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  1. Or a spider? Web obscures sensor, web is removed when washed/car wash, ok for a bit until spider re-spins its web? It's amazing how resilient spiders can be even through car washes and jet washes etc. More likely a faulty sensor I suppose but it's worth bearing in mind.
  2. He didn't say but I got the impression that it would be a free update subject to car compatibility. Probably only on newer models/cars but not sure.
  3. I have spoken to the dealership sales manager today and he has advised me the following.... Lexus have been in a long debate regarding EU licencing fees (US have had it a while now) for both Apple Car Play and Android Auto but this has now been resolved. They will both be available very soon as a software update which is already available to some dealers in order for them to test it on their cars rather than clients cars. It is in the form of a car specific 'dongle' which is plugged into the car although I'm not sure if the dongle will be just a vehicle to transfer files to the car or if it will have to remain in place as part of the hardware? This has been done by my dealer already but for reasons they are investigating it caused the infotainment system in question to basically 'crash'. They have sent it (not sure if the dongle or info system or both) to Lexus for testing and are currently unsure if it was a corrupted file, faulty hardware or a bad, imperfect program? It's unlikely to be a major or long term issue and the good news is that ACP & AA will be available soon from your local dealership once Lexus release it into the wild for customer upgrades.. So the EU licencing issues have been resolved and it's on it's way...That's what I'm told at least, be interesting to see what other Lexus dealerships say although some may still be reluctant to admit it until it has the 'green light' from dealership testing lest they get inundated with customers requesting the update before it's ready. My car is currently on a ship called 'Toledo' which is somewhere on the south west cost of Italy. I am also told that my car may well already have the upgrade to ACP/AA but if not they will do it at the dealership once they are happy there are no issues.
  4. OK that's fine, easy mistake to make with the recent changes to that range in MB. Yes a nice car but sadly no longer available in that form and no longer in budget either. I was perfectly un-offended until you made your comments about being too lazy or unskilled made assumptions which led to my making some also. This needs to end, it's a car forum not a summit on ending world poverty, shouldn't be that emotive. Points have been made and I'm now 'out' as they say.
  5. I presume it will be a simple software update if it happens? Unless they will roll out new build cars from September 19 with ACP but not provide a retro-install upgrade to cars pre-dating that?
  6. You see you are now being insulting by refuting my abilities and personality. I do care about and enjoy driving but it's not about speed or getting there quickly but rather a comfortable ride with easy driving experience. Perhaps we should agree that we all have different interpretations of what is enjoyable. Yours works for you then fine, mine works for me. When you pay for my car I will subscribe to your criteria. It's not a matter of being bothered but I again refer you to the relaxing and comfortable drive, un-stressed. If you're idea of enjoying a drive is to be constantly on edge and scanning for speed cameras then that's your call. It is perfectly possible to drive at licence losing speeds in the ES300h. I am perfectly confident of my driving skill and always make a point of getting to know my car. I would pit my capabilities against yours any day (if I could be bothered of course) as many years as a motorway police driver and also as a younger biker and fast car enthusiast have equipped me well. I just grew up, I recommend it heartily. You also want your loved ones and passengers to live....just not as much as behaving like an immature idiot fantasising about being a racing driver....your call. Do you not want to arrive home safe for them? Are you so arrogant to think, like all the idiots driving like maniacs that your driving skills are advanced enough to cope with anything? There is such a thing as a MB C300h or should I say there was as it was fairly recently discontinued. It was a 201hp 2.1 turbo diesel hybrid (Approx. 230 BHP total) I drove one for 3 years from May 2013-16. Check your facts. An enthusiast would be ashamed. No probs with the nick name, a bit of banter is fine. You have however made derogatory comments about my driving ability and personality. Don't make this personal my friend, you don't know me well enough to judge me nor i you so let's just agree to disagree. It all boils down to the reason/s you buy a car. Speed/excitement or comfort/reliability? My reasons are not yours and visa/versa.
  7. Actually it was quiet funny....kind of on a plate really 😅
  8. But hey, I get the humour Linus, the irony in the name or perhaps the appropriateness. None taken 👍
  9. There you see? The 'Sloth' is just a made up identity for forum purposes. Its not real... Just like Top Gear... or the made up achievements of people who watch it and then flock like sheep to the Turdburg ring or whatever it's called? Ive owned and driven some very fast cars and bikes. Police cars...and... I've done 155mph two up on an 1100cc super bike... I was young and stupid and definatly not clever. No, Sloth by name but not by nature, not really...just grown up 😉
  10. I had until last month a Mercedes C300h AMG Line (RWD). It practically gave me piles on bumpy roads. It handled like a baby Giraffe (or a pig on stilts) in the wet and like Torvill & Dean in snow/ice. I want my car to be comfortable and easy to drive not a challenge. I want to keep my licence. I want to live. I want my loved ones and passengers to live. I'm not a professional racing/test driver and unlike some I know it! People watch too much Top Gear or the likes and sadly (emphasis on Sad) seem to think that it in some way represents the real world or real world driving. I'm not a man-child so am happy with a grown up car...for grown ups. My car is a mode of transportation to be as safe, comfortable and easy as possible, if I want thrills I have many other options probably not available to a man-child or other sad persons who think that Top Gear is real. I appreciate quality and good styling For all the above reasons I'm looking forward to receiving my new FWD Lexus ES300h F Sport 'Takumi' pack. Thank you.
  11. Wow! vessels carrying new Luxus (Lexi?) what are the odds of that happening, I mean it's a 1/100 year event isn't it? 🤣
  12. I think once they are out of AIS range they cannot be tracked unless by satellite? It seems the Toledo went dark ops on the 1st June. Won't be able to get an update without paying until it's back in range of AIS which is....I don't know. That's when you have to pay I think.
  13. I've just tried this and I can't get a latest position, it just says 'vessel is out of range' and hasn't been updated in 5 days! If I try to update position by satellite it asks for money! Am I doing something wrong because non of these seem to give me a current position without wanting my money. As for 'vessel finder' it hasn't updated since 29th May unless the ships broke down!
  14. Ah well there's nothing to be done and we're the lucky ones I think as we only have a few weeks to wait. I really wanted to be in my new car by 27th June when I go on holiday to Cornwall for a couple of weeks but it's not looking likely is it 😥