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  1. i run 8.5 x 19 et53 front and 9.5 et38 rear, gives a nice flush look and no issues with rubbing
  2. the ISF space saver is also a 18" but because they are steel rather than alloy there is loads of brake clearance
  3. i dont believe this to be true, the caliper is nearly identical and the disk is 8mm bigger (thats 4mm a side).
  4. Would an ISF space saver not work? i see you are relatively local so can try mine to check fitment
  5. x pipe will not make it any louder, it just balances the sound frequency as the firing order is inbalanced between the banks
  6. maybe a silly question but do you have the same tyres on the back as the front? Also another one for tyre pressure, i set mine with a temp gun to make sure i am getting equal heat across the width, 2.9 bar front, 2.8 bar rear, may be slightly different on a RCF but should be close enough as a starting point
  7. mate dont get me started, my missus is always saying her best friend had one at high school (she is American), she didnt it was a regular IS!!!!!
  8. a friend/former colleague of mine, he has a company called Stage-X Motorsport
  9. i was getting around 32 MPG with cruise control set at 70mph, its a little better after the remap and now get around 36 MPG
  10. really glad this worked out and they completed my suggested revisions
  11. good to know, mine may have to go up for sale soon if i dont find a job
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