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  1. what am I doing wrong? I have protected no claims for god knows how many years, have 3 points on my license, I am 38 years old and my insurance is north of £1k a year!
  2. you will be miles into the effective thread length with these, it is nit a concern!!
  3. also @NorthernDan For the front there are three options: 2 piece bolted £575 2 piece floating £725 2 piece floating with our performance disc £895 (has better internal cooling for track day users, disc quality still the same so ideal for road and track but not really needed most fast road guys unless cost is not a consideration ) For the rear: 2 piece bolted inc internal handbrake drum £575 You can have curved, straight or J hook grooves. Bell colour can be black or grey with blue , gold or silver options. If more than two sets were ordered at once id give 10% off.
  4. sorry whats at the airfield? just a cafe?
  5. I would gladly pay £10 to know that I can arrive there and have a parking spot, you can pay in advance btw I will be sticking to the original plan
  6. Hi All Have just heard back from C&M they have a themed weekend on this weekend and it will require all visitors to pay an entry fee, which will be available to book in advance, this should be going live in the next day or two, keep an eye on their insta or FB page, I will of course update on here when they are available
  7. ok thats 4, plus me, Flytvr and Cezar that I have already spoke with, so 7 in total, I think 8 is the max they will let you pre-book, so will go with that
  8. please let me know asap if you are coming, I am trying to arrange advanced parking slots
  9. they offer clear, black and gold as standard, will ask if they can do blue
  10. problem being I am never in during the day for a courier to collect