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  1. Hi there, I did my brakes myself and had the same issue on my GS430. It gave exactly the same errors. I too did not know I had to disconnect my battery but will be doing next time. To fix this, I put one small copper wire that connected to the top 4th hole from the left and the bottom 5th hole from the left of the OBD2 port. After it is connected, put the ignition on and the brake lights will start to flash. Immediately press the brake pedal 8 times and that within 5 seconds. Make sure to press in and out properly so the lights go on and off. It didn't work the first time I tried it, I gave up and tried next day and everything cleared and has been working since! I don't know if you've already fixed them but for anyone else that has this issue after doing the brakes themselves, make sure to give this a try as it definitely worked for me.
  2. Can anyone help me out with this issue or is it going to be an expensive dealership trip?
  3. I had inserted the same disc after finding the hidden way of ejecting it (tapping top left, bottom left then top right - something like that). However the issue still remains and it says the same thing.
  4. Hello there, hope everyone is doing well. I am now an owner of a 3rd gen Lexus gs430 and I had to change the battery for the vehicle. However I have now come across an issue whenever I use the maps function. It tells me to insert the correct map disc which is very weird as it was working perfectly before. I have re inserted the disc but it still says the same thing. Has anyone ever came across this issue and if so, what is the fix for this? Shall I use a dvd disc cleaner to try and see if it would fix it? Thanks.
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!