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  1. C.B

    Theft prevention

    I had the autowatch ghost on my last car (audi) which I really rated. You need to press a certain key combo on the dash or the car just wont start. Dont believe a similar system exist for the Lexus currently?
  2. So 60% of the bill wasn't actually servicing. How long is the warranty for £1800?
  3. Every car I have ever had has done this (front, rear and AWD) It is emphasised by cold weather and lower tread levels.
  4. There's not generally houses on the type of roads enthusiasts like to drive, I also dont think this will see people flocking to a stretch of road in their thousands. I for one would be interested to see if it threw up some roads close to home I was not aware of
  5. What spacers are you running Dan?
  6. I was with you all the way until Aston centre caps
  7. C.B

    Theft prevention

    Its unlikely a modern car will be stolen without the keys. So providing the keys are not on show an opportunist criminal will look for an easier target. If they are not on show and they come into your home for them they are targeting your car specifically and I would rather they find them then come and seek me to ask where they are. Its only a car. Herbie do you keep the stoplock key separate to the car keys? Most people I know still keep it with the car keys, the thief would need them in the first place so that defeats the purpose for me. Finally the number of houses who have a house alarm but do not put it on at night baffles me, most break ins to get the key would set a house alarm off. The thieving scum actually bank on people not using them when asleep.
  8. Wow, I just assumed with so many listed (especially with some at main dealers) it couldn't possibly be a mistake. Does explain why i cant find a single review or mention of it in the UK 2014 IS brochure though.
  9. They exist there is 35 for sale on autotrader right now with the 2.5 hybrid power-plant. I'm guessing the AWD system is possibly the same as the IS350 uses but I cant find a lot of info about that either.
  10. Hi, A bit tongue in cheek really as I know it does (only after stumbling across one on autotrader) but I cant seem to find a single review of one or any information in a lexus brochure about one?! I was trying to find some more info about the AWD system, how it works and the effect it has on economy versus a 2WD. We are looking for a new family car, AWD and a hybrid or PHEV are high on the priority list so this seems like a good candidate. Any info about this model and comments from owners would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. The infotainment software will have been updated with the facelift since it brought with it USB and bluetooth audio streaming. However I dont think the microphone itself changed, now I know where it is I might see if I can get at it and see if I could clean or even replace it, getting on for 9 years old after all.
  12. Since buying the F one thing I have noticed is that the handsfree seems to be a bit poor. I can hear what other people are saying fine but they tend to struggle to hear me at times. Would everyone else say they have this issue or might I have a problem? Also where is the microphone located? If I know that I could 'project' in its direction a bit more and make do TVM
  13. I have had a few experiences where I have made an offer on a car at a dealership, they have turned it down, then weeks later they drop it to the price I have offered and never rang me. I understand when they first get one in they want to try their luck, but as enthusiasts monitoring the market for months we know what price they are actually selling at better than anyone. I think it is almost a pride thing they dont want to ring me back and say yea you were right about the market value after all, its yours if you still want it.
  14. Famous last words been looping Buxton for an hour without a sniff of an F. I know it pretty well and I’ve checked all the main car parks 😝 Guessing this stop is happening either really early or really late. Having a swift half in the sun then going to try and do the route myself...wish me luck!!
  15. Morning all Been up most of the night whilst my two year old re-enacted the scene from the excercist! So I’m just gona meet you in Buxton for legs 2 and 3 as it’s only an hour ish away from me. Hopefully 10 plus F’s won’t be hard to spot or hear coming as I’ll likely be there before you, but if someone wants to pm time their phone number that might also help.