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  1. azuldiamondavid

    Sat nav anti glare screen faulty?

    Lexus replaced the screen no problem. Back as new! I'm a happy man! 🙂
  2. azuldiamondavid

    Sat nav anti glare screen faulty?

    Lexus is looking at it tomorrow. Will let you know! Cheers for that!
  3. azuldiamondavid

    Front Tyres for NX 300h Luxury

    Great Thanks A garage told me that Cross Climate are good but not so good if you do low mileage. I only do 3000 miles or a bit more per year then he recon it will be better to get something else. Any advise on this? Any other make apart from the Michelin ones? Many thanks!
  4. Hi Have to change the front tyres. At the moment I have the Yokohama ones. Seem that everybody has this ones and then they change them for a better ones. I'm thinking about getting rim protection tyres. Can someone recommend me anything? I have not idea what to get. but I only want to get the front ones at the moment. The 2 rear ones are ok. But The front ones need to be changed I think they are at the minimum now. Should I go to my Lexus dealer or any garage selling tyres? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi I just notice that the Sat Nav screen on my NX is damaged! It looks like it is a scratch but is the anti glare film. There must be some sort of problem with this because I was so careful not to touch it. I know screens can be easy to damage but this is ridiculous! I only clean the dust off! Any other NX owner had the the same problem? I contacted Lexus then I'm waiting to hear...
  6. azuldiamondavid

    Towbar Bicycle carrier

    Ok 4 bikes on the bicycle carrier and it hasn't move an inch. I'm extremely happy with this carrier! Easy to set up and very stable. Drove the car with the 4 bikes to the New forest without any problems. Of course you need to drive carefully and not like a maniac ha ha!
  7. azuldiamondavid

    Towbar Bicycle carrier

    Thanks for the advice! I have checked all the weights of the bikes and I think I will be ok. They seem lighter than 40 kilograms. The bikes are very light in weight and 2 of then are Kid’s bikes. will be testing 4 bikes on the tow bar soon. Will report back!
  8. azuldiamondavid

    Towbar Bicycle carrier

    Just installed the new bicycle carrier works a treat! I'm a happy man! Drove it with 2 bikes and it didn't move a bit. Next time will do with all 4!-------- scary!!
  9. azuldiamondavid

    Sat nav night mode

    Many thanks! Followed your instructions and all good! cheers!
  10. azuldiamondavid

    Tailgate noise!

    The noise has stopped. Could be it was because of the cold weather? I'll check again next year... ha ha
  11. azuldiamondavid

    Sat nav night mode

    Hi It seems that my sat nav in my lexus NX is not switching to night mode when driving at night. How do I switch the sat nav to night mode when it is dark outside? Any help will be much appreciate it! Thanks!
  12. azuldiamondavid

    2018 courtesy car

    Hi I had the Premier version as a courtesy car. I was impressed! I only had it for 3 days and didn't have the time to go through all the gadgets. Was great to see that when you get on the driver seat the wheel and seat moves to a saved store position. Also the sat nav screen is bigger and clearer. My wife drove the car a couple of times and she thought it was better when driving over small bumps on the road. Sad I had to give it back......
  13. azuldiamondavid

    Tailgate noise!

    It seems that the power tailgate is making a noise when closing. Not sure if it could be because the cold weather. Can someone let me know if this is normal? Thanks!
  14. azuldiamondavid

    Lexus multimedia system Upgrade

    Thanks for the info. Will do that. Cheers!
  15. Hi How do I upgrade the multimedia system the Apps Suite, the Gracenote data, or a combination of all three? I found a website . But it is not working for me. Does someone have the software? I have the Lexus Nx300H Luxury 2016. Thanks