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  1. Pretty sure I have read of people in the US getting them replaced under warranty so fingers crossed, its the main reason I keep mine warrantied!!
  2. 36 when I picked up mine. I've had fast cars since my early twenties. Looking back on the amount of money I have wasted I would probably advise my younger self against it if I could, and tell him to get on the property ladder earlier. Not that he would listen!
  3. My parents live in a sleepy little village, recently a neighbour had their car stolen and heard them in the act. Went downstairs and jumped in front of the car to stop them, they ran him over to get away. Currently in instensive care and going to have life changing injuries if he does make it. Police caught them, two fourteen year olds with no previous. If that level of criminal are willing to do that, other than being able to fish my keys through the letter box they can take my car. Also if you have an alarm put it on at night, cant understand why so few people do this.
  4. I think some have fit as wide as 285's on the stock wheels at the back, I will be going wider when my tyres are due a change.
  5. Got my eye on a RS5 sportback next, just need someone to take the 20k initial hit for me on one and look after it for 18 months or so. Still I will find it difficulty to part with my F, the combination or reliability, rarity, performance and stealth cant be matched.
  6. Traction this time of year can certainly be a challenge, especially on summer tyres. It really isnt a wild tail happy beast once you get used to it though as long as you have decent rubber, I had that initial impression after the first few weeks I picked it up were very wet plus I came from a quattro. Now i am happy to press on and my limits are reached before the cars!
  7. Make sure its had the water pump done and see if they will update the satnav maps, but if they dont I got a DVD online for £30 so dont pay their prices! Enjoy the new motor, 18 months into ownership and i adore it!
  8. I agree with others sentiment here, you are likely looking for a unicorn if you want a red one with a sunroof. Even if one does turn up what if it is a bit of a dog? Which such a rare car I would narrow it down to year (depending on price and how much lsd/suspension changes mean to you) and a couple of colours and start making offers as you want one in good connition above anything else. You could only be so picky when buyin new imho
  9. I will be taking my car to a mechanic I trust to fit new rear pads and fit the borla I've had in my garage 2 months next week. I noticed on the lexus parts website in addition to pads there is also a fitting kit and an anti squeal shim kit. Anyone know if either would be needed?
  10. Hi my names Craig and I am a Autotrader Addict. I have around 25 searches active currently, many for cars I dont even really have any intention of buying unless my life takes an unexpected turn! Just keeping an eye on the market just in case 🙂
  11. I dont think that car is badly priced for a 2012 with reasonably low mileage tbh
  12. Gotta love a car salesman 🤣 although I kind of hoped a lexus salesmen would be above blatant lies!
  13. I'd only buy a left hooker if it was going to be a keeper, they are hard enough to shift in RHD!!
  14. I was told by Hedge End there would be no issues fitting a cat back system and that they had quite a few customers running them with no problems with warranty claims.