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  1. I retired at 58, moved to the country with an acre of land and have never been so busy. My only regret is not doing it earlier! I guess you have to enjoy gardening but the pleasure it brings is immense. My guitars keep me busy during winter months!
  2. Lovely car but was disappointed with some of the interior trim quality. Was thinking of getting one to replace my GS but have decided not to. The es felt like an upgraded is whereas the GS feels like a downgraded Ls!
  3. It is under your nose! It should be on a sticker inside the drivers door panel at the back. Happy hunting!
  4. Am glad that us chauffeurs can disable the audio controls. A nightmare with kids in the back!
  5. Thanks. Took about 6 hours. Was covered in typical rural type filth before. Unfortunately at the moment can't really enjoy driving it but can enjoy looking at it at least!
  6. Also, despite the complexities of cars today they are generally more reliable. 30 odd years ago much of my weekends were spent adjusting tappets or points or topping up some fluid or other. Not to mention dealing with some kind of rust spot. I don't think there's any conspiracy against independent mechanics it's just that cars ( and many other products) are designed in such a way to improve efficiency of production rather than maintenance. The current capitalistic system depends upon us replacing rather than repairing.
  7. I've tried various tyres and found that they all depend on wear. Some have been quiet when new but are significantly louder as they wear whereas some don't change throughout their life. I've given up trying to find the golden egg and rely on the infotainment volume control to to rid any annoyance!
  8. I think perspective is required here!
  9. Have you thought about a GS? The quietest and most comfortable car I've owned.
  10. Thanks for all the comments. I think I might go for it. Peace of mind is a great thing!