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  1. totally agree with your principle on tyres, unless you are actually wanting to promote understeer/oversteer, brake pads however dont feel this is an issue, i have on many cars ran more aggressive pads on the front (assuming they are more aggressive?) without any issues, will be trying it on the ISF in the coming weeks
  2. sorry ignore me, its the other way round, it wont blow hot if low on coolant
  3. potentially interested , but i think you car is over priced, there are newer with less miles available for around the £9k mark
  4. there is a guy on ebay breaking an ISF, maybe see if he still has one, search breaking ISF
  5. Im on BC Racing, but went with 14k front 10k rear and that still quite firm for uk roads
  6. if cracked they can still be repaired, sand the cracked area until the dust is just black (instead of white, with a small brush coat with resin, leave to dry, block it flat and apply clear coat.
  7. if its a real carbon fibre, which it appears to be, a body shop could very easily flat and rear clear them, i have a recently re-done my rear spoiler under the guidance of a friend that used to manufacture carbon parts at Prodrive
  8. Myself and @Cezar had a trip to South Wales at the weekend, we visited Elon Valley and the Devils Staircase, would highly recomend!
  9. i am confused, you are concerned about the height in a sunroof car, but want a sunroof car?
  10. no, but i still dont have problems even with a helmet on i think i have 3 inches
  11. i am 6" 2' and not even close to the roof
  12. i would be absolutely amazed if they dont make jigs and fixtures, if your making more than a 1 off it makes zero sense not to
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