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  1. Does it check the sizes of the USB keys or anything odd? TLDR: can I just use 3 x 32gb?
  2. Do we have links to these download sites?
  3. Let's hope it happens soon too! Lexus satnav is killing me!!! Don't suppose you have a link?
  4. Hi y'all. I've got a 68 plate NX and I need a roof rack. Looking for recommendations based on: not being crazy expensive but also not being rubbish.. Cheers, Dave
  5. It doesn’t do anything: from the horses mouth: Lexus Customer Relations Dear Dave, Thank you for your response. I recognise that the inclusion of an e-Store component may seem counter-intuitive, as it is currently inaccessible. The Lexus Premium Navigation system was built with future enhancement in mind. By shipping the system with an e-Store component, we leave the door open to add additional functionality at a later stage, rather than require customers to visit a Lexus Centre for system enhancements. Nevertheless, I o the perception this could create and I'm sincerely sorry for any disappointment caused. We have, at the time of writing, no clear plans or timelines to enable this feature, though I cannot say if this will change at some point in the future. I hope this offers some context, and thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention.
  6. It's because it doesn't do anything - I kid you not 😞 See https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/118739-estore-doesnt-do-anything-heres-why/
  7. I've had an NX for about 2 weeks now. I've put almost 2k on the clock with a decent mix of motorway and a-roads. I've found it to be pretty quiet and comfortable and reasonably economical for its size. That said, it depends how you drive it. Get a bit heavy footed and the economy drops through the floor and it becomes a lot more noisy. But it doesn't feel like that's how it wants to be driven. D
  8. I work in IT development. What you normally do with something that doesn't work because it's not turned on yet is not show it. That way nobody wastes time trying to work out why it doesn't work, submitting pointless support requests to the manufacturer. and making frustrated posts on owners forums. It's the IT equivalent of having a big red button labelled "click here" on the dash that doesn't do anything It's bad UX and I've have expected better TBH
  9. So, after a few days of wondering what the apps/eStore did I raised a customer support case with Lexus. After a few days of sending them photos of it not working I finally got an official response: Wow. I have to say, I'd expected better than what amounts to "yeah, it doesn't work yet. We know about that'
  10. I raised a support ticket for this with Lexus. This is the response I got (after a week of discussion)
  11. I also have this question. apps/eStore doesn't seem to do anything other than let you click on it and get nothing at all... Also, we have to pay to access the server? In 2019? Really?