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  1. Watched a few of his videos then I noticed how much he uses the word "and" after that all I do now is listen how many times he mentions it!
  2. haha yes I defo learnt my lesson ive never changed as many fuses in my life think the count was around 47ish so now I check the terminals as much as I first checked out a "gentlemans mag" I found when I was young'un many many years ago!
  3. you should have got me round to fix this for you id have had it done in a flash (literally!)
  4. good luck I hope you get what you want for it 👍
  5. How much does it cost and what are its effects? Is that the system that is on post 2012 cars? 3k but well worth it for the almost infinite settings on damping in car so your not messing about pulling up and changing settings on top of the struts first time ive used this system but it will be getting used in future cars.
  6. best mod ive done and then there's the exhaust which i miss hearing lately.
  7. theres a few pics on my profile, the valves working perfectly but I do only use it when the road salting stops I can imagine that would give it some grief.
  8. I got a custom setup made with remote control valves and high flow cats no drone at all and almost as quiet as standard when valves are closed but sounds like a super car when there open I do have ppe headers fitted also though so I should expect the sound would differ slightly if your running standard headers,cost me cheaper than the h&s system but that was with four round black tips which I ended up hating after a month so had some carbon fiber oval tips made up which put the cost up a bit more that's a company called STG performance a guy called shane, he knows his stuff works on race cars and bikes the welds on the exhaust are a work of art shame there not visible.
  9. Well me and my wife have it almost identical to what I had in November apart from this time its hitting a bit harder dosing up on vitamin c 1000mg every 4 fours is helping us both.
  10. if it gets to a point were there's nothing at all ive got a nice collection of guns which ill be breaking out along with a rusty old Subaru forester for a spot of poaching infact id sooner do that than waste my life queuing up outside a supermarket for loo rolls and pasta!
  11. I don't understand that logic at all "got it just in case" what a waste you know its not ever going to get used with a comment like that. don't mind a bit of baking myself love a good sourdough especially for pizza.
  12. I went to do a bit of shopping last night first time ive seen all this commotion I couldn't get anything I needed so went home with a bottle of vodka and a 24 pack of cherry coke there wasn't one bottle of any mixer not even lemonade, are the government sure it just effects the respiratory system because from what im seeing its more neurological based .
  13. yes very strange definitely wouldn't want it again just wish the doctor would have taken a blood sample or something but all I got told was rest.