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  1. I love that orange and would have no issues owning it. RCF is supposed to be something special after all. Had a focus ST 225 in another life. Got a black one and spent the next 4 years regretting not getting it in orange.
  2. If you can get one that year maybe a e9x m3 CS, an AMG merc or curve ball maybe a brand new mustang.
  3. If I come so far south I get a nosebleed (of gravy obviously). Its a 3 hour treck for me which is just a bit too far I'm afraid, although I would love to meet up and meet you all and have a nosey at everyones cars.
  4. Theres also a great video on here comparing the various setups. Sound is pretty subjective after all!
  5. Ok to try and be of more use Jay, I am considering an exhaust change myself at the moment. I though the car sounded fantastic until I visited youtube 😞 I also dont want anything over the top. The Hayward and Scott seems to give a nice not over the top sound, guarantees no drone and replaces the fake tailpipes with real ones that look like stock, its just quite costly. I have recently also been looking at just axel back exhausts. I heard a car with the mufflers removed and it sounded great but was a little over the top and droney so I dont think thats for me. A friend recently had race mufflers fitted to his 5.0 mustang and that sounds spot on now, a little fruitier than stock but not offensive. The only example of this I can find on an ISF is where someone has had a magnaflow centre build them an axel back with a set of race mufflers but the exhaust is now single exit and I dont want them to be even faker. There is a good custom exhaust place near to me called pipewerx so I am considering asking them to build me something or seeing if H&S above will do just an axel back.
  6. I tracked down and had a read of the stolen thread. Couldn't have been different from my recent experience which I just assumed to be the norm. My impression of the ombudsman was they were there to step in should an offer be obviously under market value, so for them to back up the insurers poor offer and not even give any reasons for it makes me wonder if I was just lucky or the poor chap just really unlucky.
  7. I find that really hard to believe since I have just gone through it myself and insurers were asking for autotrader adverts as evidence of market worth. If you cant agree a valuation it goes to the ombudsman. Now considering you have to be able to replace the car with another similar one under an insurance policy, I cant see how they could justify a low price. I would say the rareness and inflated values of the ISF at lexus dealers would be a good thing should it be written off.
  8. My last car was a 2010 S5 sportback with low miles (approx 40k) this meant there was only around 8 comparable cars for sale in the country when it was written off. I didnt struggle at all to get market value from my insurance. I rejected the first offer out of greed but would have been pretty happy accepting it unbeknown to them. GAP is great as it gives you what you actually paid for the car in the rare even its stolen or written off. However I dont believe people struggle to get what it would cost them to replace the car like for like from an insurer given my recent experiences with a rare(ish) car as suggested.
  9. But the cheapest one of those is 10k more than the ISF
  10. This was the first F I ever drove! It was in good condition and drove well, but I didnt have anything to compare it against and wanted a low miler. It was for sale in remote scotland privately last year, I had a email chat with the owner and he seemed to have looked after it. I wasnt in a position to buy as I needed to offload my current car. eventually it disappeared from sale and 4 months later appeared in blackburn with another 4k on the clock. I couldnt get to the bottom on if anyone had it in between but they thought 'a guy from scotland had been and traded it in for a golf gti'. I got the impression he didnt do much mileage in it so was surprised it had gone up so much if he had kept hold. Be worth a look if someone is looking for a bargain, theres plenty with higher mileage at that age.
  11. What part of the country you thinking? Proper timing equipment? I'd be interested potentially
  12. Did someone who drives a 5.0 V8 say a 2.0 4 pot sounds lovely on this thread or did I dream it 😮
  13. I’m local, have a 59 plate and would happily take you for a blast. Trouble is im off to spain for 10 days tomorrow 😕