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  1. Class leading interior and all weather performance were the stand out memories from the performance audi I owned. I liked both cars a lot but theres something about the ISF thats just under my skin. Rareness and reliability also play a big factor.
  2. My battery, which I think is the original from 2009, is showing signs of being on its last legs now I am not using the car regularly (or in fact at all in 5 weeks since I decided to SORN it 😞) I stuck it on a charger but after 18 hours it still hadnt reached full charge which doesnt sound promising, however it is holding charge for 10 or so days so I am just running the car on the drive for 20 minutes every 10 days.
  3. Smaller engines do provide better economy ultimately, so I cant see the trend reversing.
  4. When there is surplus stock maybe but I don't expect a fire sale with f cars unless unfortunate owners need to get rid due to finding themselves in financial difficulty. It was a niche to begin with.
  5. I need new rears soon, where are they on offer?
  6. Cheers! I have a DA and a tin of colinite but nothing light colour specific. Just order a sample of Light Fantastic to give a whirl 👍
  7. What products do you use @NothernDan? I consider myself to be half decent with a polishing cloth but cant get my silver to shine quite like yours. Unless the images are edited?
  8. They will cover F cars as I was offered this at my last service. However it was the 10 year service which has a few extras in the schedule they were willing to skip, so I declined and haggled a better deal on the scheduled service instead.
  9. Even the stock exhaust drones slightly. A louder exhaust is just that, you can't get more of the noise without getting more of the noise 😈
  10. There are very few axle back exhausts on the market for the ISF available in the UK. There is a group buy for a Hayward & Scott cat back in this thread which is known for having very little drone (and sounding lovely) Some people have fitting a valve and switch themseleves (via a local exhaust shop) to the exhaust before the back boxes which is very loud when open and like stock when closed.
  11. Where possible I think we should be trying not to leave the house and avoid contact with others. They have made an exception to the MOT so that you can stay on the right side of the law.
  12. Its not often I dont recognise a car! Looks a little like the love child of a short wheelbase shogun and a rav4. I'm considering SORN the F if weeks turn into months, only so many cars you need to not be driving.I was hoping to go for the occasional blast on deserted roads in it but not sure if thats a dream now and seems a little irresponsible if something was to happen and the emergency services were need as they have other priorities right now. A business I had shares in sold in Jan, terrifying to think what it might have not been worth given another month.
  13. Plenty of negotiation in Lexus prices if you ask