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  1. Bit of a trek for me but if the weather's good I'll definitely have a drive down
  2. White isF for Sale

    You get what you pay for and believe me the extra money your may pay compared to the offerings from Germany you will save 10 fold if you get a Lexus, I've owned a fair few performance Audi's BMWs VW's the cost of maintaining and replacing parts every two minutes gets a bit annoying I almost had to change my holiday plans to a week in bridlington almost 😂, I'd hate to think how much I've spent over the years on the aforementioned cars but Id bet it's close to buying a small house ,since I've had the Lexus it's caused me no budget holidays I still can't believe how reliable these cars are which is why I don't think I'll ever sell mine.
  3. Have you got a diy guide to this I'd quite like to do this
  4. Anyone know this isf

    I was tempted to get the wald front but the bit were it steps over the front arch and sticks out put me off if it flowed into the arch then I'd have one now
  5. Anyone know this isf

    Buy one you'll love it, its the longest I've ever owned a car always puts a smile on my face when I get a chance to get it out of its cave.
  6. Pete is 100% correct just do a quick bit of research and you'll soon find out turbo setups are a complete waste of cash I did a lot of research into this mainly just out of interest.
  7. Looks good in that colour plus you've got the exhaust bonus not a bad price either.
  8. New owner introduction

    Yes it works great the guy I use up here travels the world doing it on luxury yachts so it must be good stuff especially if it's used on aircraft too.i think I've had mine done for just over a year now it gets a 10 year guarantee so not bad. I actually need to go back as I've just had the front bumper sprayed
  9. New owner introduction

    Congrats and welcome looks like a little beauty you've bought there. Is the gen 3 business ceramic coating if so I had a well known detailer do mine and it's the best thing I've ever had on any car I've owned make cleaning loads easier nothing seems to stick to it.
  10. Tom's isf replica

    Was from the footlight guy buddy
  11. Tom's isf replica

    I've requested a refund but the seller just wants to send me a replacement which I don't really want now so I'm fighting it.
  12. Tom's isf replica

    I've just gone for another close look and underneath the clear coat were it's broke the weaves been pulled and torn so Its definitely a scrapper now. It'll make a good target practice board for my plinker just got a new set of sights to zero in so it'll come in handy 😂
  13. Tom's isf replica

    Alright Pete No there a few places were it's damaged mate and to be honest just looking at the lip square on I'm pretty sure it's not going to fit it looks to be warped in the middle I'm guessing it's had something heavy sat on top of it to deform it, it's a shame as the quality is pretty good but because of the deformed middle part I really doubt it's salvageable now.
  14. Tom's isf replica

    The lip arrived today so I had an early lunch break and went home to meet the courier unfortunately it's badly damaged looks like it's been thrown around a few times, so in conclusion I wouldn't recommend anyone import this stuff it was packaged very well too bubble wrap and foam inside a box so god only knows how it's happened.

    Happy birthday have a good en