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  1. Yes mines a 59 plate and had the 10 year service (biggest one) in 2019 and so should this, its regardless of mileage.
  2. I think that full lexus history is a stretch!!! I assume they are insinuating it was self serviced once (with genuine lexus parts at least) and then done at an indy. It should also have had 11 services not 10 by now.
  3. I get slightly less than my previous S5 day to day (23mpg) but on a run its capable of slightly more than the S5 (30mpg).
  4. It does have to be Lexus yes but you can get that price down quite a bit if you shop around and offer to provide your own service pack from lexus parts direct. They wont like this so will generally match the price.
  5. £17k seemed to be the sweet spot for interest in my 59 plate, 50k mile, FSH, new discs pads & tyres all round car to give you something to work from. GLWTS
  6. I would echo the above in that I dont think its worth driving a non F RC if you are only going to be interested in the F. This is not a slight on the standard RC and I completely get that most people think 400+ BHP on a road car is insane, most of my family included. It just that the car feels very different to drive, it would be wrong to describe it as the same car with a bigger engine. This is the same for a 320d vs an M3, a4 vs rs4 etc these cars are compromised by the nature of trying to be a sports car and its those compromises you need to experience.
  7. My car has been in at Lexus for a new head unit the last week (ordered wrong part initially) and since its now out of warranty I decided to have the radiator done. £570 all in which is less than £100 more than my trusted indy wanted including me supplying the parts from LPD.
  8. I used brokers for many years with previous cars and they were a lot cheaper, primarily chris knott or brentacre and I would say they are worth a quote. However over the last few years, and I dont know if this is because of the F or my age now starting with a 4, the larger organisations have been significantly cheaper.
  9. Its not unusual for cars like ours to have high owner numbers, I see it all the time on m3's, rs4's etc People buy them to scratch an itch or soon get tired/scared of the running costs, it doesnt mean that they dont still baby them imho
  10. Hi Rich, The service schedule cycles through Intermediate and Full services and although the Full services are called 20, (40, 60, 80 all same) and 100 they should be done on age regardless of mileage. So the cars last service was hopefully the 100 rather than the 60. You can see the details of each service using the link at the bottom of this page The gearbox is claimed to be lifetime by lexus, but some owners dont believe in such a thing and have had the fluids changed, it is possible. I think
  11. Mine is sort of for sale, its listed on here only. I was selling it to fund a house move but the stamp duty extension has meant thats no longer needed. I could still be persuaded to part with it, as I think a labrador wont have much fun in the boot, or plan B is a shed esq dog mover.
  12. Terrible... I've a few friends who have used BCS to change caliper colour and no issues years later. I've wanted to do this on mine but cant decide on a colour that I want against a silver car, in the end I always decide black is best for silver 🙄 Just pick a good orange and have them done no one will ever tell its not the lexus orange 👍 adds another subtle clue the car has an evil side.
  13. Maybe the guy who offered me 12k for mine, nearly 4k less than WBAC and 30% lower than asking price, should buy this one instead 🙂
  14. Have you modified the stock wheels here? I like it, they look more like multi spokes. Unless its just the angle and amount glorious british sunshine 🙃
  15. Exactly what I said then it also doesnt need to be pre approved, Lexus will allow you to take the warranty out after an inspection even if not pre approved. @Linas.P When my car approached 10 years old, I still had 2 years of warranty to run, yet Lexus were happy to let me purchase another 2, 4 or more years which would be added to the end of my existing 2. The only caveat is that it must be purchased before 10 years old.
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