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  1. Hi all, I was in my lexus is300h and I put it into sport mode and gave it a bit of a hard drive and got a bad smell in the car after. Now I never ever drive it hard always potter about In eco mode from the time I have had it a year ago. Would this be anything serious like the catalytic converter going or would it be the case it was clearing and blown it out because it has never been drivin hard before. I took it back out afterwards and the smell was gone . Thanks .
  2. Hiya i found it looking straigh at me 😂 Thanks very much for your help mate.
  3. Cool i still have to chexk . I did see tge battery and punture kit but dont recall much room there for anything else . Il double check 🙂
  4. Perfect thanks Phil , il try pull the floor part up to check under it .
  5. Hi all, Do you know if the IS300H comes with a jack. I know there is no spare wheel but there is a wrench for opening the wheel nuts and what looks to be a metal long rod like u use to turn up the jack . I don't see a jack there in that area. I didnt check under that plastic panel as its stuck down amd i presume thata where the hybrid battery is so i dont want to mess about there. maybe its hidden else where ? Thanks
  6. Hi all , Any ideas if the attached wheel in the link will fit my is300h F sport ? The original wheels are 18 and this is a 17 . As Greg made a good point would it fit over the f sport break calibers ? Or are the break calipers on the f sport the same as the executive models which have the 17 inch alloys ? I went to lexus and ur man in the parts hadnt a clue or no interest he just said we dont do spare wheels that's what the gels are for and took my number and never rang back. Thanks .
  7. Thanks Bob. I went up to Lexus this morning to get one and the parts department was closed . Was it a space saver wheel you got and if so what size to give me an idea when asking. Thanks .
  8. That's a very good question i have wondered that myself i read mixed reviews on that so i feel the easier and safer way is to have a spare in the boot .
  9. Perfect Gareth id be the same . Thanks again very helpful ad always 😊
  10. Cheers Gareth . Was it an alloy u got for that price or juat a normal wheel ?
  11. Thanks for the reply Gareth il check it out. I might see how much an original alloy will cost through Lexus , it will pay for itself in years to come for the piece of mind .
  12. Hi all, I am looking to put a spare wheel in the boot of my IS300H F sport as i don't want to be caught out some night if i get a puncture. So the question i have is can i use a spare wheel of a nissan that has the same size as in 114.3 but its a 16 inch wheel where the alloys on my F sport are 18 inch. Would it do damage to the drive train or anything by driving with a wheel that's not the same size ?? Thanks .
  13. Hi Gareth, i changed over to my first hybrid myself 3 months ago and i had the same concerns as you. the battery level goes up and down like a yo yo . i thought it would last longer driving on electric mode but it seems to all balance out when u drive it and by breaking, the battery meter goes back up fairly quick and ur ready to use the battery again. either way when it gets to 2 bars and of u are in traffic or driving in a 50k and the engine isn't on it will kick the engine in and recharge. i had the battery health check done by the lexus dealer and the report stated all was good. if u get ur car serviced by lexus the hybrid health check is free and once they pass it u will get a year or 15,000km warranty on ur battery . as the lads told me on this form don't worry about it just drive it and enjoy it the car knows what it is doing leave that to do the work it's designed to do and enjoy the comfort of ur new car 🙂
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