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  1. Wow that's ridiculous I pay less for a traders policy no way I'd even consider that, what have you been doing drifting round the streets of London?
  2. Good choice of motors liking the legacy looks sweet in black, I was looking for a usb isf but couldn't find one at the time I was buying great colour on these cars.
  3. Cheers! Like the legacy's is it auto or you managed to find a rare manual
  4. That's for my business but I do go out in it occasionally to test the pub crawls out before I offer them for sale got to be done 👍
  5. I love estates always Chucking something to transport somewere or other, I've also got an E46 330d running 300bhp and a forester xt which I'm using at the mo untill it sells.
  6. Nice! Might actually be able to see it this year If I get my finger out and get out.
  7. Not sure if anyone's into BMW's here but just got this at a very reasonable price,already got the full drivetrain package to swap it into M3 evolution spec with a 43000 mile engine! I'll be working on it most Sundays so can see it being a long project,I've got a thing for fast saloon cars and estates so this fits in with the ISF perfectly.
  8. Be sure not to drop your car too much when you get the front fitted mines already got scars dotted about and the undersides not in a good state at all.
  9. Good find (in a fashion) I might need the steering ECU off it.
  10. Don't think I'll make it parts only just come today to fix my little mishap,maxed out with work so got about 2 hours to fix it.
  11. Awesome will be ordering next month thanks for finding out 👍
  12. Do they do different colours for the bells I'd quite like anodised blue
  13. £130 from lexus UK or £66 from Japan but I didn't fancy waiting 6 weeks so UK it was