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  1. I don't understand why some people are so vociferous in their condemnation against the GS 300h or its probable successor, the ES. Subjectivity and objectivity keep being mentioned. Speed (or acceleration) also keeps being mentioned. None of this is actually relevant. Those that are happy with the GS or those that are happy to buy an ES should be happy to do that without criticism from those that have a different opinion. Those that aren't or wouldn't should just go and buy what they are happy with and stop thinking that they are right and those that disagree are wrong. That's what subjectivity is all about. If we all made objective decisions when buying a car we'd all be driving the same thing and that would probably be boring!
  2. Ala Larj

    Is Future uncertain

    I do like a good scientific debate. If nothing else this thread proves that parallel universes DO exist!
  3. Ala Larj

    Is Future uncertain

    Sorry, but I'm right about the Honda Jazz!
  4. Ala Larj

    Is Future uncertain

    Not true I'm afraid. Have you ever driven a Honda Jazz with a CVT gearbox? Not a sign of a squat to either end! The only squat I've experienced is similar to sitting on a toilet especially when trying to enter a roundabout quickly! 😉
  5. Ala Larj

    Vacuuming query

    Surely there'll be an RX sitting idle whilst you're busy?
  6. Ala Larj

    Vacuuming query

    Am actually going up to Doncaster on Tuesday for a few days so could pop in on my way home!
  7. Ala Larj

    Vacuuming query

    Are you free next weekend?
  8. Interesting. I've had Volvo's before and thought they were the best seats but the GS beats it hands down. Must admit though that with 18 way adjustment it took me about 6 months to get it perfect. Am glad it's got memory! I'm well happy with the gearing and also the turning headlights.
  9. I've a GS premier and can safely say it's the best car I've owned. I really look forward to driving it especially on long journeys. Always a pleasure to be in and always get out feeling relaxed.
  10. Ala Larj

    Is Future uncertain

    Cue an objective Linas response!
  11. You've obviously not heard my wife singing!
  12. From what I've seen so far I'd be happy with one to replace my GS in about five years time. My decision will be made subjectively!