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  1. Hi Dan sorry I've been in some much sunnier climes (what the hell have I come back too!) Myself and mate in his E63 are coming on the sat still, no joy with the stang he is at a charity auction the night before and doesnt think it wise to combine the two (and he heard there might be corners involved) For my 2 1. Yes & Yes 2. Me in my F and Martin in his E63 3. Just ourselves in each motor 4. We eat anything
  2. I think the LC is targeted more at 911 buyers, it was twice the price of an ISF new and it will be a long long time before they are available for that price imo
  3. I bought my car from Leon at Hedge End and was really happy with him and the whole process I would recommend him. They insinuated they like to have an F car in at all times and shift plenty of other stock so can sit on the F for as long as it takes.
  4. What depresses me if I think about it, is that we have got many different ways of producing clean energy. Realised fossil fuels were doing damage long ago but were too lazy/arrogant as a race to actually do anything about it. Not sure if we have any red dwarf fans on here, but they make a joke that the human race is basically a planetary virus. Seems pretty accurate to me..
  5. Given how long it takes for something to go from concept to forecourt in the automotive industry I cant see how anything under 10 years is achievable. Starting to look for a new family car at the mo, feel like we should get something 'good' to balance out my cars 'evil'. The percentage of new cars launched in the last 12 months without even a hybrid or PHEV option is depressing. Tiguan & T-Roc has no such option for example. Think we are going to wait it out for a model 3 and buck the trend, but I voted 20.
  6. Unbelievably capable machines, but it would have to be an RS3 for me. Engine note is half the enjoyment of a performance car imho and I dont think anything with less than 8 cylinders makes a better noise than that 5 pot.
  7. Personally I see exactly zero reasons not to have a C63, awesome machine!!
  8. I had a similar fear, sourced the first discs myself and got fitted by a friend. In the end I have had zero come back the supplier will not accept the discs back. New set fitted by national where the manager assured me if they warp that quickly they will replace them FOC and send them back to the supplier. Return power of one consumer versus a major purchaser. Lesson learnt since I have had to but them twice in 2k miles 😞
  9. I find 4wd cars have a flattering 0-60 time but once rolling the drivetrain losses mean they are at a disadvantage to a similar power to weight ratio car. So depends where you want your speed. I had a 400bhp s5 quattro last and it flew off the line in any condition, the F wouldn't have passed it before 70 I dont imagine, rolling there would only have been one winner. This is why theres always a golf R owner nailing it away from every set of traffic lights in the land, I think they have a list of who is on duty at each light at any one time.
  10. Is it not just the discs warped? I had this recently on my wifes honda, very noticeable when braking from speed on the motorway initially but eventually could sense it most of the time. Got the discs checked and they were only ever so slightly warped (and 6 months old) but combined with the heat of a long drive was driving me nuts. New discs..problem solved.
  11. jebus! That is one angry sounding car
  12. I'm in, I will also try to recruit my uncle in his stang 5.0 and a work colleague in his e63
  13. My usual weekly commute involves 15 miles a day 4 days a week and I average 23 mpg on that (280 to a tank). I recently did a long run and was impressed to get 30mpg sat on the motorway on cruise and got pretty close to 400 out the tank. I agree with Mark not sure how you are getting such poor mpg on a run. Also never managed to get more than 55 litres in the tank when I fill up even when I have been on 0 miles on the trip.