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  1. Love the colour. I used to have a 2014 f sport. Very good mpg and I'm sure you will enjoy the Premier trim.
  2. The main difference I think is that standard suspension mode in the adjustable models is same as standard car, but it can then be made firmer either in normal or eco mode (customize) or Sport + mode
  3. You need to learn to drive a hybrid (see the Lexus YouTube video) . I have averaged nearly 37 mpg over £10,000 miles with my 2017 Premier. That is genuine mpg from an app on my phone checked tankful to tankful.
  4. I've not driven a Lexus with air suspension but I do enjoy wafting along in the RX. I used to own a Mercedes 300ce which in 1990 cost £42000 which today means it equates to around £100000 car and was beautifully built . That was a wonderful long distance cruiser and the Lexus is on a par for ride comfort.
  5. Former Merc E250 convertible owner (c220 before). Now driving my 4th Lexus since 2016. Until lockdown 500+ miles a week. Lexus RX450h rides wonderfully with the adaptive suspension. Much better build quality than the Germans
  6. I've just had a similar issue sorting out warranty because of an error when I purchased my current car plus a private plate confusion. The 5 ladies in the team at the warranty company are extremely friendly and helpful.
  7. Can't quite work out how your breakdown cover finishes on boxing day but extended warranty doesn't start until June 🤔
  8. I have a paint detective which works on alloy and steel.
  9. I had a gen 3 Advance before buying my Jan 2017 Premier. I wouldn't want the car without the 360 degree cameras as it makes parking so easy and the HUD is fantastic. Economy is very good with all the power you need. Averaged nearly 37mpg over 10000 miles.
  10. Yes, but check first the terms the dealer of your choice lists here. Some don't give any discount, others vary. I was surprised that I got 15% off my Mot at Cheltenham.
  11. Buy yourself a copy of 'Roadcraft' a very good ready on advanced driving techniques. I was very fortunate in my career to have been the recipient of numerous driving courses starting with a 6 week long 'standard' course at the now defunct No6 Regional Police Driving School in Wiltshire. Once you have learnt to system drive it remains with you throughout your life. Advanced observation and road positioning is the key although double declutching is no longer required 😂😂
  12. I use Cheltenham and like you have gone from 500 miles a week to virtually zero. They always do a good job and give me a 15% gold member discount which for the big Service is not to be sniffed at.
  13. Cheltenham is good and if you are a gold member will get 15% off.
  14. Last white car was a pearlescent white 2015 GS300h. No harder to match the paint than any other modern metallic / pearlescent finish. I would have another white car no problem. Very rare in the RX450h though which is how I'm in a boring grey one 😂
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