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  1. Mr Ponkerson

    Mk3 ls400 misfire when warm

    Thanks guys, I'll pass this on (and will recheck engine codes)
  2. Mr Ponkerson

    Mk3 ls400 misfire when warm

    Hi folks, I've done a fair few searches on this and just after some confirmation that the fella working on my car is likely to be correct. My car has developed a misfire once warm and the revs drop below 1k. The idle is eratic/rough and it splutters on acceleration on part throttle and bogs down and splutters even more on full. This first started after the car was serviced. I initially put this down to non OEM plugs so ordered denso ones and got new leads - this made no difference. He's been looking more over this past week and had found and replaced a split hose (vacuum I think) which has improved things but it's still really not running right. He's certain it's due to the blowing exhaust between the two O2 sensors causing ecu confusion, but reading everything on here I'm not sure a simple.blow in the exhaust (the usual flange deterioration) would be enough? Or is it more likely a duff sensor, edu capacitor leakage? I had also managed to get a couple of error codes for the air intake temp.sensor and air flow meter. Not had time to check again since the hose has been replaced. As an aside (in case it's relevant), the temp gauge has never really properly worked on the car (occasionally kicking in to the bottom of the gauge but nothing more), he replaced this at the same time as the second set of plugs but nothing has changed except that it seems a little more willing to get to this bottom of the gauge point. Apologies for the long winded message
  3. yep - I had read it too, but thought I'd missed something more sinister - as it happens I had misread one of the rust fails and hadn't realised it was a structural element and not just a component. It looks quite rusty underneath but some looks like peeling sealant and some could be road grime. Will be giving it a good clean when i get the chance. I also have a client who's a mechanic and he's going take take a quick look when he's next in the gym. I do appreciate your comments chap as it means I can deal with anything small in the near future before it becomes a serious issue. Dendonc - thanks for the heads up about treatment possibilities, will definitely be looking in to this
  4. I crapped myself when i read this post as I thought I'd missed something major in the history so have just had a look under the car, it's definitely rusty so might post up a couple of pics to gauge people's opinion on how bad it is, a lot of it also appears to be peeled paint. i can see that a component has been replaced on the nearside.
  5. On Saturday I flew down to Gatwick (from Edinburgh) to pick up this wonderful wafty thing from a nice chap who may occasionally frequent this forum, but is more often on the barge thread on Pistonheads (it's been christened Sherman by myself and the other PTs at the gym coz it is a big old tank of a thing). I had never been close to, let alone driven an LS400 before this. I had plenty of time to get used to things on the drive back up North though. Now my only regret is that I didn't take the plunge sooner. It has a couple of little foibles - non heating seat(s) - only checked the drivers but not too fussed, and the temperature gauge doesn't work so I'll be having a look at the wiring around the sensor at some point when there's less snow. Much like myself there are a couple of cosmetic flaws but nothing concerning - mainly a bit of paint fade and a couple of very small patches of surface rust due to stone chips. I'm finding I love this car more every time I drive it and can't wait to get behind the wheel - what a fantastic machine!
  6. ^ I always thought it was initial low temp running that increased wear rather than out and out mileage - once everything is up to temp the wear is much reduced, it's repeatedly using the vehicle below operating temp that increases wear (hence town driving not being seen as ideal compared to motorway)
  7. Mr Ponkerson

    Lexus owner in intent

    The LS is looking like the most likely candidate. I had a very nice chat lockeyboy last night regarding his, and although it looks like it may not lead to a purchase, he passed on some valuable advice regarding the marque.
  8. Mr Ponkerson

    Lexus owner in intent

    Under £2k ideally chap - had a couple of false starts using ebay etc
  9. Mr Ponkerson

    Lexus owner in intent

    thanks chap - I have heard that is is rather refined and muted, however I'm happy to trade that against the reliability reputation as this will be a daily.
  10. Mr Ponkerson

    Lexus owner in intent

    yep, that seems to be the case
  11. Mr Ponkerson

    Lexus owner in intent

    thanks chap - that's quite tempting (although I do have a real hankering for a V8 of potentially LS or maybe GS vintage - guessing LS with my budget).
  12. Mr Ponkerson

    Lexus owner in intent

    Hi there folks, I have come across this forum after getting a little addicted to the best smoker barges thread on Pistonheads. It has left me with a want in my life - that want being 8 cylinder encased in a Lexus wrapping. I'm joining to peruse the knowledge here so I know what to look out for (am probably going to be at the bottom end of the market so will need to know my onions as it were)