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  1. The tow bar doesn’t cause any issues but the bicycle rack does. You will need to switch off the rear sensors and then switch them back when the rack is not in use. I hope this is useful.
  2. There is a company in Tonbridge who fits tow bars for a few hundred pounds. Can't remember the name but I'll try to find it. What I did was when I bought the car from lexus I told them to add it to the deal or I wasn't getting the car. I paid £600 extra for them to fit the tow bar. Good luck!
  3. I had another quote for another fitter and it was around £350. Lexus can be expensive. I will try another private towbar fitter company if I were you.
  4. Hi Arif The carrier is the THULE VELOCOMPACT 927 TOWBAR CAR BIKE RACK - 3 BIKES which cost around £400. You can buy an extra item to carry a 4rth bike. This bike carrier has the advantage you can press a pedal and angle the bikes while in the carrier and open the boot. Which other bike carriers may not have. Funny enough I have been using the carrier quite a lot these pass few weeks. Great bike carrier. Read the instructions carefully to secure it to the tow bar. You need a tow bar too. My one is fitted by lexus which you can remove. It's a removable tow bar.. Only takes 10 seconds to do. Good Luck!
  5. Many thanks! This is a non Brainer. Cross Climates will be then. Cheers!!
  6. Hi Just been to lexus and it seems that I need to replace the front tyres. Lexus has recommended me the Yokohama ones I said I prefer Michelin Cross Climate's. They claim (Lexus) that the Michelin Cross Climate's are not as good and they will make a lots of noise when driving. Also they said that the Yokohama are softer then better. Well I think they are pushing me to buy something I do not want and lying a little bit to sell something they have in stock. Can someone advise me about this? Many thanks! D
  7. You need to tell lexus to add one. £600 ish. I had them to install one which you can remove when not needed. Then I got the bike rack from Thule and fitted like a glove.
  8. Please check my old posts. I did this and I'm so happy with it. Cheers
  9. Hi Folks! Anyone can recommend me a sunshade that fits on the inside of the windscreen NX? I have a current one but it is absolutely rubbish. It doesn't stay in place because it doesn't fit properly. Any help will be well received. Thanks!
  10. Sorry, I can't be of help with this because I have a tow bar installed after many years with roof bars in other cars, I did hate my previous roof bars! It was so hard to put anything on top and my previous car was not as tall and the NX. I would recommend a tow bar with some system for bikes or suitcases. I'm extremely happy with the system I have. Check my previous posts. Cheers!
  11. I installed my towbar after I bought the car from Lexus. It was part of a deal but the car was second hand. Price was around £600 I think. It's a great tow bar. you can take it off and you see nothing on the back of the car but a small square piece of metal underneath the car. I did post some pictures on this forum a few months ago. Cheers!
  12. I forgot to mention that I already have AA breakdown cover. I have been with the AA for more than 20 years. That is why the Lexus breakdown cover may not be useful for me.
  13. HI i have been offered an extension of the warranty on my car. Coming to 3 years old and I bought it second hand a year ago. The 1 year Warranty is coming to an end then they offered me a deal to extend it 2 years for £795. The offer comes with Lexus Roadside and 2 Free MOTs including Lexus MOT failure. My question is it worth it? Can someone let me know? Here is the list of what is included and not included: The Extended Warranty Covers You For: · Engine Components · Clutch · Gearbox and manual transmission · Automatic transmission · Four wheel drive transmission · Rear axle · Prop shaft · Suspension · Braking system · Turbocharger · Fuel system · Diesel injection systems · Electronic ignition · Electrics · Oil leaks · Cooling system · Steering · Air conditioning · Casings · HV Battery on Hybrids It does have some exclusions which are: · Serviceable items · Drive belt adjustments · Brake and clutch adjustments and replacements due to wear · Glass replacements due to breakages or impact · Lights, bulbs and headlight adjustments · Window and door lock adjustments · Paintwork and bodywork · 12 Volt battery (HV battery on Hybrids is covered) · Interior trim · Corrosion to the exhaust · Road Wheels Any advice on this will be appreciated. Cheers!
  14. Thanks Ian for the advise. I wasn’t thinking of switching it off anyway. I gather it will be difficult for the radar to pick up anything with such heavy rain. Cheers
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