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  1. Where possible I think we should be trying not to leave the house and avoid contact with others. They have made an exception to the MOT so that you can stay on the right side of the law.
  2. Its not often I dont recognise a car! Looks a little like the love child of a short wheelbase shogun and a rav4. I'm considering SORN the F if weeks turn into months, only so many cars you need to not be driving.I was hoping to go for the occasional blast on deserted roads in it but not sure if thats a dream now and seems a little irresponsible if something was to happen and the emergency services were need as they have other priorities right now. A business I had shares in sold in Jan, terrifying to think what it might have not been worth given another month.
  3. Plenty of negotiation in Lexus prices if you ask
  4. With a car as rare as this I am torn between lexus and indepedant servicing. As much as I trust good independants, I would prefer someone who had worked on one of these before. Previously I have used indepedant specialists for audi's and honda's which provides the best of both worlds. There is maybe 2 of these in the country for lexus and both are down south.
  5. Sound Rarity Reliability Performance Practicality Sorry I need 5 🥰
  6. Good price!! I would say you would get that back now too. Take it that was a private sale? What mileage? I paid 20k for a 59 plate pre facelift with 27k miles on the clock and 3 year lexus warranty from a lexus dealer about the same time for comparison.
  7. I was told by my lexus dealer this was not possible, and only possible the day before it turns 10 as per @F.A. comment. Did you letter come from HQ or a lexus dealer? Maybe thats the difference?
  8. Cant say that I agree that mileage is not an important factor in the price of a car, irrelevant of if its a lexus or not age and mileage are the two most important factors in pricing any car imho and a 50k car should be worth considerably more than a 100k car. Twice the mileage twice the potential wear on the components that matter.
  9. Good news! Gaskets where the manifold meets the engine? Did they cover this under warranty?
  10. Pretty sure I have read of people in the US getting them replaced under warranty so fingers crossed, its the main reason I keep mine warrantied!!
  11. 36 when I picked up mine. I've had fast cars since my early twenties. Looking back on the amount of money I have wasted I would probably advise my younger self against it if I could, and tell him to get on the property ladder earlier. Not that he would listen!
  12. My parents live in a sleepy little village, recently a neighbour had their car stolen and heard them in the act. Went downstairs and jumped in front of the car to stop them, they ran him over to get away. Currently in instensive care and going to have life changing injuries if he does make it. Police caught them, two fourteen year olds with no previous. If that level of criminal are willing to do that, other than being able to fish my keys through the letter box they can take my car. Also if you have an alarm put it on at night, cant understand why so few people do this.
  13. I think some have fit as wide as 285's on the stock wheels at the back, I will be going wider when my tyres are due a change.