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  1. 140k for mine - sweet as anything
  2. If you live anywhere near WIM (wheels in motion) get it done there. The best alignment I’ve had done, they have IS200 specific custom settings that are perfect for the car.
  3. I did think that Lepsons processes would refurb them to a higher standard, but come the first winter they are showing serious corrosion on the diamond cut.
  4. rincewind

    Warped Hubs?

    You may want to read this http://brakeperformance.com/bedding-in-rotors.php
  5. Are they the five spoke with diamond cut? I had mine refurbed at Lepsons a year ago - white worm corrosion already appearing on the diamond cut edges. Depressing. That particular alloy is so crap. I'm going to get them done again as I can't stand seeing them like that, but this time no diamond cut, just powdercoat.
  6. I'm reviving this thread to see if anyone had any progress with the knocking noise. catnap - I've not noticed any increase in the knocking noise with the car occupied with people. It may be me, but it does seem quieter in the rain when the underside is wet.
  7. rincewind

    Warped Hubs?

    I’d be very, very curious to know the result of your knocking noise investigations. I sort of ignore it now, but there are days when I can’t...
  8. rincewind

    Warped Hubs?

    Feeling your frustration on this. I’ve had my is200 since it was one year old, and have only had this issue very briefly when I put new (Lexus sourced) front discs on. It turned out that some corrosion spots on the hub were just enough to affect the runout, I properly cleaned the hub and the problem went away. My issue has always been a knocking noise coming from the drivers side front suspension, never got to the bottom of it.
  9. rincewind

    Warped Hubs?

    Great result. If I remember, max runout is .035 so you’re now spot on.
  10. I think removing the offside wheel gives access to the filter - it's a bit of a pig to remove though.
  11. Yes, the gradual coming back thing is perplexing. I really hope we can get to the bottom of this.
  12. I think your list is spot on. I’ve changed; Shocks (on third set) top mount lower ball joint i also removed LCA and inspected the large bush on it, looked fine. I’ve also had garages pull it all about, including the guy at WIM, they couldn’t find anything wrong. After 3 sets of different makes of shocks on it I can’t see that they are the problem(unless they all share the same design flaw - but why then is the clunking noise always on the right(drivers) side? I currently suspect the upper ball joint.
  13. Oh yes! I so agree. It almost makes me want to jack up the car to relax the suspension on a weekly basis just for it to go away for a short while.
  14. catnap, look forward to the results of your investigations. I'd love to get rid of the knock on mine
  15. I personally would get timing belt kit, water pump and ancillary belts from Lexus. I know its dearer but peace of mind is worth a lot. I've bought ancillary belts from eBay in the past and had to change them due to quality issues.