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  1. olliesgrandad

    Alloy Wheel Corrosion

    Good News! Just had a phone call from the Supplying Dealer to say that Lexus are going to replace all four wheels as the car is so new. They will be in touch again once the logistics are sorted.
  2. Unfortunately the motoring press love to hammer the CVT gearbox. Personally I prefer it to a conventional auto.
  3. olliesgrandad


    Congratulations on your new car. Welcome to the forum.
  4. olliesgrandad

    Auto Express luke warm about the ES

    I was really responding to your comment about the support and discount from the Germany brands. To me reliability is number 1.
  5. olliesgrandad

    2013 GS 450H NO RADIO SIGNAL

    The handbooks will be availabe as a free. Pdf download from Lexus website.
  6. olliesgrandad

    Auto Express luke warm about the ES

    I left German cars for 2 reasons. 1. 2014 mini bought new. So many problems in 6 months of Ownership (acc spotting invisible head on collisions and doing emergency braking on motorway at 70.Self parking opting out part way through a manoeuvre .Steering failure at 12000 miles and no parts in the UK. Car damaged by recovery and it took a month to resolve. BMW couldn't find fault with the acc as no code recorded so car remained a potential hazard. Sold for a Mercedes C220. 2. 2 cars later Mercedes E250 cabriolet decided to go into limp mode during an overtake at 3pm in the afternoon. No warning lights. Got it home and rang Mercedes Rescue . No warning lights = not urgent, can't attend. Contact your dealer. Called dealer and explained car in limp mode. Advised they couldn't see it for 10 days.... Took car for a short drive. Hurrah warning lights on. Called Mercedes Rescue at 3.45pm and promised technician would call within 20 minutes. After several further calls they rang at 8pm to say technician not available until tomorrow so would recover car to dealer and arrange loan car. Recovery arrived about 9.30. Then had call from europcar to say a car would be sent from Birmingham Airport a good hour plus trip. It is now gone 10 so I want to go to bed. Arranged for a car to be collected locally in morning so I can go to my work appointments. Following day dealer rings to say camshaft sensor has failed. A few minutes work to fix. Then the rub. It is the most popular engine they use, but there isn't a part in the UK. Worse still there isn't one in Europe..... Car off the road for over a week until they found one in Carlisle at a garage outside the dealer network and got it couriered down. That was when I bought my first Lexus
  7. olliesgrandad

    Brakes - Advise me please

    I know I'm going to need front pads and discs in the not too distant future. I think the service department at my dealer reckoned around £350, but that is on a hybrid RX. My mileage is currently around 40,000.
  8. olliesgrandad

    2013 GS 450H NO RADIO SIGNAL

    Not wishing to be a pessimist, but a non functioning radio could be a downer. I would have thought if it w something simple the seller would have sorted it. Is it the ML system? A trader I know sold a Mercedes with a Harmon Kardon system which failed after a couple of weeks and it cost him into the thousands at trade price to fix it.
  9. olliesgrandad

    Late christmas present

    Loving the colour.
  10. olliesgrandad

    New CT200h F sport 2012 owner

    Enjoy your new motor!!
  11. olliesgrandad

    Noise coming from glove box

    Think there was a post on here regarding repairs to the heater fan a few weeks ago.
  12. Agreed to a point. I knew my cars rear offside wheel had moved inward by a fraction. The repairer failed to check it on a jig before ordering parts as the assessor didn't spot this. Subsequently a further 21 parts had to be ordered and fitted. So this car certainly will need checking before repair.
  13. Depends how experienced a driver you are if things get pear shaped. At the end of the day you can't beat experience when things go wrong. As a retired police officer who went on many driving courses it is important to recognise the limitations of your driving skills. With a modern high power vehicle it is easy to drive beyond the limitations of your skill set especially with all the electronic aids. That is where you can run into problems when you exceed their capabilities and don't know how to regain control.
  14. olliesgrandad

    Alloy Wheel Corrosion

    I made contact with the supplying dealer Today and am told that after Lexus Warranty rejected they are now in discussion with Lexus Customer Relations. Hopefully will know more soon....
  15. The point I'm trying to make is that my car had a slight crease in the panel which looked like a paintless repair but the hidden damage required completely replacing all the suspension as everything was bent underneath from the impact. The other car (a mini) had full airbag deployment and lost its front offside wheel completely.