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  1. +1 I've just ran a set of toyos on mine and they were great are you speaking from experience Lina's?
  2. The seats look like they've got identical bolstering to the ISF I quite like a bit of alcantara too
  3. Northern isf

    Simply Japanese - 29th July

    Was very tempted to go to this but I'm not really a fan of long journeys on our roads, I've not got much hair left as it is and after a four and half hour trip there I'm pretty sure my personal aerodynamics would have improved even further could always rock the trump look though 😀
  4. Northern isf

    ISF exhaust tips

    I've got both mine spare hanging in the garage theve been coated black though don't know if that's any good for you?
  5. Northern isf

    Possible ISF owner

    Afternoon NIck, had a few Audi's and a lot of other German stuff myself but these cars are in another league when it comes down to reliability compared to the aforementioned the problem will be what you do with the money you save not fixing things every two minutes ☺
  6. Northern isf

    ISF coilovers

    Had a good read up on these and the edfc active pro it sounds like a great bit of kit I like the idea of being able to instantly change the damping levels in car and how you can program it to change when you reach certain speeds I think this will be a winner on the ISF so cheers for the link much appreciated!
  7. I can imagine the traction issues been watching a few charged ISF videos it definitely looks like better tyres/diff would help a lot .Still looks almost OEM under there very tidy job indeed.
  8. Northern isf

    ISF coilovers

    Funny you should say that the guy I messaged on eBay recommended tein
  9. Not a problem thank you for treating my ears. 900bhp!!! That I've got to see and save for 😁.I've just had an exhaust fitted with valvetronic and ordered the rr racing intake and tune so im excited to see the difference it makes. How's the car running now we're in summer?
  10. Northern isf

    ISF coilovers

    I wish I'd have seen these not logged in for a while think they've sold now
  11. Wow is all I can say got to be the best sounding ISF I've heard
  12. Northern isf

    LG58 YHZ

    That akrapovic sticker reminds me of the one with the "Bobby dizzler" V8 emblems on it a few months ago
  13. Been looking at a turbo'd one with 350 bhp I'm extremely tempted
  14. Northern isf

    Horrific ISF crash

    Half hour with a buffer and itll be as good as new, but seriously wow I think I'd be getting a few lotto tickets in after that lucky lucky man .
  15. Seems like this could be another all beit rare issue like the water pump going its not like there's really an early warning syptom with this either im guessing just a nice big bill