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  1. The problem with repairing these plastic bumpers is that once they have flexed there are hidden stress areas in the bumper. It can be repaired and look great, but at a later date the paint can lose adhesion. I know this because my wife bumped the front of her pearlescent white Fiat 500 and the repair shop we chose pressurised our insurers into replacing the bumper for that reason. Why would you not want your car put back into 'as new condition'. I have experienced poor accident repairs from my insurers where the safety of the work was questionable so am totally with the OP
  2. Why not become a gold member and consider getting it serviced on the Lexus essential service scheme. You have Listers Lexus in Coventry. Listers Cheltenham give me 15% discount on virtually everything . You'll have some peace of mind then.
  3. Car went to Listers Cheltenham yesterday and I had a new UX fsport loan car. Everything completed and a reversing light bulb replaced for £1.59. They rang to say the wiper blades were smearing and should they replace them for £23 odd. I remembered they put new ones on at the end of March so declined on the basis that it was probably something on the windscreen causing the issue as the blades weren't damaged. I was therefore very happy when I picked up the car to find that they had replaced the blades FOC. Always great service at Cheltenham and with forum discount cost was all in £634 instead of £745.
  4. My local tyre dealer Chris Mullins in Gloucester told me about them and I waited a few weeks before he ordered the tyres. I've done this twice. I'm not sure if all Michelin stockists do the offers. Try googling Michelin tyre cashback offer. Think it last ran in April this year so may hopefully be on in the next few weeks. I think I got my last tyres in October.
  5. Chipsaway is probably the best option and probably cost around £200
  6. No you tell the garage in writing that you are holding them responsible for the damage and give them the opportunity to repair it (via their insurers if necessary).Make sure that you find out who owns the garage and if it is a sole trader or Limited Company. If they decline to get the car repaired then politely tell them that you will get a quote for repair and issue a summons in the small claims court to cover the cost of the repairs . I think your insurance company won't want to know unless you have legal cover as the car was in the care and control of a third party not covered under your policy.
  7. This is a matter for the garages insurance not yours. The car was under their care and control. They are Bailees in civil law. You gave care and control of your vehicle to them and they have caused it to be damaged. If the vehicle has been involved in a non stop accident on a road it is up to them to report it to the police in accordance with the Road Traffic Act.
  8. Might be worth seeing if they will do a deal as part of the purchase for an extended warranty period?
  9. That's one of the great advantages of the Hybrid, no risk of 'winding up' the transmission. I know of someone with a Porsche Macan which has had 3 transfer cases under warranty and will need replacing again shortly .
  10. Don’t bother with the interior protection. Use a decent leather cleaner (Chemical Guys or Gliptone) and then a leather cream. My car with cream leather interior had a leather protector when it was new. After I bought it I found the product on Ebay(detailers sell surplus product there) and after cleaning gave it another coat. Enjoy 😊
  11. Doesn't look right, can't believe the bracket should be on the top of the bumper.
  12. The health check I believe can be done without servicing. The warranty issue is the conundrum. Would £2700 cover the cost of all repairs that might be required. I mentioned to the dealer on service that I thought the rear camera was slower in engaging than my previous 2 Lexus. They decided that they would replace the hard drive. The part alone was £1800 and with fitting would have been closer to the £2000 mark. To me extending the warranty was worth the approx £83 a month for 11 months it will cost. I have Gold membership so my Dealer gives me 15% discount on practically everything. To me it works, but to others it might not.
  13. Keep an eye out for offers from Michelin which crop up around this time of year. Got £100 back on preloaded debit card this time last year on a set of 4.Would have been £50 for a pair
  14. Do it. Don't forget it includes full AA cover for you and a partner plus 2 mots which covers anything required. If you become a Gold Member here you will get discount on all servicing.
  15. If your system is on a micro sd card then ebay might be your friend. I have previously bought an updated card from a guy in Ireland for around £75 for my IS300h.