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  1. Good point, washers, o-rings etc. are perishable or once torqued and released, should not be refitted as could fail from fatigue/corrosion (especially around the diff which seems to attract a fair amount of surface corrosion following my previous review and maintenance of the underside). Thanks all for the great advice.
  2. That kind of suggests that they don’t actually replace them themselves when changing the diff oil then! However, it pays to replace these in the long run or even just to have on hand should the existing ones be or get damaged during the refilling process. Great detail in your posts, for example 2 litres of oil needed when the Toyota diff oil only comes in 1 litre bottles (saves from getting stuck with not enough oil and justifies use of a decent filling syringe).
  3. Great thread here on servicing. Quick question on the above, when you mention the metal o rings, did you replace them and if so which part numbers/specifications? Thanks
  4. Nice one thanks, will start looking out again from start of June.
  5. Hi, aware some people on the forum have their ears closer to the track than some of us mere mortals. I am sure someone planned to shout out anyway but if anyone becomes aware first that Lexus dealers reopening for servicing/MOT (my Hybrid Health Check due), please respond or post a new thread to let us know. Thanks!
  6. Thanks again Colin for all the valuable info. If the 25k/2yr service on my service history is/was the equivalent of the current Full 20 service, I should be safe to assume based on “Replace Front and Rear Differential Oil (Model dependant)” being ticked, this was completed July 2018. However strictly speaking if major service is every 2 years it is due again this time so will look to have replaced. Last question to throw out there. Can Toyota garages perform Hybrid Health Checks on Lexus vehicles and if so will this reflect on the Lexus systems service history (I.e. does the group share systems)? I have a preference with Toyota garages given distance to travel and my personal experience of customer service levels across the two brands.
  7. I was hoping it would be smart enough to tell you what service your vehicle is due next and when. Instead all it has is a calendar you have to fill in manually, simply to remind you to call the dealership. Given most phones already have a calendar and reminder function, another essentially useless function!
  8. LexusLink app service history bears no resemblance to a dealer printed service history and most of the detail other than Hybrid Health Check is missing. Very disappointing, not worth using. LexusLink: Dealer print out:
  9. Grabbed the paperwork as below. Car is July 2015 registered and about to hit 20k miles. So if my maths is any good: 1) Air filter is due as Lexus didn’t replace in 2019 when they prepped the car for sale (guess technically it still had 2 months left). 2) Cabin filter (87139-30100) last replaced 2018, so now due. 3) OW20 AFE engine oil, from what I understand is an annual change regardless of miles driven. 4) Differential Oil - Wonder if OILD means it was changed (at 3 years on a “full 25k/2yr” service) or just level checked? Suspicious as it is under Other and not Parts section. Thanks again
  10. Fabulous response Colin and really appreciate the timings/mileage deadlines. I have a full print of the service history from Lexus from when I bought the car, so will compare and then review and/or replace parts accordingly. Brake fluid (if over 2 years) and Hybrid Health check can wait until after lockdown, as have Toyota garages as an option if Lexus too busy (as they aren’t so prevalent).
  11. At home getting bored of waiting to get my IS300h 20k service done. Does anyone have a full list of official Toyota service part numbers required? I assume pollen filter, air filter, oil filter, oil, rear diff oil at least. I assume Toyota OEM is cheaper than Lexus branded ones (Charcoal Pollen filter on Lexus eBay store is almost £80). Is the most cost effective way to buy direct from Toyota (eg local dealer), or are there cheaper trusted 3rd party stockists? I’ll defo change filters and possibly oil and diff oil if lockdown eases and I regain access to a pit. Aware a special tool required to change the oil filter, any other custom tools needed? Have seen the 60k service video on YouTube so have a good idea of the work involved. Then when lockdown is done just get a hybrid health check, brake fluid (if due) change and ask the dealer to check for and if required regrease any stuck caliper slide pins. thanks!
  12. Sorry and to check, does the handbrake need to be off and car in Park, Neutral or Drive? Assume if handbrake off and Neutral need to chock block the other wheels?
  13. Would love it if there was even a way to do this without removing the wheels but so far this is the least time intensive method I have seen - thanks! What if you had access to a pit, but from the above looks like you need access to both sides of the caliper to test this? Need to find time to check mine!
  14. Nice one! F Sport defo the best looking version 🏎