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  1. They are genuine parts if you check the link out
  2. Anyone had lexus do the service but provided the service kit themselves? I've known other brands be ok with this and it usually knocks £100 off the price which would be handy as I am due the 10 year/100k service next.
  3. Spoke to Hedge End and they confirmed I could extend the warranty pretty much as along as I want before the car hits 10 years.
  4. I have just hit 40k and do about 6-8k annually so wouldnt be an issue, but I think the 140k is the same as the 10 year cirteria i.e. it must be under that value at the point of taking it out. I will give Hedge End a call in the week, defo worth a call even if I dont keep the car must help to sell it??
  5. Hmm I am already covered untill its 12th birthday, but since I have now paid that warranty off and its not 10 for a few months I wonder if I could add another 2 years to that taking it to 14 years?!
  6. How many other cars did you come accross that have had this issue? I seem to think I've heard of it happening atleast once before.
  7. Good to hear this car is back to full health and that there is a route back to full health for anyone else in this situation in future that doesnt involve a 6 month wait and £10k for a new gearbox fitted from Japan. Any idea of the cost of the refurb? Either way once I am out of warranty if I decide to keep the car I will be having the radiator replaced as a preventative maintence step!
  8. Was the car under warranty initially when the radiator went? It'm not saying its right but reading between the lines I'm not sure if it was, and I cant help thinking that mighthave been at the back of the warranty companies mind when they turned down the new gearbox claim. As fraudulent as that is!!
  9. Mine is due the 100k service in September (although its just hit 40k) what did that include?
  10. Finally got around to trying my disc from the satnavstore at the weekend. Works perfectly no problems at all and a 5 minute job to do yourself. Graphics on the map seem better also.
  11. Yup dont buy an ISF if you ever might need to move it on quickly! Surprises me sometimes though, what else offers this level of ability and reliability other than something from the same stable? Every dog has its day and I think this cars might yet be to come, when we reach the point where m3's and RS4's of the same era are terrifying ownership prospects. In fact we are all but there really, who would buy a 100k example of either of these cars?!
  12. I wonder how many people who make these sweeping statements about the suspension being night and day have actually driven the earlier model cars. I had the choice of 2 cars, a 11 plate 60k mileage car or a 59 plate 34k mileage car. I really could not tell a great degree of difference driving them back to back, not to the point where I thought I could only live with one, so I went with the lower mileage and best condition car and have zero regrets. My wife is quite fussy and never complains about the suspension. I drove 6 hours in it last weekend without complaint. My father has a 11 plate 911 with PASM and I wouldnt say that rides much better. I once owned a fn2 type R, now there was a car with suspension I regretted buying 3 months later!
  13. Had about 7 runs in total, quickest being a 13.4 @ 109mph Interestingly had a passenger for a lot of them and the times were pretty much the same. I was actually getting quicker 1/8's with the passenger but a slower terminal speed by about 5mph, so they balanced each other out and traction issues are my biggest problem. If I could have combined the 1/8 times with the higher terminal I would have got pretty close to the elusive sub 13 second run I think. Great fun and quite addictive, some stickier wider rears are probably the direction I will go for the next trip, and a bit more experiment with the launch and manual changes. I beat the mustang every run but mainly down to better launch and reaction times, he managed to run a 13.3. It was Jap fest on the sunday, saw a blue ISF running down the strip (also running a 13.4) if thats anyone on here?
  14. Hi, I am going drag racing this weekend at santa pod. Its my first time and I am going with my uncle in his 2018 mustang 5.0, I am not 100% sure which HP model this is but I think it was before the update. The cars post pretty similar times so should be a good contest, if either of us can get into the 12's we'll be happy. Any tips both for a first timer and in getting the best out of the F? Launch technique, tyre pressures etc? Thanks in advance!