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  1. Well, it seems the guy who told me about the plug in 'dongle' software upgrade and the dealership testing etc. has since left the dealership and vanished into the sunset. The guy I'm now speaking to claims to know next to nothing other than that there may be some sort of plug in 'dongle' which may or may not be an after market, chargeable thing and may or may not be associated directly with Lexus....but it may be from a totally seperate supplier...but he doesn't really he said he'd check and let me know......which he hasn't.....
  2. Ah, OK thanks for explaining that, very interesting but we do usually lease ours. I suppose if it were effectively a free car everyone would be doing it!
  3. Sooo...the company gets a free car?
  4. Ha yes, I confess that 0% BIK is a definite motivation but the first time I make a business trip an issue due to range/charging etc. I will invite huge criticism for my choice of car and for making it the companies problem! Once those 10 or 7 minute charging points are as common as other fuels the range anxiety will disappear, for me anyway. One thing though, I have heard that the fast charging is bad for the battery if done on a regular basis?
  5. Hmmm, I stand corrected on the build and size perhaps but the range/charging is an issue for me as I do trips of over 300 miles and even then i can't risk having nowhere to charge overnight if I stay away on business. I'm not saying it's impossible, just that it's too much faffing about for me personally. Once they can be charged in around 5 minutes and the infrastructure is more wide spread and common (i.e. in every filling station as an option alongside petrol/diesel/LPG etc.) then I would be interested. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Thanks but a full electric is no use to me as I do long trips and the range, charging time (hours not minutes) and charging infrastructure are simply not there yet for a company car user's requirements. A plug in petrol/hybrid or standard petrol/hybrid are fine but not fully electric. Also the 3 is too small and I've read bad things about build quality? Neil.
  7. I've just spoken to the UK Lexus recall department but they can't advise without a reg or chassis number, which I don't have yet! They advised I speak to the customer services team who may be able to help. Surely unless the recall was issued after the car left the factory and the 'Toledo' set sail the part would be replaced in the factory rather than building it with a known faulty part and waiting until it got to the UK to fix it? Something is not quiet right about this....
  8. Delivery of my new ES has been delayed (again) due to a supposed recall on the brake boosters. They tell me it's a recall affecting many Toyota and Lexus models including the new RAV4 and the new ES in the UK. I have Googled and can only find news of a similar recall a few years back in the US but nothing about a 2018/19 recall on even 2019 factory fresh models? Does anyone else know about or been affected by this and is it a cause for concern? Thanks Neil.
  9. Well, another delay now Apparently the car is in the dealership but has a block on it (meaning they can't register it or finalise any paperwork etc.) due to a parts recall action being required for the brake boosters? They claim this is a wide spread recall affecting many Toyota/Lexus models including the new RAV4 and the ES. Has anyone else heard this or been affected by it? Anyway, the part is supposedly in (I don't believe them anymore) but by the time it's fitted and they register the car and issue the released paperwork it will be next week before i get my car. Bearing in mind I was originally promised it for when my Mercedes went back in early May, then June, then early July and now..... I am very disappointed with Lexus over this as they have broken several promises and subjected me to continuous poor to non existent communication over all this, often with me having to persist in calling them and harassing them for updates. Not good enough and I expected better from a supposedly customer focused organisation like Lexus If I had another option, within budget and meeting the BIK % tax parameters I'd cancel and get something else out of principal but it's too late now and I'd only be cutting my nose off to spite my face. Still extremely annoying though.
  10. I did ask the dealership about a Lexus App as I also used the 'Mercedes Me' App. They said no such App was available for Lexus as far as they knew and certainly not at present. I'd check again though as most dealers do not seem to know everything about this sort of thing
  11. Hi Peter, I have but can't find anything, although to be honest I don't find it particularly easy to reference, perhaps I'm just being dim. I'll look again.
  12. Hi Tony, I understand but I thought that perhaps the system was very similar if not the same as models that have been out a while? Im not aware that the system on the ES is a totally new system? I stand to be corrected though.
  13. Wow, tough crowd 😕 nobody got an opinion of insight into this?
  14. Hi, I'm getting my new ES300h F Sport (Takumi pack) in a couple of weeks or so but have a question I can't seem to find an answer on regarding the driver multi-info display. It's the information displayed in the middle of the main tacho/speedo dial, not the info at the side when I move the dial over. Basically I want to see average MPG and range on the same screen but can't seem to do it? I can get range with average MPH which I don't want or need...or care about but with average MPG. Can I customise the display to choose which data i want displayed on each screen (as I scroll through them, particularly the main default screen in the middle of the dial. Can anyone help and does this even make sense? Oh and while I'm here...can I disable the welcome sound/goodbye sound when I turn on or off the main ignition's annoying. Same with the seat belt warning tone, it goes off when there's even a bit if weight on the seat and drives me nuts. Do I have to keep the seat belts fastened when I put anything on the seats or is there a way to turn the seat belt warning sound off?
  15. As I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my new ES300h F Sport (F Sport White with Takumi pack) around mid July I have been reading this with interest. The seat material does not bother me at all, I have driven the UX F Sport (Takumi pack) for a couple of weeks and it has (as far as I'm aware) the same Tahara seat material which was (in my opinion) both comfortable and attractive. I previously had a 2016 Mercedes C300h AMG Line Hybrid with their Premium Plus pack. Despite the premier plus pack it still only had their Artico synthetic leather. I find the Lexus Tahara leather to be superior to the Artico leather that Mercedes use. It is softer, more comfortable and feels less synthetic to me. I am also pleased to hear the the HUD has music track info as the HUD on the UX I drove did not. Going back to my experience (25,000 miles over 3 years) with the Mercedes C300h. I hated the RWD and will never have another. It handled like a baby Giraffe or a pig on stilts in the wet or poor surfaces and I felt it to be literally dangerous! I had previously always had FWD cars and felt them to be more stable and more planted especially around corners. I always felt I had to be careful in the Mercedes and don't get me started on it with wet and especially icy was lethal!. Most of the time I felt like my rear end wanted to get personal with my front end which is not good. So I am confused by James' experience of the FWD handling as it is the total opposite to my last 3 years in a RWD car. Still, a great review and it has done nothing to dampen my excitement