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  1. Of course, I can't see how they are challenging this unless the offence suposedely took place while the vehicle was insured. But if it was definately after cancellation, and the DVLA had a different owner, well, it's a bit silly.
  2. The issue sounds like they think you have a policy and you don't think you do. There is a UK system of record that all insurance companies keep up to date with whether a car is insured or not, that will be where the other insurance company of the accuser will have got the details from, so something isn't right. You'll have to provide all evidence now to convince them, in absence of a policy cancellation letter which you should have got. So, DVLA confirmation of when you sold the car would be a starting point. Ask them to retrieve a copy of the phone call, and if they can't provide that then ask them what their data retention policy is for call recording, the should be keeping records for as long as is necessary to provide a service, also ask for notes on all systems and accounts. If they won't do this informally through the complaint procedure then raise a "data subject access request", as is your right under the GDPR, make it clear what you want a copy of and for what reason as a justification , this is to ensure it doesn't come across as excessive, which is the only reason they can reject a request. I'd also raise a complaint with fos in tangent with this on the basis they haven't treat your existing communication as a complaint (from what you've told me), they should be capturing and logging all "expressions of dissatisfaction". I'm not an advisor by the way, just a fellow car man giving my two penneth on a subject I'm very familiar with. You should of course take the course of action you feel comfortable with....
  3. Also worth considering if this has caused you any distress within the confines of the guidance above.
  4. If you have confirmation that the policy was cancelled then it's job done. Send them a copy and tell them you want to raise a formal complaint, they'll have to log it and formally respond within set timescales. If you are no longer a customer then they have no legitimate reason to be contacting you under those circumstances, which is a different regulation entirely (consent and gdpr). You'll be fine, send them evidence and it should get sorted pretty quickly.
  5. Adrian flux are a broker aren't they? I've had very good experiences with them with performance cars but sounds like you've had a bad run in! As per Steve's comment definately contact the fos, insurance companies have a very specific set of rules they need to follow which is binding in law through an act of parliament. I work in the regulated space. All companies have a duty to act with integrity (a leading principle) and treat customers fairly. The fos are typically pro consumer if the right facts are presented to them. Similarly, all debt collection agencies are regulated under the FCA, they have to follow the same rules on redress (dealing with a complaint), they may now "own the debt" if it's been written off by Adrian flux and sold. So threatening you with bailiffs may not be the decision of the flux boys at all Good luck anyway 👍 I'm sure common sense will prevail, you'll probably get some cash back too. Demps
  6. Interesting thread, new to Lexus and only driven an old Rx350 which I now want to buy! I see it a lot on all the forums I have been on, a mild obsession with BHP, when in reality it's torque that will make the most difference in most driving conditions, some cars don't hit peak BHP until right at the end of the rev range in a gear the car hardly spends any time in. I've paid for decent maps on cars that don't change the BHP at all, but adjust the torque delivery. An observation on the ES is that 220nm is feeble, I can only assume that's because the main engine is naturally aspirated and no turbo, so it will definitely feel slow against much much more powerful rivals (especially diesels). Couple that with a CVT gearbox and the associated rubber band effect (although I'm sure the e-cvt is more advanced that the ones I have spent time in) then you'll get a lot of acceleration noise and not much happening. Again, all relative I guess, I assume most buyers of a lexus aren't looking to hoon around, in which case it's not that relevant. For comparison, I had a great time in a ford sportka 1.6 N/A which had about 92bhp and it revved freely and sounded fantastic, with a lovely snickety gearbox. It was also the same speed to 60 as the Lexus we are talking about due to the weight and adventurous gearing. Anyway, great thread, some interesting comments, I love and appreciate all cars. Demps
  7. Thankyou all for your responses, and sorry for the late reply, pregnant wife and a teething 1 year old! Well I've been convinced, I have literally heard nothing negative about the car other than with obvious costs for a car of that age, but not nearly as many scary things to look out for than what I am used to with cars. Business case stacks up! I've got a few months to ponder over "the one", if it crops up I'll have it now and it can sit in the garage over summer but I can leave it as late as October before I put my rust machine away. I quite like the look of the blue, and black, seems to have aged better in those colours? There is a silver one near me that's very competitively priced but for some reason I'm not sure it suits the car? maybe because it exposes the giant gap in the arches more....weird, because silver is my go to colour. Anyone got a silver one with some decent snaps? Cheers Demps
  8. Hi all, Took my friends 2006 rx350 out last week and was so impressed Im thinking of buying one for winter and leaving my Alfa GTA as a summer only car. The prices seem amazing value for circa 2006, I was wondering if there is anything I should be looking out for now these are approx 13 years old, does the mileage cause any issues other than the obvious perishables (suspension etc)? Any other feedback advice would be more than welcome, my last car was a Saab 9-5 as the daily, highly tuned 310hp but not that comfortable and like an unsettled barge in the corners. Hope to me an owner soon, so nice to meet you all. Demps