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  1. Lexus multimedia system Upgrade

    Thanks for the info. Will do that. Cheers!
  2. Hi How do I upgrade the multimedia system the Apps Suite, the Gracenote data, or a combination of all three? I found a website . But it is not working for me. Does someone have the software? I have the Lexus Nx300H Luxury 2016. Thanks
  3. AWD?

    Hi Can someone let me know if my car is AWD or FWD? It is a 2016 NX 300h. How do I know it is one or the other? Cheers
  4. Rear Fog light

    Ah thanks! That makes sense! Cheers!
  5. Rear Fog light

    Hi Maybe someone can help me. Is about the rear fog light. It doesn't stay lit. Why? I have the NX 300h. I can put the front ones but when I put the dial up to the rear fog light it doesn't stay. Thanks
  6. Buying a used NX

    I just bought my NX 300h luxury and I was looking for one for quite a long time. In the end I bought a high mileage car but only 2 years old. It was hard to bring the price down but in the end I think we got £600 off the price of an already discounted £2000 of the car. Is has the panoramic roof and the convenience pack. They keep saying to me they were loosing money etc but I'm not sure if that was just sales talk. I never pay what someone is asking. I feel like it is not a good deal for me. I have walked off a few times on a deal. Even if you want it badly sometimes you just need to walk off and wait. I did that and I think I have a great deal with the car in the end.