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  1. Thanks, there cheap and plentiful mine was £250 from dvla if i remember rightly.
  2. Mine patiently waiting for the summer, if you look closely theres last years casualties on the bumper i keep meaning to clean it but i also keep finding excuses not to.
  3. Got to say it will look miles better than standard not in the dashboard though jesus no.
  4. Looking were the mounting holes are you could already fit a much smaller plate if thats what you mean?
  5. If you decide to go ahead im happy to let you have a drive when its safe of course.
  6. Not a clue mate hopefully something happening in the summer but who knows whats in store, itll definitely draw a crowd i especially love the sound but the little details your putting in are equally impressive.
  7. Ive always uaed bilstein on my cars in the past and these are better for me because the ride can be adjusted so much its hugely noticeable and instant with the in car control, id 100 percent recommend them. Think ive put around 4000 miles on them a few month ago i had the car up on ramps with wheels off to give it a steam clean they still looked brand new. Yep plastic welded a piece of the same grade abs into the holes and smoothed over, im actually thinking of spraying it in the summer but with a very light blue coating the same as the f logo blue pearl over the white.
  8. Ha yes i know exactly what you mean, definitely worth it though its an amazing build.
  9. Yep still here and still going strong. the cars only used when the salts off the roads though so id expect that to make a good difference.
  10. Cool thanks, yep the gearbox went on mine but it does get something hammer.
  11. Yea ive had a few e46 330ds still got one now this one is rust free even the rear arches, Cool send me a link on there please big fan of the 2002 definitely interested.
  12. Forgot who did mine ill take a look at my receipt tomorrow im pretty sure its down south though.
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