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  1. Hello all, just had the car back and no issue what so ever. As most folks suggested, it was an A/C drain. Nothing picked up during full service / health check so all good. Damn, this thing scared the life of me this morning!
  2. Very interesting! So any condensation would normally be spit out of this whole? Never heard of this before hence why I'm a bit surprised.
  3. Yes it has full Lexus history. Campbeltown and everything replaced at Lexus too. I'm worried but wanted to see if anyone had the same issue and whether it was a simple plug / seal. It looks like a specific hole where such fluid may be drained from. Searched everywhere on here and this was usually replaced due to warranty - we're talking about posts from 5/7 years ago.
  4. Hello All, I've got my car booked in for main dealer service this morning, it's an RX400h facelift. The other day I've discovered a leak at the bottom of the car - appears to be behind the front wheels. I've checked all of my fluid levels and both pink coolants are on the same level. It isn't brake fluid, so I've narrowed it down to a possible transaxle leak? Anyone have any insight? I'm just thinking of the costs it may entail or whether this would be some easy seal / plug? Here are the pictures today / video from today. Would be ideal to know what I'm up against as I don
  5. You're right, however mine doesn't require plugs at this moment in time.
  6. Just booked my car for a service at Cambridge Lexus. They told me that they no longer carry out the old service (not sure what they were talking about, but I think they mentioned the essential service and something along those lines) scheme and it's now just a full service or an intermediate service; however they also said they'll give me a 20% discount on full service due to the change in the scheme - again, it's the first time I'm taking my car for a service so unsure what they meant but happily accepted the discount. So all in (including full valet) is £420 for my RX400h.
  7. I beg to differ because although my RX400h is epic in every way in the comfort department, my Phaeton's air suspension were far superior than of a car with standard suspension. I couldn't feel a single bump in my Phaeton, in fact, it felt like there were no bumps at all. Sorry but the air suspension on the Phaeton in comparison to any other car I've ever driven which was fitted with standard suspension is like day and night. I cannot comment on Lexus air suspension, but then again, those should normally be the same unless we're talking about something like BOSE suspension.
  8. Thanks all for the input. I think it would be wise for me to go with their essential plan as it offers 1x minor and 1x major service. I am now due for a major so it would come in handy as the local dealer wants around £450 for it.
  9. Hello All, Just want to get some thoughts / opinions from you all. As per the title, do you still continue to service your RX (or any other Lexus you may have had) at the main dealer after the 10th-12th anniversary / 100k+ miles? I'm in love with my RX400h, however I am not entirely sure how I'd benefit from continuing to utilise the main dealer for servicing, other than the 1 year battery warranty (correct me if I am wrong)? I have full history with Lexus with 12 stamps and cam belt / pump replaced at main dealer too, which was a very nice bonus and peace of mind. I am planning
  10. Thanks for response guys. As stated above, I bought Neissen's rad. DENSO is good, but their replacement products aren't on par with the factory built stuff - of that makes sense. People on here have vouched for Neisenn on their LS and GS models, so I've decided to go with that. Local garage is charging me £120 to fit the radiator. They also source Toyota's Super Long Life pink coolant at £27 per 5 litres. I don't currently have a drive so fitting one myself wasn't an option. I have lost about a size of a nail and a half of coolant since the issue was spotted. It is dripping from
  11. Thanks for sharing. To be honest, I'm not too fond of buying something so cheap. Don't get me wrong, I obviously want to save money, however if it's so cheap then I always question its reliability and durability. I have further reviewed the EIS radiators and they seem to fail quite bad (works out £71 after discount at Eurocarparts), so I went ahead and bought Neissens for £124 after discount with p&p. I've read that a lot of the folks on here fitted Neissens rads on their LS, GS and RX models. I also read on BMW forums and other car forums that Neissens seems to last a lot longer and is on
  12. Can't seem to edit my post further. I got a quote for the radiator from a very good local garage. They want £237.95 + VAT for the part alone. They want £27.95 for the Toyota Super Long Life pink stuff and £113.75 + VAT for labour. They can fit my own part so I'll go via that route. I note that Eurocarparts sell EIS radiator for £110, Neisenns £182 and DENSO £328 - all ex-discount. I don't see how the EIS and Neisenns differ much in terms of quality. What would you recommend? I know people say DENSO was OE however I've read that their quality went down and a lot of the US folks had the DEN
  13. Hello all, I've noticed a small leak on the passenger hand side of the car the other day, that seems to be coming from the radiator. Upon further inspection, I found that both sides of the caps were dripping a little. There is no record of the radiator to be ever replaced and I think it's about time. What are the reasonable costs associated with replacing a radiator (I don't believe it is a hybrid radiator that is leaking, but will monitor both levels and report back shortly)? What if, it's the hybrid radiator, how much would that set my back? Would you trust a good non-Lexus mechani
  14. It has been 3 months since I bought my RX400h and I am glad to have gone ahead with Lexus. It is a joy to drive and feels as comfy as my Phaeton did. The build quality is very good, so I get no rattles and no noises. I live on the countryside surrounded by A/B roads, so charging up the batteries is no issue; likewise, using them in town has been great. To be honest, I don't pay attention (just like the manual suggests) to the battery consumption / usage as it just does its own thing - it never goes below 3 bars. I don't drive like a nun to save money on fuel, as otherwise it beats a purpose of
  15. Hi, thanks for letting me know. I've looked at GROM but it is way overpriced for what it offers. I'm reluctant to pay £140 for GROM's kit to listen to some music and based on people's feedback (YouTube link), the first choice is cheap and reliable + offers same performance.
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