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  1. According to my mpg app which was reset when I changed phones in October I have averaged 33.15mpg over 19202 miles. Lowest mpg on a tank was 29.28(only one ever time below 30 and that was when I topped up after 126 miles in November so not a fair comparison) and highest 37.04.
  2. Was overtaken on the M5 northbound yesterday morning near Worcester South Junction when I was overtaken by a 2017 white Range Rover Evoque. No badges to indicate whether it was petrol or diesel, but it was leaving the biggest trail of blue oil smoke I've seen in a long time. I think it was probably in its 'death throes'.
  3. Definitely possible. Certainly my 2015 GS and now my 2015 RX450h read them to me. Can't remember whether my 2014 IS300h did though
  4. Unfortunately more modern cars including hybrid Lexus are now being hit with higher tax. Unless you switch to something pre 2017 you are likely to be hardly any better off. All cars from April 2017 with a new list price in excess of £40,000 get clobbered with around an extra penalty for the first 6 years of over £300 a year on top of the standard Rate 😭😭
  5. I had discs and pads on the front of my RX450h last month for I think £285 with forum gold discount. The discount from here saves me a fortune with the miles I do.
  6. Just a thought- will a car that has such an important safety item disabled pass an MOT?
  7. Presumably you will need to get the front painted so you would be better served with a new bumper which will no doubt be cheaper to get properly prepared for the painting. I must admit that I'm surprised you haven't dealt with this through your insurance on such a very new car with so much work involved.
  8. I would suggest that the insurer would minimise cover on the basis that you haven't declared a modification and that the safety equipment doesn't meet the specification of the vehicle you have insured.
  9. Pros of f sport : Looks Good and wheels are nice. LFA sliding dials More advanced trip computer than other Lexus Sports suspension F sport seats Against F Sport : Sports suspension F Sport seats are quite firm if you do a lot of miles. Finally to throw a spanner in the works try a GS300h. I think quality wise it is a step up and my 2015 pre face-lift car was better on fuel than my 2014 f sport IS300h. It certainly felt just as quick and had excellent heated and ventilated front seats. Mine was the luxury trim and had rear cross traffic radar and blind spot monitoring.
  10. I have previously owned a 2014 f sport. Make sure you have a long test drive to ensure that seats suit you. They are germanically firm. CVT gearbox is great in my opinion. You soon get used to it. Watch the Lexus YouTube video on driving a hybrid . Others here have mentioned corrosion on a front chassis leg. Please read the thread. I came from a 2012 Mercedes E250 cabriolet and a Normal Auto gearbox. I've never looked back. Don't forget the f sport runs different size wheels front and rear. If it is on Yokahomas there is a tyre model specific for Lexus. Find a car that suits you and enjoy 😊
  11. Lexus Cheltenham have a 14 plate luxury in Silver with 44000 miles advertised at £17990 if that's any good.
  12. Michelin Primacy 4. Try and get them when Michelin due their cashback offers. I got a£100 refund on a set of 4 and have since done the same on my RX450 with a set of Cross Climates.
  13. I'll second that. Chris has an extremely good reputation and I have used him now for a number of years.
  14. Surely with a car this age which is under warranty it would be sensible to make an insurance claim. I don't know what was hit to activate the system but suspect other hidden damage may have occurred . I hit a seagull in a Mercedes E250 cabriolet. In that case there was no damage at all but the bonnet popped. Fortunately on Mercedes it is mechanical not pyrotechnic and I was able to easily reset it on the roadside.
  15. I use an electric Michelin tyre pump with digital gauge and that seems to be pretty accurate although fairly expensive. Have had mine yonks and it is very reliable.