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  1. how long has it been since you had them powder coated? you need to leave it at least a week before fitting tyres as its still soft
  2. As my BBS wheels have polished rims which the salt will eat I will be reverting back to standard wheels with Pirelli Sotozeros on for the winter
  3. another fail from BCS, they didn't collect the car
  4. brake callipers will look a little different tomorrow 😎
  5. for £3 per week over 18 months, yeah I think its worth it
  6. Mine had Yokos on it when I bought it, now I have changed them the PS4S the grip is a lot better!
  7. I found lighter wheels and two piece brakes made quite a noticeable difference
  8. The GSF is a funny one, in pics I find it always looks a bit awkward, however one parked opposite me at Caffeine and Machine last weekend and I was totally converted, they are stunning in the flesh!
  9. tyre wear was pretty much perfect 3.5mm from inside to out then 3mm on the outer edge I think my driving is more spirited than aggressive 😇
  10. they videos it and sent me the video, fronts are fine but the rears are down t0 3,5mm, please not they said nearly due for replacement, I know they still have some life left, just surprised they have worn so quickly
  11. I had 4 brand new Michelin PS4S fitted at the end of January, dropped the car off at Lexus Coventry for a service today to be told that my rear tyres are nearly due to be changed, I would guess I have covered approx 8k max in that time, what are you guys getting?
  12. im in Nuneaton so would be interested in a meet, will more than likely be heading up to Caffeine and Machine Sunday or Monday if anyone is interested?
  13. do you know if they removed the brake pistons for inspection? if you look at the callipers you will see that the pistons on the leading edge a smaller, then they get progressively bigger, this is done so that the leading edge of the pad makes contact first, generally if there is any signs of corrosion on this small piston it means the pad is contacting the pad flat at which point you have a significant pressure difference between the front and rear pistons and the centre piston is acting as a pivot, allowing the pads to squeal at low breaking force, does it stop under heavy braking?