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  1. I hawe Banner battery, test vinner in the 2 last tests in a Norwegian magacine. 100% fitt.
  2. I ordered a can on Ebay today, hope it want be a problem, have many short trips and afraid this can make a carbon build up.
  3. Is the carbon build up a smaler problem in Europe than US?
  4. Is there anyone with this installed in a Is 250. Rekomend or not.
  5. I flushed and changed filter on my Is250. higly rekomended, flush only vith oil (no detergent) i dident know something was wrong but the gearbox react much faster now.
  6. My 250 was much slower in warm up than my former Is200. 2000. But i did a flush on the gearbox and that change it a lot, not as fast as the Is200, but much better.
  7. I dont know what you have asked them to do, have you asked them to flush and change filter, or change filter only? The difrence in oil use is about 6.2 litre. in Norway the flush cost about 500£ and filter change about 350£ included filter casket and 1 litre oil. So my cost in Norway was about 800£. Probably cheaper in the UK. I can also tell you that the when i asked the meckanik that was using the flush unit that i was going to change filter on my car, hi told me that Flushing was not neded, i told him that i dont care and want the flushing. Lexus Norway dont rekomend Flushing att all, they had never done it on a Is250.
  8. Some input in another thread from me.
  9. I realy dont understand how they can replace 5L from the gearbox, you can change 7.2 litre bay flushing and about 1 litre bay drop the pan or open the drain plug, i would be close to call them liars in your case.
  10. Auto Transmission Fluid Change - Anyone Done It?
  11. The gearbox have 7.2 litre oil, i can only give you my story.
  12. If they only drop the pan you only replace about 1 litre. I had something very similar with my car that happened in uphill driving in low speed, 1000-1200rpm. Not all the time. I did a flush without cleaning addesive (oil only) this problem is now solved, the gearbox is shifting gear much faster and the strange thing is that the engine is getting the normal temperature much faster. My car had 250000km on the meter when the flushing happened. I did the flushing because of the high miliage not the juddering, but the first thing i did after flushing was to try the hill in low rpm, and no problem. Please read the thread about changing gearbox oil.
  13. How much fluid did you change?
  14. There is a drain plugg and a level plug on the pan, but you only get about 1 liter oil out, so if you like to change the 7.2litre you have to use a flush unit.