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  1. Here one during the day not to bad considering but I am gonna do the whole car in time I might change the color
  2. May have got bored tonight her body is beaten up but let's have some fun sanded 400 and 800 then base coat no primer colour sanded then cleared it's not prefect but I have alot of body work to do anyway so I'll redo it all with the spray gun and spend the correct pint of time it was all done withing 4 hours
  3. Hi all I'm new to the Lexus world I got myself an 02 is200 she is a little battered by the previous owners but she did drive well So far since owning it I have replaced upper ball joints passenger wheel bearing rear pads Further stuff that needs doing are handbrake cables replacing the cat and centre section and lambda sensor
  4. Yes the ball joint itself can be changed without replacing the arm it is very simple remove upper arm flip it over there is a circlip remove that bang the old one out clean up the hole and then put the new one in and replace the circlip with new one I used a big socket which was bigger them the ball joint outter diameter and sat on the wishbone and used the nut and just tightened it up to pull it into place while checking it was going in straight and gave it a couple of love taps with plastic hammer to make sure it was seated all the way
  5. Hi all I'm new to the world of Lexus is200 and been told the RCA and quick steer kits from Lexi break are a worth while upgrade but my question is Can I fit RCA kit to a standard height car or would it put stress on ball joints and mess up the handling
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!