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  1. Just check it is not uneven wear on the tyres I had a similar worn wheel bearing noise on my 2015 RX450h and it was the way the Dunlop Tyres had worn on the rear. This is not uncommon so just ensure that this is not your problem before changing diffs
  2. Like you the RX I found to be a big lump of car in narrow spaces. Previously I tried an NX but found it uncomfortable. When Covid reduced my work mileage from 500 miles a week to zero I wanted to downsize so have jumped to another relative in the Toyota connected family namely a Subaru Xv. Having recently spent a week in Cornwall I can assure you I went places that would have left my RX stranded 😂
  3. I had the Dunlops on my 2015 RX. They tend to wear in a way that causes a noise like a worn wheel bearing. Fortunately Lexus Cheltenham knew of this and a change of tyre put things right. Sadly with your new ride you won't be able fit Michelin's as they don't make the size. I fitted a Yokahoma Geolander (can't remember the model) which I mentioned in a post on here. They were pretty good and a lot quieter than the factory Bridgestone Duelers. They are an all season tyre and are M&S rated although most tyre places list them as a summer tyre.
  4. I never liked the Duelers so when I found my Subaru had them they were gone as soon s my tyre supplier could get set from Michelin. This weekend makes me so glad I've got them👍
  5. Congratulations on your new motor. I think you will find the seats a lot more comfortable than the NX and I'm sure you won't find much difference in fuel consumption. I sometimes miss mine, but the loss of £500 a month business mileage was a big incentive to downsize. My Subaru is exactly the same shade of pearlescent white as Lexus and I think it is a great colour to keep clean (my GS300h was the same colour). Enjoy!!
  6. Well I've owned my Subaru now since June and covered 4000 miles. Firstly the downsides. Car has just had 2 urgent recall notices and is booked in for these and a winter check at nearest dealer in Swindon. Secondly I enquired on the cost of the next intermediate service. This is £400 which is dearer than Lexus. I enquired about cost of front discs and pads and was amazed that it is a £500 job. My 2015 RX was £330 I recall for front brakes. Good points. A week in Cornwall made me realise the Subaru is a better vehicle for steep and narrow lanes and offroad. A sat nav guided trip into Polperro would have been a disaster with the RX as even with mirrors folded in the XV would only just squeeze between the houses. Full Time Four wheel drive is superb and the eyesight safety system likewise. Headlights are superb. Seats are very comfortable. Fuel consumption averaging 31mpg but main road driving from Bodmin to Gloucester tank to tank achieved 37mpg. I will report on my dealership visit after my appointment early December. I find it interesting that Subaru and Toyota are so different and yet they are jointly linked in projects and finances.
  7. Good answer. When I had my RX450h I kept cracking my knee on that panel getting in and out of the car. Once it dropped inside the das5 and Lexus Cheltenham kindly refitted it. Via removing the end of the dash panel.
  8. AquaI fitted Yokohama Geolander G058 on my 2017 RX450h, they are very quiet and much better than the factory Bridgestones at roughly the same cost. They are M&S rated, They were launched last year and although most places list them as summer tyres they are all season.
  9. There are of course downsides. The car has a strange 'bandit locking, system which needs dealer intervention to turn off. The interior is more' robust ' than plush. There is no spare wheel(I know that some Lexus don't have them). However a jack and wheel brace are supplied. Service costs are around the same as Lexus. There are some very complex security features which include a hidden keypad which I have left well alone. The tailgate goes up much higher than the RX which means I don't hit my head anymore, but it is manual not electric so my wife has to stretch to pull it down. I think that at the end of the day there are a lot of similarities with the Toyota brand as Toyota is involved with Subaru. The UK is a really small market for Subaru as most XVs are sold in the US and Australia as Crosstrek.
  10. Well as a defector (at present) to Subaru I am pleasantly surprised as the car has all the attributes of an SUV without the height. Very comfortable with much better controls for the infotainment system than Lexus. As for venturing mildly off rod and narrow lane exploring it is wonderful. A trip to Exmoor last week took me down a lane that would have stopped my RX from even contemplating. Likewise I realised how good a proper 4x4 is when a Toyota followed me into a parking area and grounded its sills. On that day I achieved over 38mpg tankful to tankful. As for holiday luggage the roof rails are standard so just a matter of fitting whatever contraption you require on them. In the States a one bedroom roof tent is a popular addition. Just a shame that Subaru dealers are so scarce. Mind you I think they are probably close to Lexus for reliability especially as Toyota own 20% of Fuji Heavy Industries. Oh and my Subaru has a 5 year warranty (new ones apparently don't).
  11. Webuyanycar now offering £31350 for my old RX450h. Things seem to be generally going crazy. There is going to be a big bump when chips become available.
  12. Yesterday I drove past the huge car storage area at Avonmouth docks and it was virtually devoid of new cars where normally there are thousands. There were a couple of hundred panel vans but not a lot of cars
  13. Well, l am still getting offers from webuyanycar for my old RX450h. They originally started at £28500. The latest offer is £30,335...... Where will it end I wonder. Crazy that their software hasn't Identified the plate is on my Subaru.
  14. Well Just looked for the ad this morning and it appears the car has sold. Be interesting to know if anyone on here purchased it....
  15. Well my old RX450H (VA66BFP) didn't sel at the Subaru Garage I traded it into. I They couldn't sell it for just shy of £32,000 they were asking. The car is now for sale at Lexus Reading for a mind blowing £34,800. It has covered 36,800 miles. When I bought it in November 2019 with 24,000 miles on it I paid £33,950 for it. Has it really appreciated by £800 in that time ?????? - answeres on a postcard please Regards Les
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