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  1. Hello to everyone although I've had my Lexus NX a few months but I've ordered the new Lexus NX ESTATE 350h 2.5 5dr E-CVT [Premium Pack/Lexus link pro] Special metallic - Sonic grey My Lexus NX is so comfortable , the best car for comfort and so quite. The one thing I missed from my all new Toyota RAV4 Excel AWD (2019) was its performance and outstanding fuel economy but not very comfortable for me. As I believe Toyota Rav 4 is basically the test bed for the Lexus nx On traveling on the motorway in the road works 11 miles average speed cameras 50mph limit my mpg was showing 67mpg when I got home the average mpg was 64mpg for the journey Conditions very Hot day/ cruise control set to 50mph/2people& 2 small dogs in the car around the doors 53 mpg dropping to 50mph in the winter. Average mph motorway was 55mpg So i am really looking forward to getting my new Lexus nx with the completely new multimedia system that is more powerful, responsive and intuitive to use, giving fast and easy access to information, entertainment and connectivity.. The dealership was saying they are getting an NX in mid December for 2 days but it in the show room onlyI believe it's going from dealers to dealers viewing only
  2. Hello KoeNX I have just ordered the new NX Tuesday 23/11/2021 from the dealership Lexus NX ESTATE 350h 2.5 5dr E-CVT [Premium Pack/Lexus link pro] 136 g/km Special metallic - Sonic grey NEW 11/05/2022
  3. Sedge Caddis dry fly but on our water if in doubt anything black will kill all day long I got these 3 fish 7 foot from the bank evening raise It's a wonderful place up in Northumberland I've put a link below have a look in the Gallery we can fish 1st April till 31st October . Plus free boats plus a nice club house with toilets male and female . I believe the record for Brown Trout almost 15lbs there's an unwritten rule that all brown trout are returned . as I've said to members if these 2 reservoirs were in the south of England the price would be double plus a long waiting list Oldtrout sorry for the long reply and it should be about the iPhone 😵‍💫 http://wes****
  4. Sorry oldtout I am on iOS 14 the auto connect Bluetooth is iOS 15
  5. Thank you Don I haven't got auto on my iPhone 7s BUT I am still on 14.8.1 . So I'll update next few days . Thank you again Don phil @73 yrs old confused . Com I'll let you know how I get on 😵‍💫
  6. The Subject of Apple iPhone not remembering my WiFi password in my Lexus NX 2021. I've contacted Apple support many times but we still can't get the Lexus to remember my wifi password, when speaking to Apple they always try to rectify the problem, speaking to Lexus/Toyota they seem to suggest it's an Apple problem so I have to log on every time, not anymore I've given up.I have come to the conclusion the problem lies with Toyota why, well My BMW was fine as was my 2 VWs . Back in 2014 my Toyota Prius Plus was terrible as was my all new Rav4 2019 which i part exchanged March 2021 for a new Lexus NX as the RAV4 wasn't very comfortable for me . It's just not good enough Your experience please Thank you
  7. My A35 definitely did not have heated washers not even washers 😩 but my bmw certainly did 😂
  8. Steve2006 good point I'll await the reply's . I've never had any problems with any screen wash only an advisory from the store guy at bmw saying headlight washers need a different screen top liquid do to there very small nozzle ( that's a 2011 bmw d 530) back in the day 1968 ish cars didn't have screen washers fitted I remember my late wife with a washing up bottle hand out the window squirting a mixture of washing up liquid and water on the windscreen of our A35 car as we were travelling along at 40 miles an hour ,and a gallon of petrol was 3 Bob a gallon er 30p . I have attached a Austin A35 photo . I love the internet . Tack care everyone
  9. Hello to everyone winter screen wash liquid . I am using Preston concentrate £8 for 5 litre which I dilute for the season it was an Autoexpress best buy . What are you using . Thank you
  10. Your thought please Hello to everyone . 4/5 years ago I rang Dunlop tech department asking the question at what temperature to fit winter tyres as there adverts were saying 7c and below Dunlop's tech guy said quote " we told the idiots in advertising that's not right anything below 12c then fit them as you will benefit " he went on to say they are cold weather tyres but have the advantage of being good in the snow. First and foremost they are a cold weather tyre, shorter stopping distance Take care everyone
  11. Another tip if I may. Removing dried wax from black vinyl trim usually wheel arches once dried it looks whitish Pencil rubber rubbed onto white marks on vinyl trim removes it
  12. Hello to one and all I came across this guy on YouTube link below (32,000views) How to clean your car windows I can vouch it does work, I never had my car glass so clean . We've been conned you really don't need chemicals. take care you don't damage rear inside heated screen £2 or £3 for your flunkey wash in cold water before use (synthetic chemise)
  13. HI NDP I am not sure about getting them back to black ,but if it's any help I know how to remove white over marks caused by catching black plastic trim whilst waxing a pencil rubber
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