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  1. Let's hope he doesn't buy an ES then.!
  2. I agree. As you say it flexes and pops back. It should not show a dent with something as small as an acorn falling from 30-50 metres! A hailstorm would destroy most modern cars!
  3. I'd more worried about the quality of the metalwork if an acorn can cause a dent. Hope you don't get hailstones where you live!
  4. And don't forget the speed limit sign is a maximum not a challenge!
  5. Should still be under warranty. Take it to a dealer.
  6. According to the configuration thing on the website it's still available.
  7. I wasn't too impressed with the ventilated seats on my old is much better on my gs. I think they were better if the ac was on cold.
  8. I love the red interior available in the f sport. It also has the adaptive suspension of the premier.
  9. Two large suitcases fit in fine. The high sill is the only issue.
  10. Which Michelin's? I currently have Dunlop sportmaxx which I've been happy with but if I can improve the ride even more I'd be interested.
  11. I have exactly the same but in Mesa red. Also bought mine from lexus hedge end. It's also a 2014 model but had 35000 miles on it when I bought it for a similar price maybe some negotiation room. Love mine. Highly recommended. Not sure what difference the facelift makes apart from the face! Premier spec is beautiful. Personally I'd go for higher spec rather than newer especially with a Lexus.
  12. I've noticed on the dab radio screen a time shift icon. When I click on it nothing happens. Was hoping it would turn my car into a tardis! Does anyone know what it's for?
  13. Sorry misunderstanding. I've had an IS before. I would on replace my GS with an LS. Small case confusion! My current GS is a mk 4 premier which feels special inside and is a joy to drive on motorways, windy roads and in traffic. Have driven mercedes, jaguars and volvos and none compare. Don't like bmws or audis so cannot think of a suitable replacement for my gs.