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  1. Many thanks! This is a non Brainer. Cross Climates will be then. Cheers!!
  2. Hi Just been to lexus and it seems that I need to replace the front tyres. Lexus has recommended me the Yokohama ones I said I prefer Michelin Cross Climate's. They claim (Lexus) that the Michelin Cross Climate's are not as good and they will make a lots of noise when driving. Also they said that the Yokohama are softer then better. Well I think they are pushing me to buy something I do not want and lying a little bit to sell something they have in stock. Can someone advise me about this? Many thanks! D
  3. You need to tell lexus to add one. £600 ish. I had them to install one which you can remove when not needed. Then I got the bike rack from Thule and fitted like a glove.
  4. Please check my old posts. I did this and I'm so happy with it. Cheers
  5. Hi Folks! Anyone can recommend me a sunshade that fits on the inside of the windscreen NX? I have a current one but it is absolutely rubbish. It doesn't stay in place because it doesn't fit properly. Any help will be well received. Thanks!
  6. Sorry, I can't be of help with this because I have a tow bar installed after many years with roof bars in other cars, I did hate my previous roof bars! It was so hard to put anything on top and my previous car was not as tall and the NX. I would recommend a tow bar with some system for bikes or suitcases. I'm extremely happy with the system I have. Check my previous posts. Cheers!
  7. I installed my towbar after I bought the car from Lexus. It was part of a deal but the car was second hand. Price was around £600 I think. It's a great tow bar. you can take it off and you see nothing on the back of the car but a small square piece of metal underneath the car. I did post some pictures on this forum a few months ago. Cheers!
  8. I forgot to mention that I already have AA breakdown cover. I have been with the AA for more than 20 years. That is why the Lexus breakdown cover may not be useful for me.
  9. HI i have been offered an extension of the warranty on my car. Coming to 3 years old and I bought it second hand a year ago. The 1 year Warranty is coming to an end then they offered me a deal to extend it 2 years for £795. The offer comes with Lexus Roadside and 2 Free MOTs including Lexus MOT failure. My question is it worth it? Can someone let me know? Here is the list of what is included and not included: The Extended Warranty Covers You For: · Engine Components · Clutch · Gearbox and manual transmission · Automatic transmission · Four wheel drive transmission · Rear axle · Prop shaft · Suspension · Braking system · Turbocharger · Fuel system · Diesel injection systems · Electronic ignition · Electrics · Oil leaks · Cooling system · Steering · Air conditioning · Casings · HV Battery on Hybrids It does have some exclusions which are: · Serviceable items · Drive belt adjustments · Brake and clutch adjustments and replacements due to wear · Glass replacements due to breakages or impact · Lights, bulbs and headlight adjustments · Window and door lock adjustments · Paintwork and bodywork · 12 Volt battery (HV battery on Hybrids is covered) · Interior trim · Corrosion to the exhaust · Road Wheels Any advice on this will be appreciated. Cheers!
  10. Thanks Ian for the advise. I wasn’t thinking of switching it off anyway. I gather it will be difficult for the radar to pick up anything with such heavy rain. Cheers
  11. Wow I'm scare to ask!! On another similar matter I did switch off the rear parking sensor because I had the bicycle rack on the tow bar and I forgot to switch it on when toke it all off. Later on another day my wife tried to park the car and expected a noise.......... Don't ask me what happened next!!!
  12. Many thanks for your help guys . I’ll look at the manual too and see if I can learn how to go around this. It has been very informative. Cheers
  13. Hi Something weird happened at the weekend. While on cruise control at a rainy night a warning light came on with a noise signal and the car canceled the cruise control. I had the pre-crash on. I do not know how to switch it off and I don't really want to switch it off anyway. There was a lot of rain and I'm wondering if that was the problem. The cruise control would not work on those conditions. Does someone know why this happened? How do I fix this?
  14. We bought the tow bar from Lexus Not sure about the cost because Lexus did it as part of a deal when I bought the car. It’s an invisible tow bar which you can remove easily. The carrier was £440. The carrier is great and I’m extremely happy with it. Seems very well made. Good luck!