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  1. Gotta love a car salesman 🤣 although I kind of hoped a lexus salesmen would be above blatant lies!
  2. I'd only buy a left hooker if it was going to be a keeper, they are hard enough to shift in RHD!!
  3. I was told by Hedge End there would be no issues fitting a cat back system and that they had quite a few customers running them with no problems with warranty claims.
  4. Sorry I thought you meant it was at a lexus main dealer! I would own one out of warranty yes, I would consider changing the radiator if it was 10+ years old and of higher mileage as a preventative maintenace step at some point. No way to check them and when they go its a new gearbox job. That said theres only a handful of cases of it actually going. They do all tap, its a signature of a V8, but if its getting louder over time it is likely to be the manifolds. Enjoy the car! I love mine
  5. Interesting I assume it comes with warranty. As a rule you cant take a warranty out once the car is over 10 years old so wonder how the dealers get arond this, probably just because they are dealers?!
  6. It does say in the extended warranty handbook it has to be maintained by lexus to keep the warranty valid. Its not lexus that warranty the car and warranty companies love a method not to pay out.
  7. As reliable as these cars are if anything does go wrong they are also eyewateringly expensive to repair. £8k for a gearbox, £12k for an engine. I will take my warranty at £350 a year thanks. I dont even find the servicing that expensive compared to an M, RS or AMG and with just over 100 cars in the country not sure how many independant garages will have seen one before. Rather limited knowledge than no knowledge! (Although preston lexus told me my car was going to need its cambelt doing at the next service recently 🙄)
  8. The warranty is so cheap on these cars its hard to argue against having it, and if you do then it must be serviced by lexus. Hence why mine will stay with lexus. It does infuriate me slightly that on the more expensive services you are mainly paying for them to go over the car in more detail to try and find something to charge you to fix!! However a clean bill of health from such as service does give a level of confindence all is well. I have used specialists on all my other cars but a combination of the lack of specialists and keeping the warranty will see lexus get my business for the forseeable.
  9. Ok so Lexus Bolton will do the service for 350 if I supply the service kit. However they agreed to price match what it was going to cost me separately and agreed to £500 all in. One more point, the service kits on Lexus parts don’t quite match the schedule. For the 100k I needed to buy the intermediate service kit and then 7 litres of coolant separately. @LexusPartsDirect Might be worth you offering that as a kit as I don’t need the spark plugs for this service.
  10. I’ve been running a rear non ISO fix seat for almost 2 years now in my isf and with a decent seat protector no issues so far
  11. No but it is due middle of next month so will getting around to booking it in this week hopefully
  12. They are genuine parts if you check the link out
  13. Anyone had lexus do the service but provided the service kit themselves? I've known other brands be ok with this and it usually knocks £100 off the price which would be handy as I am due the 10 year/100k service next.
  14. Spoke to Hedge End and they confirmed I could extend the warranty pretty much as along as I want before the car hits 10 years.
  15. I have just hit 40k and do about 6-8k annually so wouldnt be an issue, but I think the 140k is the same as the 10 year cirteria i.e. it must be under that value at the point of taking it out. I will give Hedge End a call in the week, defo worth a call even if I dont keep the car must help to sell it??