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  1. i was 37 when i got mine, now 39, possibly my favourite car I have ever had as I suspect the Sierra Cosworth was more of a nostalgia thing
  2. nope, i have just found some genuine lexus ones at a reasonable price
  3. my front right wheel bearing is on its way out, there appears to be some confusion over what actually fits, anyone on here had to replace theirs?
  4. I have not seen a single ISF that has had rust at any age, so really just check for cosmetics, they really are pretty bullit proof so not a lot to check, water pump as mentioned but this should have been done, if they are willing to put it up on a ramp it would be worth checking the brake lines (the hard lines that run the length of the car) these can suffer with corrosion and are pretty costly to replace, check for any knocking or whining through the steering, there are starting to be a few issues on high millage cars with the steering racks, this hopefully should mot apply to such a low milage car. she looks a beaut btw!!
  5. some of the new engines I am working on have electric superchargers and turbos
  6. found it for those that are interested:
  7. no, I have PS4S's on my BBS wheels, SottoZeros on my standard wheels
  8. my Pirelli SottoZero 3's will be going on this weekend
  9. if anything I would believe the addition of ethanol at the same RON would increase performance, ethanol has a lower flash point than petrol meaning that it would reduce the likelihood of preignition meaning you could further advance the ignition
  10. correct 6th gear is 1:1 in our cars, what gear was the car run in?
  11. Cold weather does help as the air is more dense, but correction values on dynos become less accurate the more you move from typical ambient temps