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  1. Ala Larj

    Bye Bye IS

    Before moving up north hedge end was my local dealer. They're great for after sales too.
  2. Ala Larj

    Bye Bye IS

    Is that Lexus hedge end then? There's are kept indoors.
  3. How come they're allowed to advertise on this forum?
  4. I'm biased too. Replaced my Mesa red IS with a Mesa red GS!
  5. If you give a quick jab on the accelerator before pulling away you don't get the jerk.
  6. My 2014 GS premier has HUD. Couldn't live without it here in Lincolnshire with its plethora of speed cameras!
  7. This is an interesting point. I prefer the mouse thing on my GS to the touch screen on my old IS, even though I'm right handed. Maybe it's because I play guitar. I've always found it weird that all the complex twiddly bits are done with my left hand! Ask me to write something with my left hand or use a screwdriver and I'd be lost. Ask me to play the solo in stairway to heaven and I'd have no problems!
  8. Ala Larj

    New NX Proposed purchase.

    If you like it, buy it. Doesn't matter what others think!
  9. Ala Larj

    New owner

    I wouldn't share that with the police!
  10. I had a new windscreen fitted by National Windscreens. They got a genuine Lexus windscreen from the local Lexus dealer and it has Lexus etched into it. However, it doesn't have the registration number etched into it. Check if yours has your registration number or vin number etched into it. If not then it's been replaced sometime. So what normski2 says about an inexperienced fitted could be the issue.
  11. Ala Larj


    Perfectly normal. And useful if you have cats that like to shelter under the car!
  12. Ala Larj

    First of no doubt many plea’s for advice

    There's an icon at bottom of the screen where you can change the line views.
  13. But surely the cost of the battery check is not just the check but also 12 months warranty?
  14. First world problem!