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  1. noticed today that there is currently 8 ISF's for sale on eBay, typically there is only 2 or 3, , 8 seems like a lot when you consider they only brought circa 200 in to the country!
  2. agree with you on most points but have have a few modifications to address some of the issues, Apexi throttle controller, H&S exhaust, BC Racing coilovers, 275 rear tyres 245 front, for me its the best handling car of that era in its category
  3. CTS quoted me circa £3000 to remove refurb and refit, including fitting the rad flushing system etc, so I'd guess £1500-£2000 for just the refurb. the garage that fitted the new box was pretty confident there was no coolant in the box, the drained the ATF and kept it for me to see and there didn't seem to be any water sitting in the top of the ATF
  4. Undecided, I really don't have the space for it to honest, open to offers
  5. yeah thats why the decision was made to pull it out of Lexus, I wasnt confident that they had fully diagnosed the issue, it felt like they were just gonna keep changing parts till they found the issue, it was getting close to £2k in labour at Lexus, so this route was a bit of a no brainer! yeah standard Lexus rad
  6. not sure to be honest, they stopped communicating, tooling was deffo finished but not sure if they got round to changing it to suit aluminium breather outlet
  7. Gearbox, fluids, rad assy, came in just over, came in around £2.2k (mates rates on labour)
  8. after a stressful couple of weeks, the car is now home and runs like a dream!!!
  9. Dont know for certain, but Lexus wanted £3700 for the initial repair, but couldnt rule out that it wouldnt need a new gearbox, it worked out cheaper to just fit a new box
  10. New replacement gear box now home, whipped the covers off to have look inside, couldn't be happier, it is literally like new, ATF is like new and gears look as new
  11. They know how to charge, 14 hours they quoted me for swapping a gearbox, I have built full engines and installed them in less time,
  12. Totally agree, i would not touch this with a barge pole (i really hope it doesn't bite someone!), sadly the current era of Lexus cars is well behind the latest modular chassis design, in a car as capable as these its just not worth the risk