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  1. Brembo are world leaders in brake technology and have been for years but I'd have no problem using any of the major motoring 'names' in this country for either discs, pads or shoes, Lexus don't make these parts they buy em in and rebadge to overcharge customers, same with all sensors, exhaust parts and electrical components. Outside of manufacturers warranty there is no valid reason for not shopping around unless of course you've got money to chuck away.
  2. Hazzo


    Cheers Colin, seems quite high that and having had two front tyres fitted I know the bloke putting the wheels back on came nowhere near so I'll loosen and re-torque them to be on the safe side. H.
  3. I replaced a whole refurbed head plus gaskets/timing belt/water pump on a hilux in the street outside the house in an afternoon and I'm a layman with a manual so theres something lacking in the two garages you used, did you keep the original engine, if so and now its out I suggest you buy a gasket and timing belt and do the job at home. I cant see the ecu causing the problem as the only thing changed is the motor, check the engine number and try and find out if its an earlier model considering your parts couldn't be fitted theres something different preventing it firing, try resetting the ECU by removing the battery connections for 5 minutes then try it, or bypass the starter solenoid with a live direct from the battery just to see if the starter is OK, if that works get another starter solenoid as your is goosed, possibly the fuse for it needs checked first too.
  4. Hazzo


    What are the torque settings for the wheel nuts on these alloy wheels on the is200, tia Hazzo
  5. Hazzo

    New IS200 happy owner here.

    I've still not taken any, I cant find a fault on it other than those rear sills beginning to rust and the two tyres I had to replace. Its running sweet as a nut and the Mrs loves it too, we've given our 2018 shopping trolley to our 22 year old to get to work in, its not a patch on this car. I'll sort those sills in warmer weather and give the car a good going over but for such a cheap price I can't lose even if it blows up a year down the line.
  6. Hazzo

    What on earth?

    Rather pour acid in my eyes than be seen driving it, it looks like a star wars helmet.
  7. Don't worry Tex you only need find a tester on a bad day and even a new car gets failed, I reckon they have a list of most likely problems to fail you on at given mileages, I've an 02 bike passes every year without fail because I stand there and anything he brings up I shoot down as I'm always on top of maintenance.
  8. Hazzo

    Help!! Engine problem

    ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ This above is the reason I prefer to service my own cars.
  9. Top it up with what you like isn't about to make it work, find its fuse and check that before you buy more washer fluid. The fuse for mine in the drivers footwell kickpanel, three rows of them, the cover has a diagram of which is which, WSH is the one you're looking for and a fuse is 10p, pull it, check if its blown as you can see the 'wire' and replace it if it has, any auto shop will have these fuses in stock.
  10. Hazzo

    Car Won’t Start - Saga

    Even on the right way, (pos to pos neg to body) they'll not have followed the procedure above so possibly blew a main fuse somewhere, I doubt even an AA man would connect a battery up wrong.
  11. Hazzo

    Car Won’t Start - Saga

    I reckon these 'techs' are a bunch of monkeys, it appears whenever an owner has a problem the solution it to throw parts at the car, thats not a tech in my book thats a fitter.
  12. My washers were the only thing not working on this car after buying it, I took the fuse out which was OK, put it back and the washers now work. I've worked on my own cars for forty years, attack the easy things first, in the case of fuses or other lecky bits its green corrosion causes most problems and a cleanup with a little emery cloth on the contacts and a smidge of vaseline or dielectric grease will usually sort it. Once the weather warms up I intend to go over every electrical connection I can find on this 15 year old beauty as it'll save me grief in the future.
  13. I've Avon tyres on my 900 motorcycle for the last five years, the only tyre I've never had a dodgy moment on wet or dry and get good mileage from them, if the car version is half as good they'll be ace.
  14. Hazzo

    03 IS300 MOT fail

    You need yellow pages for your area to get that welding done, rolling into a dealership for work like this you might as well have 'MUG' tattooed on your forehead, I'd be buying that 80 quid backbox section and scouring ebay for a 02 sensor. I bought this car for less than your dealer bill.
  15. Hazzo

    New IS200 happy owner here.

    I've not taken any yet lol, its standard silver with 18in wheels and drives like new, I'll take a couple today while we're out, only thing I see needing attention is the rear sill corrosion beginning but it can wait till it warms up a bit, everything works even the disc changer, I actually don't think its been used by previous owners as I suspect they were all elderly going off the low miles and history.