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  1. It's back on again, looks like the same one, can someone confirm?
  2. Just seen this on eBay, over 200bhp over more https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F173895057485
  3. Been on sale since June 2016 at Integrity Automotive with price going up and down between 22k to 25k
  4. Going wait to see if they drop the price closer to what Hartwell had it up for as I don't reckon they would have paid 24k for it.
  5. Thanks just found it last price was £23990, wanted to go and see this one when it was at Grimsby but it it disappeared, my fault for taking so long but in my defence it is 250 mile drive for me. https://www.hartwell.co.uk/blog/top-5-fastest-cars-you-can-buy-at-hartwell-right-now/
  6. Just seen that Lexus Hedge End have for sale a Blue ISF which Hartwell Grimsby failed sell, does anyone remember how much Hartwell had it up for?
  7. Just wanted to say it is useful when ads for cars are posted as it makes it easier to find info on it as well the historical price of the car.
  8. It's odd one with the prices as there is a blue one which has been on auto trader since June 2017, they have lowered the price by couple of thousands but they all seem to not care that they are just sitting there.
  9. Too be honest I think it was partially my fault as I let slip that I had a reasonable company allowance and the price arrange of cars I was looking at, so I think they were hoping my heat was ruling my head and take it whatever price they say it was.
  10. It's up for 32k, the preview picture has wrong price on it, I thought they had put it up for 38k at first too. They seem to be trying to push prices up by saying that they are future classics and rare, but in my view that is still many years to come before that happens. Not impressed with the way they spoke to me just because I was not willing to pay the price for something does not mean someone cannot afford it, it means someone thinks it's overpriced. But thing is they know there are limited numbers around so when someone has just started looking for one they will think that is the going price and they will shift it if that person wants it enough or not know that it was up for 28k before and failed to sell.
  11. Yes on public roads you will never notice due to the high limits you need to reach, but the nerd in my will always want it, I had a few Honda's with LSD but they were front wheel drive with lower performance limits, on them you could few it work and made the car feel more fun. No hurry to change current daily car as I have had it for long time so will see what else comes up. Hope you enjoy the car as it really is a nice one.
  12. Just the silver one I did put in a really low off as if I end up driving one with the LSD I will regret not getting one with LSD. This is so I could justify it to myself that it was allot cheaper then a LSD equipped one. Will be use the car as daily so ideally I want spend less as possible for the best one possible, plus point is car will be paid for by my car allowance from work so maintenance is covered by my allowance and get to claim back 21p for each mile.
  13. Was holding out for them to drop the price more on this one as I know it was sitting around a while and also there was a post by previous owner on here.