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  1. I'd quite like spike his drink before one of these reviews he does with a few drops of lsd I'd probably be able to bare him then 😂
  2. He's a bit of a top hat ain't he! no I still hate it dan its more lotus exige esk than of the previous supra, the original concept however 😘
  3. Got to say I'm not a fan it looks too awkward the lines are allover the place the roof line looks too high, big disappointment coming from the last supra in my opinion
  4. Northern isf

    Wheel fitment

    Yes I've heard there pretty capable engines I'd probably be forging it i can't get the white ones with compomotive mo6s on out of my mind looks like I'm going to be doing a lot more work this year to fund my addictions!
  5. Northern isf

    Wheel fitment

    Like them not for the ISF though more suited to R32 r33 gtr I reckon oh just realised it says gtr in the add same thinking! Off topic I'm currently looking for an st205 gt4 had any experience with them?
  6. Northern isf

    Wheel fitment

    Haha same here but mainly about the other main man thing and that's ended up costing me a lot more😂 defo will let you know pal.
  7. Northern isf

    Wheel fitment

    Your into this wheel game Dan! I'm glad it just confuses me tbh I think I'll have a blast done Sunday and have a trial fit.
  8. Northern isf

    Wheel fitment

    Cheers Dan your a star thing is I don't know the offset so just been guessing it's that's same as the 350 in the pics I think I'm going to drive down Sunday and do a test fit I've already got some spacers fitting on my oems so that should help a bit bit of a bloody trek though Southampton from my end near Doncaster im starting to have my doubts surely he would be able to measure the offset I've seen it done with a few rulers!
  9. Northern isf

    Wheel fitment

    These are same size running 22 offset all-round
  10. Northern isf

    Wheel fitment

    Good points Dan cheers will update when I know
  11. Northern isf

    Wheel fitment

    really liking the look of these now
  12. Northern isf

    Wheel fitment

    Cheers John, so just a set of 60.1mm rings and they'll be good to go?
  13. Anyone know these will fit my ISF
  14. Sound cheers for the info Dan
  15. Looking good Dan I'm tempted with them taillights but not sure about the protrusion on the side what it look like in real life is it noticeable as I know photos can be deceiving.