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  1. No he hasn't done anything, all their interested in is taking your money not helping out but it's hardly helping out when I've presented them with everything they've requested I just don't see what the issue is, it's really really grating on me now Ive requested a face to face meeting to sort it out as emailing is getting nowhere and I simply haven't got the patience for phone calls to argue over something I'm innocent in.
  2. I've sent them a sales invoice filled out by the person who bought the car like they asked but I've had another email back which really doesn't make sense to me at all.
  3. Not really they've confirmed I didn't have a policy with them at the time of the alleged incident then wanted proof I sold the vehicle which I've provided, then this morning was contacted by debt collectors again so I'm really frustrated now its beyond a joke. my renewals coming up next month and I know this is going to effect it I just don't know how much more evidence they need.
  4. Like these?
  5. Shows the kind of country we live in really 🤐
  6. I'll bet they did a nice profit to be had there when they fixed the issues greed pure greed
  7. That's a lot of your time down the pan I hope they reimburse you for it, Imagine the people doing this work for a living I couldn't think of a worse job to do well i could obviously but that ranks right down there to me at least.
  8. Ridiculous situation your in there, I'm not normally one to escalate stuff like this but these need bending over backwards I don't understand how they can do that when you have proof. They should get life for waste of paper at least I mean theirs innocent trees giving up their lives only to be wasted on drivel like the letter you received its terrible!
  9. Funnily enough I've just had a reply not one I wanted their saying that they've been trying to get in contact with me! Strange when I have several emails I've sent unanswered but because I've left them some bad feedback on a few sites they've finally responded. Ive told them I will only contact them via email regarding this matter so I have my own records, that and I really wouldn't have patience to be talking to someone down the phone over this as it's not putting me in the best of moods having to plead my case for something I haven't done,it's a waste of precious time that we don't get that long of in the first place!
  10. Little update if you can call it that I sent a formal complaint to adrian flux a few days ago, no reply. Yesterday had a letter and email from debt company so doesn't look like their bothered about this and still think I'm going to pay for something I haven't done.
  11. Superb advice I'll draft an email up in the morning,thanks you've been a big help 👍
  12. No problem I think it's been two weeks everytime I've ordered one so don't worry yourself too much ☺