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  1. Damn yea I forgot about the brakes just had a new set put on the last service too!
  2. I think losing a little stiffness is better than smashing your carbon bits to smithereens 😂 Sounds like a nice versatile setup perfect for road trips, getting on and off ferry's without scraping it's nads off But seriously I can't wait to see it, got to be the only ISF in UK running air! You got anymore plans? I'm done with mine almost just looking for a nice set of forged rims that are actually worth the outlay as I'd sooner put the cash into performance mods but I've done all them apart from supercharger so they've got to be lighter than the OEM wheels for me to want them.
  3. Looks awesome Dan although some 20s would get lost in there nicely now😁,most importantly whats it like in the corners I know they've come a long way over the years but I don't know anyone with them fitted so be nice to hear your views incase my current set up accidentally breaks, I love the idea of being able to raise it up for ruff roads and speed bumps perfect I can't imagine you getting bored of the car now 👍
  4. Put us a build thread up this is some superb work, Im really interested as the satnav is a joke on mine plus I think its really revitalised the look of the dash, did you fathom it all out on your own if so well done well done!
  5. Looks excellent Ian sounds like a very worthwhile mod, did you do the work yourself?
  6. I'm excited for you mate, starting to wish I'd installed these now as the roads were I live aren't the best so I've had to raise the car up a tad, no more speed bump worries for you now 😀
  7. I've seen Ians in the flesh, it's a very good undertaking the weave is nice and inline, nowt worse than a bit of bendy weaving!
  8. How you doing Dan everything good? I reckon this will be the best mod you've done it's certainly on the top of my list let us know how it goes.
  9. I'll definitely take you up on that next time I'm down the only really good meal I had was one I cooked myself with fresh bought meat. Got fed up of reading about triple cooked chips in places when they clearly were frozen,I do tend to travel and base a big part of my breaks around food so that part was disappointing but scenery and roads were awesome.
  10. +1 for shadow chrome had a set of OEM alloys done on my old e39 m5 in the same colour made the contours of the wheels really stand out.
  11. Nice to meet you, superb car you've got only a touch jealous honest! Some really great roads to drive over there that was one of the main highlights of the trip that and seeing your car of course.
  12. Would be a nice brick shifter with a V8 shoved in though!