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  1. 1. There is a micro sd card with the mapping on. I bought an updated card from a guy in Dublin on ebay for my IS300h. Later I fitted it in my GS300h which was a 2015 car with premium nav and ML. Did Google street view on the address which was a Russian Supermarket. Card worked perfectly and cost about £70. The same guy (sergvia) has latest card for £77 pounds. There are cheaper ones on ebay but I know that the one he supplied was the latest version because I checked the part number he gave on Lexus website. Easy install.
  2. I had a 2014 is300h and covered in excess of 20,00 trouble free miles in 9 months. Since i have done 30,000 miles in a 2015 GS300h and now run a 2015 RX450h which has covered 44,00 miles.without any issues. My dealer tells me they have cars on original batteries which have covered 250,000 miles.
  3. To confuse things my 2015 pre face-lift GS300h luxury had rear cross traffic radar and ventilated seats. My car had ML. I understand that the face-lift GS lost the rear cross traffic radar. On this basis you'll need to carefully check the spec of individual cars you look at.
  4. I strongly suggest that you have a good long test drive in any NX as the ride and seat comfort can vary quite considerably. I also had a long conversation with a guy in the service department who said they have lots of complaints from NX owners who get really poor fuel consumption. Apparently only getting around 32mpg which is the same or less than my RX.
  5. That is so sad, but I know exactly where you're at. I wanted an NX but the ride and seats after only 10 miles made me choose the RX.
  6. My neighbour had some cretin steal the catalytic converter of his 2002 Honda Civic a few months ago whist parked on his drive
  7. Here are some hopefully better pictures of my refurbished wheels taken today. As rayaans pointed out the strip at the front of the car matches nicely.
  8. Travelling to find the right car can pay dividends. In 2014 I bought a 1500 miles mini clubman with full John Cooper works body kit for £14000,. The previous week the car had been advertised for £20000 at another branch. I put 20000 miles on it a d traded it for £650 more.
  9. My recollection with the 450 is that the 60000 miles service is the biggest as spark plugs are changed necessitating part of the exhaust dropping.
  10. My recollection with the 450 is that the 60000 miles service is the biggest as spark plugs are changed necessitating part of the exhaust dropping.
  11. My snow button is faulty. No matter how many times I press it the snow never falls. Typical because I spent a fortune on cross Climates 😇
  12. Love my RX450h, best of everything. Very comfortable with loads of power and good economy. Haven't driven a 400h, but am sure you will enjoy whichever you choose. I would try and buy a car with Lexus warranty on it as it is comprehensive and the dealer can get anything authorised pronto. I commented last week when my car was mot'd that the reverse camera was slow. New media unit ordered which would have cost nearly 2 grand without warranty. Good luck in finding the right car.
  13. I have driven a few CT200s. The last one I drove from New and covered around 1000 miles in 2 weeks. That car was registered in July 2018 and rode better than a2016 model l had driven previously. Very economical and quite lively. Personally would prefer a low spec IS300h. Had onwon loan a couple of weeks ago and was getting low 50s mpg.