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  1. No i have not done anything, was only thinking that without compartment was a cheaper solution. I dont knov if its anything inside, is there a button or something on the one you have? I have to check this before baying with sunglascompartment, thanck you for this info. Acording your drawings, is there no screws in the comparment rom to unscrew for removing?
  2. I am an Norwegian. I found it now, but it have some scrathes so i loock around, but i thinck the 2009 wil worck out in a 2006.
  3. I only get tlf nr when i press on that nr. Do you have a better adress?
  4. I dont know if i wil use 60-70£ just for traying, but a little temted.
  5. Is itt posible to change them without removing rear bumper?
  6. EMy 250 have Magnaflow from cat and i love the sound, my wife dont. More sound in the lower end.
  7. I like to have sunglas compartment, itts not the same, 2006 have a wheel for sunroof control, the 2009 have 2 buttons.
  8. Boght a secondhand Is 250 (2006)that have no pctures when i try to play dvd mowies, i have engaged parkbrake and the car is in park mode. The mowie have sound and when i push subtitle and some other buttons i get a traficsign in the display. Is there anyone outh there that can help?
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!