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  1. I wonder how many people who make these sweeping statements about the suspension being night and day have actually driven the earlier model cars. I had the choice of 2 cars, a 11 plate 60k mileage car or a 59 plate 34k mileage car. I really could not tell a great degree of difference driving them back to back, not to the point where I thought I could only live with one, so I went with the lower mileage and best condition car and have zero regrets. My wife is quite fussy and never complains about the suspension. I drove 6 hours in it last weekend without complaint. My father has a 11 plate 911 with PASM and I wouldnt say that rides much better. I once owned a fn2 type R, now there was a car with suspension I regretted buying 3 months later!
  2. Had about 7 runs in total, quickest being a 13.4 @ 109mph Interestingly had a passenger for a lot of them and the times were pretty much the same. I was actually getting quicker 1/8's with the passenger but a slower terminal speed by about 5mph, so they balanced each other out and traction issues are my biggest problem. If I could have combined the 1/8 times with the higher terminal I would have got pretty close to the elusive sub 13 second run I think. Great fun and quite addictive, some stickier wider rears are probably the direction I will go for the next trip, and a bit more experiment with the launch and manual changes. I beat the mustang every run but mainly down to better launch and reaction times, he managed to run a 13.3. It was Jap fest on the sunday, saw a blue ISF running down the strip (also running a 13.4) if thats anyone on here?
  3. Hi, I am going drag racing this weekend at santa pod. Its my first time and I am going with my uncle in his 2018 mustang 5.0, I am not 100% sure which HP model this is but I think it was before the update. The cars post pretty similar times so should be a good contest, if either of us can get into the 12's we'll be happy. Any tips both for a first timer and in getting the best out of the F? Launch technique, tyre pressures etc? Thanks in advance!
  4. Its only based on initial sales data https://carcolours.co.uk/data/ So the accuracy of that data seems a little suspect (it has an ISF sold in 2016 for example)
  5. They do sound great, for a 6 😁 Dont look special enough for me, same as the S audi's and sub M beemers They have all the power I need in reality, but I want my car to look special too. If they put flared arches on a C43 estate I'd have one, but thats intentionally reserved for the full fat models only
  6. I find my car gets to 60 quicker if I film the speedo whilst doing it. Defo using this trick down the drag strip next weekend see if I can get in to the 11's!!
  7. Must be a pretty steady run though? Mine is 7 miles of country lanes each way, result...20.5 MPG average over 12 months. Its the 1/2 mile queued in traffic at the end that hurts though, especially without stop start. Really quite economical cars for the power imho I had a V6 S5 that was barely any better.
  8. If anyone is trading their ISF in with an aftermarket exhaust and would like to make an extra few quid by selling / swapping it with my stock one then please let me know. They just dont seem to ever come up for sale second hand 😞
  9. Was it advertised anywhere else prior to here? Only been listed 2 weeks before being traded in, most private sales take time.
  10. Read that on friday and thought the same, I was torn between the two, the ISF won mainly for its reliability and warranty costs. A combination of enjoying the car immensely now the weather is warming and that story, I have no regrets! Maybe why didnt they make a 3rd gen ISF!!
  11. I took a punt and ordered the DVD, it arrived a couple of days ago and looks like a OEM Lexus item not the knock off I was expecting! I will give it a try at the weekend and let you know how I get on.
  12. Looks lovely with the white interior. Whats the mileage? If you decide you might sell the exhaust separately let me know (such as if you trade in)
  13. Perfect cheers, you have saved me an embarrassing post there!
  14. Hi I have been meaning to do this since I got the car. Mine is a 59 plate and is the DVD based satnav (which I think will be the same as the OP, I dont know of any 59 plates with the updated nav) thanks for the link I have just ordered a disc. Is it just a case of inserting into the DVD drive or is it more complex than that since you mention removing the fascia? Cheers!