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  1. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that has supported me in the run up to the potential purchase of the car. I’ve never been part of a forum so welcoming and helpful. Thanks for the call Pete, and thanks for the test run Jon. Sadly I was waiting on the Dad’s best friend (mechanic) to become available to thoroughly check the car out with the advice given above. The day he became available to view it with me, it had sold on that very same day! Still on the hunt for a nice example of an 04/05/06 LS430, and will keep my eyes peeled on here! If you know of anyone that has theirs up for sale, please let me know, I’d really appreciate it :) Hope you are all well, and look forward to being able to contribute something to the forum soon, and hopefully share my new car with you all Many thanks
  2. What an incredible set of responses! Thanks to everyone, really appreciate your support. I’m getting excited about going to look now. Jon, I’ve dropped you a direct message (or at least think I have 😂) a test drive with you would be awesome. Big thanks to genius for the checklist, I’ll print that off and work my way through it. Any other suggestions for expensive potential money pits, or things I should check for? Hope you’re all having a good week so far, and I look forward to chatting with you more, and contributing some support and advice in the future when I’ve learned some more.
  3. Morning guys, I live approx 10 miles from this car, and seriously considering paying it a visit. I’ve wanted to own an ls430 for the last 3 years, and am now in a position to own one. I feel like I have so much I need to learn about the car, and am nervous about buying. Is there a faults/buyers checklist anywhere online that anyone could recommend? Secondly, where can I source a Haynes manual, I’m struggling to find one. I look forward to chatting with you all soon. Many thanks Tom
  4. Morning everyone, For a few years now, I’ve been in love with the Ls430, and am finally in a position that I can own one. Ive seen a post discussing one in Gloucester and I’m excited to learn more, and hopefully check it out. I look forward to learning as much as I can about the Ls430 and eventually move to the 600h. Have a great week everyone, and I look forward to meeting you all soon.
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!