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  1. I assume this would work for the doors as well, as mine are looking shappby (as is my whole car)
  2. I was given Clay Mitts as a present a couple of years ago, have never used them, but going to a wedding in two weeks, so will give the LS a proper deep wash, use hte Mitts and then wax, and hopefully it will look nice and be as smooth as a baby's backside.
  3. Mine are Maxxi Premitra S, really not sure about them at all. I think I have going to try putting them on the back rear to see how they behave, it's almost like having them on the front it feel like I am driving with off-road tyres most of the time, and on some new road surfaces in Stroud area feels like I am driving over rumble strips, which I put down to the front tyres. Looking at the Falken ziex It seems to E rated for efficiency , but never worked out if it really makes much difference given the LS fuel consumption.
  4. I would say that job was a lot of spit and a lot of polish. Very nice, and puts mine to shame
  5. I run at 34psi all round. Given that is slightly above recommended 33psi, I would have expected no problems with sides. I wonder if tyres with softer walls tend to wear more, but in past with Nexen or Falken the tyres did seem to last longer than these Maxxis. I also think the Maxxis are given me a rougher ride than usual, so need to work out what is best to replace them with. Going to be ££ as all four wheels will need replacing.
  6. Only makes sense if you have 4 tyres the same from my experience. Did do it in the past, but meant you ended up with 4 tyres with odd profiles which did not help handling. Given my rears have done over 40K, if I was rotating with fronts I would probably find rears only lasting 25K miles. So you end up throwing away more tyres when you have still got good amount of tread left across 90% width. So my take on this is, if I have change tyres, best to just replace fronts. I have noticed the off-side is also scrubbed, but not as much, so for sure will swap the fronts around. On the waste front it seems shocking to have cars not using all that rubber before it gets put into landfill. Given I do not tear-arse around roundabouts seems like tyre walls should be stiffer on outside than inside, as surely this would help, though it might increase road noise??
  7. My garage using OEM parts was only about £100 more than using 3rd party, well worth it in my view, and after 11K brakes still work a treat whether low or high speed braking, and no judder, and I probably could stop on a sixpence, but I like my face the way it is, rather than embedded in the steering wheel
  8. Totally agree kwik fit etc, avoid unless your are desperate or do not care about getting the best out of your LS. I just cannot get my head around what a waste it is that the tyre has the potential for lots of miles, but edge wear due to weight on cornering halves (at the very least) the mileage. Either Friday or Saturday off the Chris Mullins to see whats what. I do not do a lot of town driving, so that's why surprised how my Maxxis are scrubbed, mind you some ruddy huge pot holes were visited just recently. Maybe the view is if you by an LS from new then replacing front tyres every 20K (or less) is well within ones wallet capability.
  9. Just noticed bad tyre wear on nearside front, and wanted some opinions. Been keeping a close eye on wear, but all of a sudden the rubber goblins have been at it again. See photo, of wear (at bottom as I cannot seem to get it to go here) Question 1 - Why does it scrub such a small section, and really wear it out? Question 2 - Had full front alignment 11,000 miles ago (this time last year at Chris Mullins, Glos), is this just the bad luck of living in the UK with potholes? Or could it be speed humps (which I always approach with caution) Question 3. Given my UCAs are fine (so Osaka say), could it be as a result of new shocks (does not seem likely) not aware that new shocks mean you need alignment check? Driving back from work tonight, the car seems to go in a straight line on flat road, would have thought camber out would have made car steer a little odd!!! I think I am going to go visit Mullins or ProTyre this weekend and get alignment checked out. Question 4. If the alignment is fine, what the heck can it be. I had similar problems last year, which is why I got alignment done. I have attached my sheet from last July, and did not get rears done, but the rears approaching 40,000 and although not quite even wear still got another 3 or 4K in them. Any thoughts welcome.
  10. Sounds like a plan all round, and if you sell onto chap who just missed out on the recent local 430, then even better. I wonder how many of us are around Glos area for a social gathering. Mind you my 400 looks like rather tatty compared to these pristine 430's being talked about
  11. Tis a shame, especially as it had been for sale for a little while. Do let us know when you manage to get one on your drive.
  12. I am always worried when soemone says the discs are warped. The problem of judder is due to un-even surface, mainly brake shoe deposits, or other cr*p embedded in disc surface. I assume some pads will deposit more junk, and hard braking and then leaving foot on brake will enable the disc heat to bind some of the pad onto the disc, so always foot of brake and put into park or use handbrake. Trouble is re-skimming a disc is usually as expensive as replacing. Lexus OEM parts are still around, I had mine done on front a few months back, about £350 (I recall) - this included new shims, and seemed like only about £100 more than going 3rd party. Been as good gold so far, and fingers crossed they will stay that way.
  13. I assume that means if you need Mk4 set, just let them know and they use the same measurements they did for you. Must say they look nice, and will look at maybe getting mine changed, as at 200K my drivers side is now looking a bit sad, but fair play; all my other cars I would be on my 3rd or 4th set at such a mileage.
  14. Ben, Might be worth giving Infinity exhausts (just of M4 Junction 18) a call. They can usually do most work while you wait. I did a visit for them to look before I booked in, but reviews indicate they are pretty good at quoting over the phone. They only do stainless work, and can rebuild cat boxes etc. They rebuilt my Y-piece in under an hour (I went for a 3 hour walk on bits of Cotswold way) If you want to have a day out (or even a few days in Cotswolds) might be worth considering. Only down side is naff all public transport (as far as I know), but Dyrham House (Nat Trust) is a 40 min walk away (through some fields and under the M4), or if into golf there is a course about 1 mile down the road.
  15. Running with different tyres, especailly on front will produce all sorts of odd characteristics. As you say might be balancing, could be in need of proper full re-alignment, that always make a difference to drive, and in past has cured mild high speed vibrations I had. If rears are identical, then swap to see if it makes a difference. However even same tyres with different wear can create odd effects, though from my experience well before hitting 60mph. Might be worth getting full re-alignment done, but you could have Upper Control Arms on way out which can cause this, and some owners have reported drop links going that cause wobble, though generally at lower speeds. I have had problems with wobble (more like the feeling of driving over rumble strips) and cured some of them with new shocks on front. Other possibles, brake blocks moving around though once again usually at lower speeds. What is mileage of your LS as that might help other members come up with more focussed ideas. On the spare front, most people would say for runnning gear use LS original parts (for sure £££) but they last a long time. Some people use Amayama in Japan or Rock Auto in USA for original parts at better price. In terms of service places, Japex in High Wycombe, or Osaka in Newport (I know Osaka have customers who come down from Stafford way) I am sure other members will chip in with ideas to help, and maybe find a local garage that has some idea about what old LS suffers as it gently wears out.