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  1. I have cleaned them but it did not fix the problem, however after couple of days it sorted itself out, parking sensors work now. The strange thing is that the parking sensor light on the dashboard is off, but they still working. If they start going crazy again I will try to remove the bumper and clean connectors. Thanks everyone for help.
  2. Hi, Every time I turn on ignition, parking sensors (front ones) starts screaming like there is something very close and then it beeps in different tone for 3 seconds and parking sensors light shuts off. Which tells me that there is an error/malfunction with parking sensors, but the problem is that this also happens when going on motorway doing 70mph, it starts randomly, it is very unexpected and terrifying. This model doesn't have satnav, so there is no screen, the little display on the dashboard doesn't show any errors, I tried reading fault codes with obd2 reader, not faults found. Does anyone know possible reasons for this? Any ideas how to reset parking sensors? Is it possible to turn parking sensors off permanently? Thanks, D
  3. I bought gs300 mk3 2005 a month a go just after passing my driving test, I paid 2.5k for insurrance... I hope it gets cheaper lol. Im 30, London postcode. Paying 400 a year sounds like a dream 😀
  4. Hi, I have Lexus GS300 mk3 2005 for a month now and I'm loving it, I'm still learning all the features it has. I came across this button which I cannot find any information about, I checked the manual but it's not shown there. Anyone has any idea what this button is for? Thanks!
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