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  1. I would have thought it would have been snapped up by now. If I had the time I would go and have a look, but involved in a manic refurb of a Nephews new flat, so zero time to breath, let alone look at the car
  2. I use a local 'motor factor', J E Clarke (Stroud) for general car spares So maybe google 'midlands motor factors' see if any of them can do a good price. My last battery was replaced by RAC and I recall it was about £80 ish about 3 years back. Seemed like a good price abd surprised he had one in the van when he came to sort out my starting issue.
  3. Just came across this on Gumtree. LS430 - Abbeydale If someone nicked my 400 tonight I would be having a look at this (as well as being totally miffed that my 400 had been nicked). Looks like he is a dealer of some sort, mainly cheap runabouts.
  4. Agree something going on, I recall the days of driving down the M4 from london, and every day would need to wash windscreen. Drove 550 miles the other day dwon from Pitlochry and the screen as clean as when I left. Not right, sure our 4 litre monsters are doing their bit to change the environment, but the cost of rail travel to Pitlochry made the LS seem cheap to fuel up.
  5. I would suggest never running all the time on supermarket fuel, it is in spec, but does tned to be dirtier as the supermarkets just buy the cheapest they can on the 'spot' market. I recall a few years back Morrisons diesel was the cleanest diesel you could get, but things change in the fuel industry all the time. I only use supermarket petrol about in in every 10 or so refuels. I also try and make sure before an MOT the car has a motorway blast before hand. Hope you get it sorted
  6. As far as I know the only issue with LPG is that you cannot take any LPG convesion under the Channel, has to be via ferry. My brother in law used to have LPG a few years back and said that we the only pain he had.
  7. That does make sense, and I guess most of your clients want a bit of the bling factor which the Lexus does not have in the mind of the general public. As a business decision it would have to be the 300 as the client's perception is the important thing. I would add, that the first time I got into a 460 was as a passenger, it was a cold blow and a rainy night (as Planxty sang in 1974), I knew the car was a luxury barge and thought I had got into the back of some Merc. Was shocked to be told it was a Lexus. So maybe having clients with bad eye sight and weddings on foul weather days means you could get away with a 460.
  8. IMHO electrics in most modern cars is an issue, no matter the marque other than Lexus who seem to focus on getting that right as much as the mechanics. I have heard the 300 is a poor mans Bentley, and assume just like Bentley after a bit of wear and rear the electrics will be the pain. Also I think the 300 looks like a proper pimps car, or TOWIE Taxi (but that is just my opinion)
  9. Totally agree, and worth a punt. Best of luck getting it sorted, and enjoy the drive.
  10. Good luck with proper investigation. I know from experience that everytime I hear a 'new' noise I start worrying what it might be, especially given my naff hearing (to many Black Sabbath and Status Quo concerts back in the 70s).
  11. I am using Maxxis on front, Nexen on rear (due to replace in 1500 miles). Nexen have worn really well, around 35K miles, only just had Maxxis On tyre noise, I think the issue if the cabin is quite, and the road isolation is not quite as good as with modern cars, and some road surfaces just make most tyres sound noisy. Did a 500 mile run down from Scotland yesterday, and the noisest section of motorway was from Twekesbury to Cheltenham, and i know from experience in a colleagues Golf that onthat section her car sounds okay but that makes me think this might be because the overall cabin noise a bit higher so it masks the difference on motorway surfaces. I do think Falkens were slightly better, but no longer made to fit LS.
  12. Looks nice, need to do something with mine, starting to look like a rats been lunching on it. I assume it makes for a much nicer feel when driving
  13. I assume that means you are going to really need the PWR boost to whip past lorries on single carriage ways having chanced your arm. Great for someone thinking if moving abroad to get away from our politicians and their total lack of running the country while arguing over (sorry for swearing), Brexit. Nice price ??
  14. Gordon Bennet, are they polished by the hands of a fair maiden sat in a pool of gold wearing goatskin gloves, or what😲
  15. Thanks for info, once I get back from Scotland trip next week, will get it sorted. Might also book car in with Osaka in Newport just to get them to have a good poke about and advise on other suspesion parts. Looking forward to nice steady run up to Rannoch for 5 days of Scottish Spring weather.