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  1. If you are any good with mechanics you can find replacement masts for the aerial on ebay (around £15), instructions can be found on I need to do mine, but have lived with it stuck in air for last 18 months. On the Audio front, I just use a Cassette Adaptor and plug my Phone in via headphone socket. Sound quality is good seems to be various sorts on ebay (Maplins used to do really good ones, but they went bust). But it seems you can now get Bluetooth Casette Adpators for about £15, not tried one myself, but save a heck of a lot fiddling with the LS, if all you want music in the car, and just listen to one album after the other. Some earlier bluetooth receivers do not seem to work with newer devices, so maybe the Parrot is not fit for modern devices. I had no end of problems when I got my new Samsung phone, a number of my home Bluetooth audio transmitters (Jongo units) needed software upgrade to work.
  2. I heard somewhere else that concrete production was responsible for a heck of a lot of the % of global warming, but then I also heard that we are running out of suitable sand to make concrete. It seems like somewhere in all the noise is the truth, but sure is darned hard to work it out. That would help, but if you have less land to grow stuff then you either blitz it with pesticides and fertilizer, or we all learn to live jut eating one cornflake for breakfast and a slice of bread for tea. I have planted four fruit trees in my garden so doing a little bit to help. I read that every 1 degree warming of the oceans pumps 30% more energy into the water cycle, and that is going to mean a lot more rain (even in Norfolk), which means the real worry is will my LS remain water proof and will my hybird or EV survive more flooding. One other thing I heard (coz I listen to really odd stuff on the BBC World Service when I cannot sleep) is that a log burner emits as much cr*p as a truck engine idling outside your house, so I suspect many a yoghurt-knitting hippy is unaware of why owning an LS is possibly no different to keeping the yurt warm. The answer is that Trump will pick a fight with Greta, the Nordics will be nuked, and then the Nuclear winter will begin.❄️
  3. I assume vegans cannot own a LS, as the leather being an animal by product where as us heretical vegetarians will have less of a problem wearing the leather shoes made from the hide of the beef-cow that once wrapped itself around the steak that Phil enjoyed yesterday. I do also kill animals as I have not worked out how to avoid insects (unseen) crossing the road, and the occasional pheasant (about once every 2 years) on my way to work.
  4. Just about every Korean car I have seen or been in, I always think 'close but no cigar', and having watched this I still feel the same about the Genesis. On the other hand I was saying the about the Jap cars I drove in the early 80's, where as now I would recommend just about any Honda or Toyota/Lexus over most other manufacturers Who knows; maybe one day I'll be driving a Korean creation.
  5. Having been a veggie to 30 years, the f**ting comes from too much chocolate and beer. I only eat beans in moderation (on toast with an egg, for a late weekend breakfast)
  6. With that mileage I would be checking the running gear for knocks and clunks, and if it tramlines, likely to need work doing on front end at some time. As to the colour, I have always liked red, but stopped driving red cars over 25 years ago, because (and I kid you not) every red car I have ever had (4 in total) were hit by other motorists within first month of ownership - luckily all company cars so at the time it was not my personal insurance taking a hit. Not sure if it is just quality of pictures, but is there some slight bubbling on the rear arches?
  7. The theory sounds fine until we see the damage being done to the environment in Peru where Lithium is derived from brine salts, and the water and air pollution created is just different polution to bite us (or Pervians) on the backside. Even though I have an LS, I think driving any car is not good for the environment, and would really love to have a job where I could walk to work, or even consider using public transport. I live 12 miles from work, but public transport would take me 3 hours each way. Banning cars from city centers is (IMHO) necessary, and even EVs should be banned, as they generate road wear and tyre particulate and fine metal dust, which I would think is not good for the lungs. One thing is that car body panels need furnaces to create enough heat to produce the steel/aluminium and that heat (as far as I know) can only be gained from coal, so we would still be spewing out masses of carbon as we replace (and recyle) old metal body parts, and surely plastic body panels is a bit of a nightmare for future generations. The dichotomy of owning an old luxury barge that does 11,000 miles a year. I know I am a seasoned hypocrite who loves visting the wilds of the Lake District having poured pollution all the way up the M5 to do so (but catching a train is way too expensive and cycling would be plainy mad - and my wife would expire before we got to Twekesbury👻). So in conclusion whatever the academics say, there are no easy answers, and the answers of todays scientists will create challenges for future scientists.
  8. I had forgetten that, and then it reminded me of this Dyson £££ LED light They say they should last around 110,000 hours, but I am not sure it would fit behind the touchscreen😶
  9. I would be thinking gearbox or diff if you can feel something and you have 'jerking', and the whine goes away in neutral. On the other hand the feeling could be just tyre wear. Wondering if it could be water pump whining away? My experience of Gearbox Oil is that it can get pretty dirty, and smelly and the transmission does not whine, but it you have low oil in the gear box, that is not a good thing. I used Automatic Transmissions of Gloucester to do a proper oil replace at 130,000 miles, and they seem to know their Lexus and Jag gearboxes. (their Google Reviews are variable), but I found them to be professional.
  10. Just done a bit of reading, and Cold Cathode are long lasting, but as we know will have fading output. Lifetime figures for CCFL is up to 20,000hour plus, before they will not work. (about the same as LED - LED output fades over time as well) Like any system not being used there will be some degredation, (I assume the gas will leak out of the tube over time - as no lighting system is impermeable) Doing a quick calc, based on my time in car per year, and the age of the car, the display will have been on for around 8000 hours minimum. So Phil that steal is likely to be a useable or sellable item at some point
  11. I could hear the noise on one of the videos, and does seem to change with the revs. Interesting that you said it is not as smooth as before, as my guess might be transmission issues, but not sure what you mean by smooth/scratchy Do you get the same noise if you get to speed, then put the car in neutral and then rev the engine. If noise is still there then I would be thinking water pump / cam belt problems.
  12. Back when I was 24, driving around in 1.3 Escort Mk3, if I had anything like a hot hatch back then, I would be in the wooden box a long time ago. I remember getting my first Cavalier srI, and getting it up to 130mph (just), and nearly smashing into the back of tractors coming round country bends too quick. Made me realise that even at 30 years old I was too mad for a sportier car and went with Mr Sensible motors until I tried my first LS Not been in any of the sporty Lexus range, too used to the LS luxury (and sometimes push the barge up to 120 - when wife not with me).
  13. I assume that they would be a standard type from back 20 years ago, that when they do go might be possible to source. Also assume more modern systems are LED backlit, so will fade as well, but over a longer period.
  14. This is more of an observation, rather than a fault. Noticed more readily on these colder mornings that when the Touchscreen comes on at start-up it is suffering from low contrast (or colour fade). After about 10 minutes driving the colours and contrast are strong. All functions work, and I am wondering if this is just the fact that the panel is now 20 years old and the Liquid Crystals are slowly giving up, or whether it is likely that some voltage regulator for the panel is slowly giving up or strugglnig when ambient tempature is low and one day will decide to not light up the panel. It is a long time since I understood the mechanics of the lifetime of LCD displays, and my 23 year old spare room LCD TV is still going (but very faded) Any comments or thoughts appreciated.