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  1. Am having new relays fitted on Wednesday. Fingers crossed it solves the problem.
  2. Ala Larj

    Lexus Lincoln

    Got a phone call today saying my warranty claim has been accepted and am getting new relays fitted next week!
  3. Ala Larj

    Lexus Lincoln

    That depends on whether they phone me back about the relays!
  4. Ala Larj

    Lexus Lincoln

    All went well today. No mention of dodgy shocks and they're going to fix my wiper problem. Said they will call when the relays have arrived - hopefully!
  5. Ala Larj

    Lexus Lincoln

    Yes, moved up to rural Lincs for my retirement!
  6. Ala Larj

    Lexus Lincoln

    Hedge end did that for the rears but fortunately under warranty!
  7. Ala Larj

    Lexus Lincoln

    Hi all, Have got my car booked into Lexus Lincoln on Tuesday and wondered if any one out there has had experience of them. Used to use Lexus hedge end and found them really good. Am hoping for a similar experience!
  8. I use Dunlop sportmaxx and have no problems with road noise.
  9. Ala Larj

    Buying a Saab on Sunday...

    There's an episode of wheeler dealers where ed puts a strengthening strut in to solve the cracking bulkhead problem. Don't think it was expensive or difficult to do.
  10. Have just booked my GS in for a service at Lexus Lincoln and was told 2 hours. Have decided to wait as am not working and am planning on spending time looking around their new and used cars. May even take something for a test drive. I used to use Lexus hedge end and they always gave me a courtesy car for the day as I'd drop it in on the way to work and collect on way home. If I gave them enough notice (about 3 weeks) I was able to select which courtesy car I could have within reason. Never got an LS or LFA but have driven all the rest.
  11. Can't stand it when the car is filthy but love it when the other half is!
  12. I have a GS 300h premier and the seats stay hot all the time if not set to auto.
  13. Regarding the brakes I found a couple of hard braking from 70 to 30 on a motorway slip road did the trick. Just make sure there's no one behind you!
  14. Ala Larj

    Mesa Red

    Have had two Mesa red Lexus's and am a fan of the colour but it does need work to keep it pristine. But when it is it's gorgeous. Agree with first lexus though if you're not a regular washer and waxer.
  15. Ala Larj

    Cvt gear box

    I like my evct. It always seems to be in the right gear unlike some traditional automatics I have had.