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  1. if you do decide to sell the wheels let me know think they'd finish my car off nicely.
  2. Hope they didn't put the heels on to drive it can imagine that been a right handful😂
  3. Doesn't sound like you've fried the ecu as it wouldn't start you may have got lucky (if you can call it that) could be a cheap fix for the fusible link at a scrappers.
  4. Mate that doesn't sound good but also doesn't sound like it should cost the price of a good used car id defo get second opinion i wonder if the steering rack is ISF specific? would make it a lot cheaper job if not,either way fingers crossed for you.
  5. Thats what i was going to go for but it was a 9 month wait and ive zero patience that and i had a leaking shock.
  6. Thats what im looking into quite like that tesla style touch screen that Ian's done. Yea the supercharger definitely would be a waste were i live,if there was less rain id have done it already but its not exactly a slow car and to be honest i think i need to save for a speed boat ive only just been able to my unit after 2 weeks the floods were literally meters away from wiping my stock and personal motors out. Whats wrong with the rack? Last time i checked there was 2 breaking 1 at nippon and 1 at jap parts in dewsbury id be suprised if they've sold very surprised infact,the 1 at dewsbury was the revised model 2 so you could get the steering ecu its a popular mod over seas apparently tightens the response up.
  7. Nice shots Dan the paint always looks spotless! Got to agree ive had roughly the same time and far from board yet,id have normally been through a load of motors by now suppose that shows just how good they are. Whats your future plans?Id love the supercharger at some point just not sure its worth it to just be used on sunny dry days which are rare were i am infact its pi££ing it down as i type👍
  8. Its not as harsh as certain reviews made out some went way over the top,its definitely livable but you won't regret an upgrade either.
  9. Ive got a toms replica i never fitted due to a small crack and finding a genuine toms set in Glasgow could be repaired relatively cheap with a 3d carbon wrap pm me if your interested
  10. Cool,may have to get a bit of advice from you in the future if i find a nice 1
  11. Yea now you mention it,it reminds me of the cars on heartbeat. Rx7 looks clean i want one even more now,how long did you have it?
  12. Youve got great taste! Always wanted one with the cosmo engine fitted. Mini looks cool liking the colour a lot.
  13. Get on japanese ebay a set might come up . The best sounding ive found for me is the novels😊 but is anyone guna actually pay that much almost supercharger prices and i know were id be at with that choice,anyway hope you get sorted 👍