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  1. Love it always liked these since I saw one as a kid in the nutty professor scene!
  2. Must have taken ages to sell with that installed 😂
  3. A cars worth whatever someone's willing to pay and with the ISF being a rare car it would actually appeal to people who are researching them and like to modify, I know if this was on the market before I bought mine I'd snap it up as before I bought mine I researched everything including what modifications could be done. But yet you can find highly modified supras skylines infact most Jap stuff with a bit of a following and it does make the car more valuable than a stock example, so why would this be any different at all yes they may take time to sell but they do sell I'm talking from experience several plus times. An example of such car
  4. Bad luck! What's it failed on is it suspension related I've a full set of shocks if you need any I know new ones are expensive as mine failed on an MOT so got almost brand new ones for the back I did about 40miles on them. More than happy to swap for a bottle of grolsch.
  5. Can't believe he's selling it after all the work, as Dan says it is well done literally nothing needs doing I reckon the man hours alone spent building it will be almost half the price of a used ISF I'm tempted myself very tempted infact.
  6. Haha your not wrong, I feel bad for the guy there's bound to be damage after that and this video's floating about not like he can say he swerved to miss a deer (or sheep in this case)to the insurance.
  7. Hopefully it was just aimed on the southbound lane "hopefully" being the main word 🙄
  8. Great day there and excellent driving in situ with a few other Fs the journey there was one of the highlights for me, just wish I didn't forget my camera! Cezar can you remember seeing that M4 losing it and bouncing across the field i bet he had to change his trousers and the sheep he almost turned into chops. Ian thats a great find for the videos loved your car too very clean especially the interior carbon! Dan great meeting you there love the car the wheels look better in flesh definitely grew on me get some more pics up when you get chance there was some awesome cars there one of the if not the best show I've been to for a long time so much diversity.
  9. Yes it sounded rubbish compared to your machine I never would have imagined a lexus sounding like yours I love it!
  10. Didn't think I'd like it but I do quite a lot