handles are so beautifully damped. 8. Excellent bluetooth telephone connectivity. 9. TPMS system indicates actual individual tyre pressures 10. The indicator stalk is positive and not the annoying electronic sort. 11. The cruise control regulates the vehicle speed when going downhill The big plus is that my wife thinks this is the best car I have owned since an Alfa Romeo Mito in 2013. Cars since have been 2013 Mini Clubman with John Cooper Works bodykit, Mini Cooper diesel (2014) 2013 Mercedes 220 Amg Sport, "2012 Mercedes E250 diesel AMG Cabriolet, 2014 Lexus IS300h F Sport ( Ex Sir Geoff Hurst), 2015 Lexus GS300h Luxury ML. At the moment definately 'Living the dream'
  11. olliesgrandad

    IS got side swiped!

    Apologies to start. I haven't read entire thread. Firstly you may have legal cover in your household insurance. Secondly Choose your own repairer and negotiate a free courtesy car. You need a good bodyshop to blend that white pearlescent paint. That doesn't always mean a Lexus approved bodyshop. Seek advice from a trusted source. My wife had a claim a few months ago and we went to a local guy who did a great job and insisted on replacing the front panel on a fiat 500 which only had tiny crazing in the paint. The reason is plastic panels once flexed can have paint issues a few years down the line. He specialises in classic cars and had a new porsche in for bodywork when our car was there The excess shouldn't be too hard to claim back as your vehicle was parked. Worse case scenario issue a small claim in County Court online. Very easy to do, but suspect third parties insurance will just pay it.
  12. olliesgrandad

    Filthy exhaust tips

    Autosol is my preferred option after 'tardis' to remove any tar and other gunk.
  13. Well I've found the fusebox. The shroud carrying the passenger footwell is easily removed by pushing 3 catches back an releasing. Unfortunately at 64 years of age i am not equipped to be a powder monkey with microscopic paws so have decided that as the car is under warranty the issue can be sorted when the tailgate paintwork is sorted.
  14. I'll take a look later. Many thanks
  15. My handbook show it located on the drivers side in the vicinity of the bonnet release. . Can't see how to get at it though on the car.