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  1. Drive both and decide which is the most comfortable. I wanted an NX300h but the seats killed my back. That is why I went for the RX450h which is a fabulous drive.
  2. Just lets light in There is plenty of headroom when it's closed. Car is much quieter in the closed position I think I've opened mine about a dozen times, mainly to amuse my little granddaughter 👸
  3. You were lucky then, in 2015 I had horrendous problems with a brand new mini and their recovery service Allianz. Recovered it incorrectly and damaged the body. BMW customer service was awful and not interested.
  4. Very surprised that the car doesn't warm up quickly. I drive off straight away from starting and car is warm within a quarter of a mile. My car is overnight in car port but I have to move it onto drive first thing to get the bosses fiat 500 out of the garage... ❄️❄️
  5. The bad back issue was why I bought an older RX rather than an NX.
  6. 1. I have owned a 2014 IS300h and a 2015 pre face-lift GS300h luxury. Great car to live with and feels just as quick as the is. 2. Probably not worth the extra cost. My GS300h was more economical than the is. 3. In my opinion the GS build quality is a step up from the is and on a par with the RX450 I now own 4. Definitely more room for the driver in the GS as I am just shy of 6 feet tall. Plenty of seat adjustment to get comfortable. The car I owned was better kitted out than my current RX. Be aware that the spec on a facelift GS300h luxury is not quite as good as on the pre face-lift model (blind spot detection and rear cross traffic radar deleted on the later cars). 2015 cars definitely had auto dimming rear mirror but mine never worked as the car had rear privacy glass. The only issue I had with my car was the common Toyota issue of water pump gasket weeping which was sorted under warranty.
  7. Cheltenham service guys are always very fair which is why people return there
  8. Don't forget to post the pictures 📸
  9. Make sure that you have a long test drive in the car you are considering. Seat comfort varies considerably between models. My 2014 f sport was quite firm. I am sure you will enjoy the IS. Great fuel consumption and performance.
  10. Please view the Lexus Guide to driving a hybrid on YouTube. My Dealers service department acknowledge that NX fuel consumption is generally lower than expected and many customers comment on this . Certainly I have spoken to NX owners who tell me that they are getting fuel consumption figures barely better than my RX. Check consumption tankful to tankful The app on my phone shows my average over the last 26000 miles is 33.6 mpg. In mixed driving.
  11. Check the car thoroughly to make sure that the bodywork is all good, likewise interior and wheels. Also that service book is present and correct. Some Lexus dealers are to put it kindly a little remiss in this respect.
  12. Don't be influenced by the motoring press and their German based biase. They don't have to live with a car every day. I came from a 2012 e class 250cdi convertible and the Lexus experience is streets ahead of modern Mercedes. This is my third Lexus with Ecvt gearbox and I drive between 20 and 30000 miles a year. The big plus of the Lexus gearbox is that power is seamless and apart from a growl under hard acceleration very smooth and quiet. I drove 162 miles today mixed motorway and cross country across Shropshire in appalling weather and got out of the car just like I'd been to the local shops
  13. I average above 30mpg. Over the last 27000 miles according to my phone app I have averaged 33.6 mpg. Car will run for about 2 miles electric only but only at around 27mph or slower. Luxury trim is fine. My car is Advance spec so has LED headlights and because mine is a late version has ML stereo as standard. Check bodywork and underneath carefully. A full Lexus history is in my opinion a 'must' as is a Lexus warranty These are expensive cars new and you don't want a car that has been messed with. Being a gold member here will help as my dealer gives me 15% discount on most things. Remember the big 60,000 mile service is in excess of £700 due to the labour involved in the plug change. I saved £111 on this service thanks to my gold membership. With your budget I would hunt for a lower mileage older car from a franchise dealer with a Lexus warranty and push to get a longer warranty in the deal. Good hunting - you will love it
  14. Don't forget the Lexus warranty is about the best used car warranty out there so is something that you should consider when choosing. My reverse camera was (and to be truthful still is) slower in engaging than my previous 2 Lexus. The dealer replaced the hard drive unit and the part alone was £1800....
  15. My car had 26,000 miles in June 2018. Now coming up to 60000.