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  1. I would be amazed if these come ready painted!!!
  2. @gb1600e Acrid green could be a good shout, given whats turned up today.....
  3. im surprised, my rear tyres on stock wheels look a lot more stretched than the fronts
  4. I have paid extra to have the drive in drive out option day service so was just over £400
  5. looks sweet, I keep looking at the Vossen VFS1's, but struggling with the idea of cost on a daily motor and the curbs at my local Starbucks drive through, so very tempted with these, what size tyres are you running?
  6. Hey Dan, are they on spacers or stock?
  7. Twellsie

    ISF Wheel colour

    I think they would look great in BMW smoke chrome, the wheels on my M5 were that colour, they are not actually chrome but a super shiny anthracite and as they get dirty they just look regular anthracite, an absolute joy to live with!!!
  8. if any of you are thinking about getting your callipers repainted, BCS have a kimited period of 53% off, I have just booked mine in, just need to decide what colour to go for
  9. Twellsie

    Looking for an ISF...

    head up to caffeine and machine, I am meeting Cezar there!
  10. you are right, but that was a time when people were less concerned by the cost of fuel and the emissions regulations were non existent, catalytic converters were the chaining point, namely cat preheat, a lazy V8 from cold does not create enough heat quick enough to activate the cats, this means that you have to have very clever control on valve timing and fuelling (hence why we have port and direct fuelling) but effectively you are burning an excessive amount of fuel just to generate heat to activate the cats, which is pretty counter intuitive. Also start stop is a nightmare on a V8 due to its rotating mass there was a time when nearly 50% of Range Rovers were V8s, they are now less than 10% with a large proportion of those being SVR variants owned by people that earn far much more than the common man, the market is just not there
  11. the problem is the market for big V8 owners just isn't there anymore, the cost to develop a large V8 over such a small number of cars just doesn't make sense, especially when you consider you can develop a turbo V6 that will cater for anything from 250 to 500+hp just by changing pistons, rods and turbos and still charge a premium for the higher output engines even when their manufacturing costs are similar to the lower output variants given they have higher performance figures than the V8s they replace. The v6/turbo V6 is the most flexible engine format for cars going forward hence why Formula 1 adopted it a few years ago
  12. the key point is whether it has deformed the inner C pillar, if it has the shell is scrap, yes it could be repaired, but I would never trust it with my or my families life as the structural integrity is is gone
  13. Just to add, this is exactly the reason I bought my ISF, we are very close to the point where these cars do not exist anymore, so want to enjoy it whilst we still can!!!
  14. its still possible to produce V8's that will meet current and future legislation, (China 6 is a sticky point, given that it is the biggest car market in the world) but what has changed is the demand for them, unless developing an engine collectively with other manufacturers it's not worth the development costs for such a small number of cars