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  1. Ken83, I had similar issues with LS, and one thing I found was non-OEM made things worse. So eventually got my local mechanic to replace pads, and shims and disks with OEM and hey-presto last 12 months have been silence from the brakes. I am surprised with 11 month old car you have a problem, but the anti-squeal shims might be duff (even if they look new). Maybe given you are in London, give Japex a call (Hemel Hampstead way), they seem to know their Jap cars inside out. I use Osaka in Newport-Wales, but that is a bit of hike for you
  2. Crikey, Just had a look at that link from Royoftherovers. Wonder if there will ever be a BMT option (where car decides you have Bad Music Taste) and tunes your radio to whatever your mother would have liked listening to!!!! I learnt many years ago (after falling asleep twice at the wheel, and just missing hitting the M4 barriers) how to open the window, sing along 'badly' to the radio, and then find the first safe place to pull over and have a 20minute kip. . Those were the days when no AC in company cars for my grade, and running the M4 at 90 with the window down was a little 'hair-re-arranging' The trick for learning a 20 minute power nap was to practice at home by putting on a vinyl record and then when it got to the end the click-click of the run out would wake me up. After doing that for about a week (every evening) like a Pavlovs dog I was trained for a short snooze.Can still do it now on really long runs (while missus pops into services and has a coffee, and buys me a Greggs sugar-hit)
  3. As Bigboomer says, 430 was first official LS with Air Suspension. But there appear to be plenty of USA sites with LS400 conversions. Personally having had all new shocks on my 400 in last year, the ride is firm but not too 'clunky'. Not as good as 430, but not far off, and a darned site cheaper to sort than air systems. Where did you see the ad for this car, be interested to have a look if poss
  4. Well March 10th struck down with Covid, hospitalised Apr 6th, and only this week did I get the LS out for a drive to the office to pick up some papers so I could work at home. So after so long not driving (other than short trip to get MOT sorted and there was no other cars about), the 15 miles to work was weird. Firstly forgot what happens when you put your foot down with a 4 litre engine Secondly seems like everyone coming the other way is a potential threat (I recall that feeling when I was learning to drive) Judging the width of car had me all over the place - just need a bit more practice But such a lovely car to be in compared my wifes new Mazda (which is okay, just not an LS). Roads busier than I was expecting, but quiet enough for me to start building confidence. Looking forward to when I have the stamina to drive out to see some friends in Wales, but suspect Dr will say take it easy for a while longer. Also decided to touch up key scrape down both off-side doors, just to make the car a little tidier looking, as not got the cash to splash on a respray. For sure it will still show, but not as bad as having a five foot squiggly white line. Just need to complete the job so that it looks okay(ish)
  5. Apologies for confusing people earlier, it was the one in the original link at the top. Now only 7 hours to go, still £1800. Based on Royoftherovers comment, wonder what stopped previous sale.
  6. Just read this and one other thought came to mind, as it sounds like similar problem I had on Omega over 15 years ago when I had new tyres fitted. Tyre separation. One of the new tyres had the tread wall coming away from the inner belt, and I had wobble at really low speeds 15mph to 25mph (like I was constantly hitting small patches of ice) at higher speeds like the wheels were totally unbalanced (but balancing showed things to be perfect). It was AA man who suggested I just get a tyre depot to have a proper poke of the tyre, and hey presto new tyre found to be seperating.
  7. Only on £1800 today, this car seems like a steal, and even if cam belt not done still a good buy at £2k+ IMHO.
  8. Ifty, When you say the unit comes out, is it just a case of easing it out from the front of the lower dash.
  9. Tis true that not all CDs are equal. I have a Sony home player that can read CD text, but I reckon less than 10% of the CDs I play have any Text Data. You can create copies of your own CDs then edit any of the data (using Media Monkey), then burn a copy of the tweaked CD files and hey-presto text in the car or home. Tis a bit of a pain to do as it just takes time.
  10. Just discovered the drive boot release button no longer working. Seems like it just 'flops about'. Is it a cable release behind, and is it easy(ish) to get to see what has 'broke' without major pulling apart of the lower half of dash. It's not a big deal, as the remote key still unlocks boot, but is handy about 2 or 3 times a year to be able to just pull that little tab when the missus needs to get something quick. Any advice appreciated
  11. I think so as well, I found some old postings where some Lexus owners had problems with cheaper end of non-OEM shocks, and on the way back from garage last night realised that the LS is worth doing it 'right' as the ride in my 20 year old car was better than my wife's 2 year old Mazda 2 over the potholes that are joined up by small bits of road on the A46 . Just need to wait a week before Lexus Parts Direct can get them to me and off back the my local indi to have them fitted.
  12. Actually decided to go with Lexus Parts Direct, will have to wait a week for the shocks, but for the sake of an extra £180 (and not needing the car for a couple of weeks), may as well go OEM. That will be one more job done until the next biggie (cam belt on next 10K miles)