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  1. Bit of an interior change

    Looks great. I think the wood looks better with tan/ivory interior but yours looks better with the grey.
  2. Am getting concerned about all this talk about attractive women and dirty fingers....... 😉
  3. Love my GS premier. The seats are amazing. Really like the fact you can set the memory to the key so the seats get into position when opening the door. Great with the size difference between me and the missus. The interior quality is so much better than the xf. It may not be as good as the Jag 'on the limit' but who really does that? It's most relaxing cruiser I've ever had and in sport+ not bad on windy b roads either!
  4. I've got a fair bit of tread on mine. They're Dunlops. Could be a harder compound.
  5. Beautiful sunny day yesterday and as expected Lexus couldn't find a fault. They checked the motor, looked for leaks, cleaned some things and adjusted the wipers. I'm now hoping for some heavy rain to see if it happens again!
  6. Thanks. I will ask them. Booked in this afternoon.
  7. That's interesting. Had my screen changed last year before it started happening. I wonder if that will affect any warranty claim?
  8. Have done that and showed them today. Have it booked in tomorrow for them to look at. Had a nice play with the new LS today whilst I was there!
  9. Thanks. Let's hope it happens in front of them then!
  10. Um, maybe. Need to take it to the dealer as still under warranty. When I mentioned it last year they couldn't find a fault. Happened a couple of times on way home from work too so has become more of an issue. Do these sort of things show up on the diagnostic codes?
  11. Have experienced a strange thing with my wipers. It happened once last year but three times this morning in torrential rain which is quite scary. My wipers stopped working in mid flow. The only way to get them going again is to put them briefly on full speed. Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea what the problem may be?
  12. It's the same on my GS and when the door's closed and window slightly open it drips right onto the window/mirror controls!
  13. That entirely makes sense John. It also makes sense that it's worse in cold weather when the tyres are stiffer with less natural give in them. My main concern is whether that vibrating/juddering is putting excessive stresses on the suspension or steering geometry?
  14. Thanks for the update. I guess I just have to put up with it then!
  15. Hi Philip, If by Southampton you mean Hedge End then I can vouch for them. They do all my servicing and on the few occasions I've had any problems with my car they have sorted things out very well and given me a loan car. Alan