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  1. Good point! if I don't buy some new bulbs that is in effect making the Vlands £100+ cheaper!
  2. just thought, do these cars tell you when there is a bulb out? as mine isn't, so is this more likely to be the ballast than the bulb?
  3. just noticed one of the bulbs have gone on the ISF, any recommendations?
  4. Twellsie

    Post your Pics

    a sneak peak of the new rear spoiler
  5. im up for a set of fronts providing I still have a job😤
  6. are you not having a set yourself? ie 8 to go? lol
  7. I don't fully understand the RR racing route, do you have to buy a $700 plug in then they can send you the maps? if I went to SRD does this negate the cost of the plug in bit? otherwise I don't see the point?
  8. From what I have seen on the American forums, these are for us.....
  9. have you seen the new Vland headlights?
  10. put me done for a set in red please Dan
  11. nice one Dan, I had actually considered the exact same wheels! Look forward to seeing them on the car
  12. my detailing guy said quite the opposite
  13. sounds like a job for a professional to me as you will need to remove the coating