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  1. They only have 5 loan cars apparently and in fairness it is a 218 mile round trip to them from my home. It was never forseen that they would have my car more than 4 days tops. Still their ct is nicely run in now as I have done 1200 miles in it so far and there will be at least another 250 on it by Thursday. It had 135 miles when it arrived.
  2. Well my car has been with the dealer now for 2 weeks for some bodywork rectification which they failed to do when the car was prepared for sale. It was due back a week ago but at the 11th hour I had a call to say that the work was substandard and the car needed to visit the Lexus bodyshop to be properly fixed( I Had already pointed out that my local very good smart repair guy had said it needed a bodyshop repair) I see from the 'My Lexus' app the car was at a different branch of the dealer on Friday. I have been told it will be returned late Thursday. Some of you may have seen the expensive fiasco I've had with the new loan car. As you can imagine I'm pretty fed up with driving a ct200h for 2 weeks plus when I previously owned GS300h and now the 450h.(have travelled over 1200 miles in the ct) I have suggested that as a goodwill gesture they might care to put an extended warranty on my car as its been back with them for almost as long as l had it. We shall see what happens.
  3. Or a dab of clear silicone....
  4. olliesgrandad

    Help! Yellow guidelines disappeared in camera

    The icon in the screen is only there when in reverse. It allows you toselect the yellow guidelines, the golf marker flags or the 'criss cross' yellow lines in addition to the yellow and blue guidelines.
  5. olliesgrandad

    Loan CT200h while RX450h in Dealership

    Pretty fed up at present. My car was due back with me at around 3pm so I arranged to work at home today. At 2.30 i had a call from the Sales manager at the garage to say that he wasn't happy with the quality of work done on my car and that he wanted it to go into their Lexus approved bodyshop rather than on site bodyshop to ensure the job wasn't going to be rejected. I then learn that they probably want it for another full week. He said that they had tried to buff out some of the scratches in the paintwork but they were still visible. I explained to him that My local 'smart repair' guy had told me that it needed a proper bodyshop repair and that I had explained that before the car went back to them. The Garage guy told me that one area of concern was the patch of corrosion on the tailgate and I again explained that I had been told it would need a bodyshop to blend it in properly. I am supposed to be getting a call tomorrow to give me a timeline for the work. Ah well -Back to the CT200h then 🙂
  6. olliesgrandad

    Loan CT200h while RX450h in Dealership

    Well hopefully my RX450h is coming home tomorrow after a full weeks absence. Looking forward to it. The CT200h has been better than expected during a total of 624 miles covered in that period. I have refuelled fully 3 times and the average mpg has been 54.1. Yesterday saw a round trip of 240 miles to London so fuel consumption is not at all bad. I have got used to the hard ride and the seats are comfortable - more comfortable than my IS300h F sport , but not as good as my 2015 GS Luxury or my RX450h. I have somewhat changed my mind on the performance. It is adequate in normal driving, but for overtaking rather sluggish. Why aren't the folding door mirrors automatically folding when locking the car? The speed limit function from the camera is also random -often picking up the signs from side roads and missing the ones on the road you are driving along. This was especially noticeable in London (where you want it to be correct). Today on the motorway it showed me that the speed limit was 120mph...... Active cruise and lane assist are far superior to the offerings I had on a late 2014 mini cooper, but sometimes restting the cruise speed at the higher end would want to restrict me to 35mph (switch off and on cleared this). All in all fine for a week, but wouldn't rush to buy one at this time.
  7. Good choice. Like you tried the NX. Found the ride so harsh and uncomfortable and within 10 miles my back ached. Also lacked the performance of my GS. The RX is so much more comfortable (although I have a late series 3). Enjoy 🙂
  8. olliesgrandad

    Loan CT200h while RX450h in Dealership

    Just refuelled and tankful to tankful over 300 miles was 53mpg. The computer said 57 so rather optimistic. Compared to 46mpg from my previous 2015 GS 3 weeks ago not an impressive figure.
  9. Well the windscreen on my loan CT300h was replaced today at Autovision in Gloucester. Chatting to Rich who runs the business I queried about the camera/auto lights/ wipers needing recalibration as I know autoglass make a deal about this. He says that everything is swapped over without touching any wiring and the screens are supplied with the camera mountings installed so no re-calibration is needed and everything should work perfectly.
  10. olliesgrandad

    A word of Caution regarding Loan Cars

    It wasn't my local dealer that supplied my RX. The local dealer supplied the parts for fitting the screen (delivered to the screen fitter this morning). Good news is that my dealer said if I can return the unused screen trim parts next week they will refund me the £147 I paid for them.
  11. olliesgrandad

    A word of Caution regarding Loan Cars

    Windscreen now fitted this morning. the guy that my local dealer booked it with does not normally do work for them. left the car for 2 hours and a very professional job. He only used the screen and none of the extra fixings so I am hoping i can get a refund on them as they total including VAT over £147.
  12. olliesgrandad

    My Lexus

    nice looking car. Please tell us more
  13. olliesgrandad

    A word of Caution regarding Loan Cars

    I understand the curiousity. I think at the moment I just want a properly functioning vehicle as quickly and efficiently as possible - I know that Mike at Lexus in Cheltenham struggled to find someone who could do the job quickly -I suspect this intense heat is giving the auto glass trade plenty of work. Certainly the crack in the screen is now about 18 inches long and quite distracting in the sunlight. I am looking forward to my vehicle returning on Tuesday.
  14. olliesgrandad

    A word of Caution regarding Loan Cars

    The issue there in fairness is that this is a car that was first registered on Monday this week and one would expect it to have Lexus glass- especially as people on this forum reckon all the fancy light sensors and collision avoidance systems never seem to work right with replacement non -lexus screens. I have spoken to the guy who is going to fit the screen and he says if he doesn't use any of the surrounds etc i might be able to get a refund on them.
  15. On Tuesday my RX450h was picked up by the supplying dealership for it to undergo some cosmetic paintwork which wasn't done during PDI. They left me a brand new CT200h with 135 miles on the odometer registered on Monday.. I signed the paperwork in a bit of a rush as I was out working when the car was delivered. I didn't need the car on Tuesday but Tuesday evening when checking the paperwork I realised that it was possible to buy CDW to reduce the £1000 insurance excess. As I was getting up early Wednesday morning I emailed the Salesman and the Business manager requesting the extra cover at 6.30am. Murphys law then took hold. Lunchtime i was on a newly resurfaced road 70 miles from home when traffic coming the other way flicked a small chipping onto the windscreen. Bang -the screen chipped but worse it then cracked for a good 12 inches across the middle of the screen. I called the garage to be informed that they hadn't done anything about the CDW as it could only be added when I took possession of the car not after. The upshot is that the excess for glass unlike a normal policy is the full amount of £1000. It was suggested it would be better to get a screen fitted locally (the dealer is over a 100 miles from me) as it would mean I had a car for the next week and would cost less. Well My local dealer got me a screen and its booked for fitting tomorrow. The screen is £300.08p including vat , but the extra clips and fittings needed to install make the total £447.86p The fitting charge is a further £108 making a grand total of £555.86p......................... Now worried in case anything else happened to the loan car i spoke to my own insurers. They have put the car on my policy for £16.80p for a week and there is no windscreen excess and my own £250 excess will apply in the event of a claim.