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  1. The antenna the OEM Lexus DAB-tuner uses is a standard "aftermarket" antenna with a Fakra connector.
  2. Please be aware that this oem Lexus DAB-module does not support DAB+. It only supports the older DAB standard, and as such it will receive fewer any fewer stations as the radiostations themselves convert to DAB+.
  3. Rmalik: This is the solution you want 🙂 (3) norDAB fully integrated DAB/DAB+ solution for Toyota/Lexus - Lexus RX (AL10) with Navi. demo! - YouTube
  4. Facelift systems are indeed different, and is therefore not a direct swap... Best bet is to get ahold of the correct OEM DAB-module. But beware that this module is only DAB compatible...and will not receive DAB+ stations.
  5. EMV = Electro Multi-Vision = in plain speak...a large screen, as opposed to the small 1-line LCD screen on the non-navigation units 🙂 So...looking at the example picture they've used...its showing an EMV unit...while in the text it says "without EMV" 😄 But to answer your main question...the OEM retrofit DAB-kit (That also does not have DAB+ support) that you've posted will not fit on a 2006 IS I'm afraid. On the IS...only the 2010 - 2012 models can be retrofitted with DAB using this OEM Toyota kit (without DAB+) or this new aftermarket kit that behaves the same way...but that has both DA
  6. If you press the AM/DAB button repeatedly without DAB coming up as a source...your car does not have the DAB-option I'm afraid.
  7. I'm not 100% familiar with the way TA is used in the UK, but I'm certain you need to listen to a multiplex (MUX) that sends out these announcements. In other words...if for instance just the BBC sends out these wont hear them if you are listening to a different non-BBC multiplex (MUX)
  8. Do you have the partnumbers for the old and the new headunit? As far as i know the DAB-option on the mk1 Lexus CT was an external module. (or two modules if you have navigation) If should be able to just swap over the DAB module itself and it should work.
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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