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  1. This is very interesting, thanks again. I thought I had done enough getting Lexus to grease the pins. If you have a link for the full YouTube video please share. Another thing I’ll have to make a special request for next service...
  2. Thanks for the detail on this. Do you have a photo of the actual part/area of the car and I assume wheels have to come off to access the area to treat?
  3. Hi, Had a search but can’t see a post relating to this already. Does anyone know the colour/code for the silver paint on Advance style alloys (I think 17inch)? Have a few small kerb nicks to touch up. Photo of the style of it helps. If anyone also knows if Lexus do their own touch up kit useful to know details + cost. Thanks Max
  4. I also just purchased my 2015 IS (20k miles) last year and I would say to save yourself a future big bill, have the slide pins pro-actively regreased now. I just did a major service on mine and Lexus Sidcup charged me an extra £100 to do all the slide pins when I requested this on top of the standard service items. Once done you probably only need to redo every 20/30k or 2/3 years. My original pads still had 10mm left on them so first regrease due at 5 years of low mileage, sooner if higher mileage.
  5. Those of you not brave enough or like me without convenient access/tools to complete, just got all my slide pins greased today at Lexus Sidcup, came to just under £100 including the VAT. Now this is done on my 5 year old vehicle (which they also stated had 10mm left on the pads if relevant), when would this need inspecting and/or greasing again? Car only covers 5k miles max per year. Also if it helps this is the stuff they use.
  6. Thanks for this. After a slight “bleed” of the oil from the sensor, my auto-wipe function is still working fortunately. At least I know what is needed if it does eventually play up.
  7. What I am finding is not clear from the servicing list of items, is if either the intermediate and/or full service include inspection, testing and if required greasing of caliper slide pins? If it is not an annual service item this is something I would recommend owners ask for you go elsewhere to ensure it is done. My service is due so will be asking and will feedback.
  8. Hi, there are some posts for other models which seem to suggest there is a gel pad in the auto-wiper sensor fitting in the windscreen. With the heat I see a trail of transparent gel/grease ooze running down the inside of my windscreen. Anyone else come across this? Yet to test the wipers btw, given no rain at the moment! Given this is the second temperature related incident in as many weeks, appears my IS300h is faltering in the heat.🥵 Thanks Max
  9. Really interesting and a likely cause! So you are damned either way with these humps, either excessive inner tyre wear, or if you go over them possible earlier wear/failure of shocks and springs. I guess as speed is at the discretion of the driver, not many other ways to control those who speed in residential areas though...
  10. I use Wheel Power in Brockley (depends on where you are in London but anywhere with Hunter Laser alignment is what you want). I got mine done the week after I bought the car because the Lexus dealership didn’t check or correct alignment prior to putting the car up for sale. Given the design of the suspension and fixed castors, doesn’t appear you can completely avoid the wear but you can minimise it with at least annual alignments.
  11. Ok, it’s decided, nose down for sure. Tried parking nose up today, with the 30 degree heat, this expanded the catch on the centre console (armrest) storage unit, so it flipped open of it’s own accord and set the alarm off! Looks like even a Lexus has its own set of design flaws, albeit a very small one 😂
  12. Checked mine. My car is low mileage 15 plate 20k miles, but an underworked car can have it’s own set of issues versus an older/high mileage example. Apart from the thin surface rust on the bolt the area is clear of corrosion. However, what I did notice is the grit in this area looked distinctly like that inside the air filter box when I have hoovered it out in the past. In the lower corner of the airbox is a small indentation with a hole, that allows dust, grit and moisture collected in the air box to fall or run out. This appears to sit above the bracket/bolt in question. Pure speculation but if water is getting into the air box ( just from travelling at speed, jet washing the grille, or ill fitted/compromised/non-Denso air filter that doesn’t form a full seal around the airbox, could be the source? Seems too far fetched if I’m perfectly honest, maybe just co-incidence the airbox drain hole happens to sit above here.
  13. Thanks, will definitely be taking a look at that!
  14. May go independent after my next major service (but still visit Lexus for annual Hybrid check). This question probably for a tiny population of the forum but has anyone got experience of using Tech-One Toyota Specialists in Sidcup? Thanks Max
  15. Hi, unusual question. Anyone owned an is300h for a decent period and parks on an incline ( be it road or driveway)? Any water ingress/damaged caused by this? Reason I ask is I used to own a VW, and if parked nose up water seeped in through the air filter down to the CCM and if I parked nose down water sat in the boot hinge channels and seized up the mechanisms. I’m parking my IS300h nose down at the moment and all seems well, given the boot design means no water gets trapped around the boot (plus hinges are internal). Hoping this is the best way, or maybe by design there is no difference or risk of issues with this vehicle? Thanks as always for any valuable advice.