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  1. True, but my advise about Flushing is related to the 130000Miles on the meter, and if you are lucky the problem dissapear, and yes if you drain the pan 15 times you get the old oil out, but a expensive solution.
  2. Drop the pan and change 1 litre? i flushed mine, got a better gearbox, but i cant promise that it vil cure his gearbox, but my car gear a lot faster now. My car was flushed vith the Toyota WS Fluid only, not the cleaning fluid normaly used first in the Flushing. Have 5000km on the meter after Flushing, no isues.
  3. It was easy on my old is200, probably more or less the same on the 250, same location. But i dont think there was a tube on the Is200, only electrick conection.
  4. Sheck the temp sensor, maybe the cable is disconected. Happened to me.
  5. Sorry, the tread starter is Norwegian and i am an Norwegian, so i used Norwegian language.
  6. Kjøpte en 250 med alt tenkelig utstyr 2006 modell, 250000km på meteret for 83000kr i Mai i fjor, veldig fin for alderen og stort sett bare langkjøring. Men får du biler med 100000km til 150000km så ville jeg vurderert priser opp til 150000kr. Kommer helt ann på tilstand. Diesel ville jeg holt meg langt unna.
  7. They are not, i have them, no reflective red. Easy to bay some reflective sticker if needed.
  8. Why using mony to romove this Tow bar, you never know when you need it. In my car there is a cutout in the bumper aswell.