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  1. as others have said it should clear after a number of starts, I had similar when I switched the engine on without remembering to reconnect the MAF
  2. that's really good to hear, mine is getting close to needing a service and it was Coventry I was planning to use
  3. Twellsie

    My ISF

    BC Racing Coilovers Reyland Motorsport Floating Rotors Hayward and Scott exhaust Roose motorsport intake more to come......
  4. @Peter P18 Good luck with the sale buddy, you have done an amazing job with he car, it will not be everyones cup of tea, but it will be someones shot of tequila
  5. and the brakes are on, next step calliper refurb!
  6. I have tried EBC a few times over the years, green, yellow and blue and have never been happy, do Euro car parts not do Btrmbo pads for the GSF?
  7. fronts are 19 x 8.5 ET 38, but spaced out another 15mm, which would make them et23 with 225 40 19 tyres, rears are 19 x 9.5 ET 38 with 255 35 19 tyres
  8. There are various options with the disks, based on coatings, floating/non-floating etc, they start from around £1100 for a set of 4, mine came in at £1300 from memory
  9. totally agree and its been the same in the Mercs I have owned
  10. it all depends where the weight is saved, example if you save 15kg of unsprung weight on a 1500kg car, you would notice the difference!