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  1. Some input in another thread from me.
  2. I realy dont understand how they can replace 5L from the gearbox, you can change 7.2 litre bay flushing and about 1 litre bay drop the pan or open the drain plug, i would be close to call them liars in your case.
  3. Auto Transmission Fluid Change - Anyone Done It?
  4. The gearbox have 7.2 litre oil, i can only give you my story.
  5. If they only drop the pan you only replace about 1 litre. I had something very similar with my car that happened in uphill driving in low speed, 1000-1200rpm. Not all the time. I did a flush without cleaning addesive (oil only) this problem is now solved, the gearbox is shifting gear much faster and the strange thing is that the engine is getting the normal temperature much faster. My car had 250000km on the meter when the flushing happened. I did the flushing because of the high miliage not the juddering, but the first thing i did after flushing was to try the hill in low rpm, and no problem. Please read the thread about changing gearbox oil.
  6. How much fluid did you change?
  7. There is a drain plugg and a level plug on the pan, but you only get about 1 liter oil out, so if you like to change the 7.2litre you have to use a flush unit.
  8. I did a flush without the detergent in the flushstart , using only the gearbox oil in the flush machine. The machine name is BG Produkts PXT. And they need a special fitting for the 250. i live in Norway and did the job in a Toyota Store, i was also told by Lexus Norway that they have never flushed a 250. So i am probably the first in Norway to do this. I can only say that the gearbox is much faster in gearing after the flush.
  9. I also nothise that the engine is getting the normal temprature faster now than before, the 250 was much slower to get rigt temprature than my old Is200. But now i dont think its much difrence att all. Strange.
  10. Finally I got my Flushing and filter change done, there is only one thing to say about this, recomended. The gearbox react much faster, most evident on gear down. Before i could drive the car upphill with rpm around 1000-1100. Now this is not possible because the gearbox will gear down and the rpm will rise, this is in the 30-60 km speed. I did'nt expect much difference but i got alot. I know Lexus say you dont have to change oil, thats rubbish in my opinion. My car have 250000km on the counter, mostly driven long distance.
  11. What vil the Gt86 differentiall change in the car? Cost.
  12. My is200 dont have to be recalibrated after battery cut. So older Lexus maybe dont have this problem (solution).
  13. You probably do itt a little bitt wrong, youst read the tread carefully. Have done this myself.