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  1. Love that alpine especially in the shade it is suprised you preferred it to the Esprit. Good review too as a lot of outdoor covers mark paint eventually especially on door mirrors, I've bought mine blind but it's for indoor use were theirs no wind so I'm not expecting that.
  2. Nice! always wanted a lemans version of one still do infact.
  3. "Navy" got to love auto spell! The standard ISF nav has made some unforgettable memories for me though I once put an address in to pick a car up from a farm on the outskirts of Birmingham and ended up at a very sketchy block of flats with the exact same name as the farm house, car quickly got surrounded by the occupants of said flats who actually turned out to be pretty helpful luckily!
  4. Nice review! Is the navy as bad as the isf? Thought they'd have sorted it out.
  5. Two and a half years in, nothing gone wrong other than the water pump gasket which was right in schedule at 58k Exactly the same here only thing to go on mine oh and a rear shock absorber plus a good helping of human error i.e. battery terminals that caused nurofen and Johnnie Walkers bank accounts to rapidly expand! Best motor I've ever owned for an all rounder enjoy.
  6. Just used this company for an indoor cover, seems very well made lining material is nice and soft straps and buckles are sturdy and appear like sturdy materials. They do an outdoor one for the RC I'm guessing that'll fit as there's not much difference body wise.
  7. The savings in my opinion won't be worth the hassle of selling the car in the future if you do come to sell obviously!
  8. Why not go out and get some quotes for servicing and compare the two
  9. As title really, ill soon be putting my F away for the winter but it's really dusty were I store it so looking to buy a good quality cover any suggestions?
  10. I found a few nice ones, shame the restaurants didn't use the same meat.
  11. Superb mod! surprising how much of a difference it's made.
  12. If it was an BMW M car yes indy as they're common as muck so the Indy garage will be loaded with experience, with an F car thats definitely not going to be the case I'd be scared of them missing something.
  13. It's definitely on my list! the noise of a well fettled 2jz never gets old that and triple Rotary Mazda's, man why can't I win the lottery