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  1. It would be nice to try one out just to compare to LS, but as to owning, not really, I would feel like I was in some mid 90's American film always driving to a rough part of Chicago ready to pick up the next package/hooker/shady hustler.
  2. I love that way that a post about a Mk1 for sale ends up talking about Boris Buses (or lack of), Police cars and a lesson in chemistry. I can just imagine a pub where we all get together (post Covid) and drink a few beers and see where the chat goes, or maybe this is what happens at Lexus meets. Regarding the Bus Post, the comments on using battery tech is relying too much on the Chinese. Surely any technology will have the Chinese racing ahead, and even if we invented something new, we would want to have some other low wage economy build it, and they would then 'copy' any Patents or IP to their own advantage. If we could make a car run on Indecision then we could use our politicians as fuel.
  3. I just carry a spare, as they seem to blow about every two or three years (well the halford replacements do). The Mk4 cluster is easy to pop out. Never had any other lights fail in the rear clusters, so no idea whether they are still original or not, even so I have had the car for 7 years, so not too shabby. Just had a front side/parking light go, that is one of the jobs I was going to do, and I need to either replace o refurb the off-side front indicator housing (has misting), its these really small jobs that must wait a few more weeks/months, and my MOT now overdue, but we did a 700 mile motorway blast the week before Covid got me, so hoping that will make the emmissions fine. All in good time, as I have other DIY projects that my wife keeps telling me have to wait, so just spending a lot of time in the garden pottering, and watching all those series I recorded over last year I never thought I would have time to catch up with.
  4. Now if it had a stretched boot than it would be my thing. Always find that when we have 4 adults out on a road trip for a long weekend the boot is just a shade too small for the luggage the walking gear and the bottles of boooze my wife and my mates wife like to take along (just in case). Another 20cm on the boot would do. If I had 39000 euros burning a hole in my pocket I would buy one, only long as it would fit next to 460, the MX5, and Toyota Hilux (for going to the tip), all of which would fit in the large garage of the large house I dream of now and again.
  5. Simon, glad to hear your now cracking on with the 400. I have just disconnected my screen washer float, did look at buying a new one (or repairing the current one), but been living without it for two years now, and always carry a 1.5 litre spare of wash in the boot. I really want to do some work on mine with all this nice weather, but the Covid gave me Pneumonia and Heart Attack so even 5 weeks out of hospital, I find that lifting the bonnet and bending down to check wheel arches is a making me out of breath for a good half hour so likely to be a couple of months at least before I am going to be tinkering. Going to be firing up the 400 today or tomorrow as it is now 8 weeks since the engine turned, battery seemed okay a week ago. Even though Dr say I can drvie now, methinks will not be wanting to drive anywhere just yet (even though a trip the Garden Centre would be handy).
  6. Lex is quite a safe drug to use, does not seem to cause any long term damage, other than ability to want to own other marques with same affection (IMHO)
  7. Handbrake will sieze up if not used, usually takes a fair few years though. I only tend to using P when in traffic, and then when parked up always P and handbrake (only because when I first owned an Auto, I got a bit 'sloppy', and once parked my car in Bath on a hill, and open the car door, put my right foot on the road and felt the car lurch backwards, luckily managed to get my left foot on the brake in time. Did it twice more (in gently sloping car parks, and so gave my self a good telling off and got into the P & handbrake mode of action). When spending time in USA, never made such mistakes, so not quite sure why owning my first auto in UK, my brain went doo-lally. Have owned electronic handbrake cars, really dislike them, never really felt in control.
  8. Had same problem on both my 400's. Easy to fix either with new boot seal, or pull out the old one, clean it up and refit with silicone seal. With both of mine, what was happening was the water wicking up over the seal near the rear window, and then finding its way down the seal and then trickling into tyre-well right by where the boot lock latch is. So the tell tale rust by the latch was the give-away. Doubt it is the sun roof drains as water would have a hard time getting into tyre-well from there they exit near rear arch. If you have removed bungs, make sure you fit them as they were originally as I have noticed that where I fitted mine wrong way around I had some water incoming via the bung.
  9. Surely if you were stopped and you said you bought the car because your 'orignal' had stopped working and you need a car for 'work', caring for relative or something like that, then how could police argue, unless they were going to 100% check your story. It also seems to depend on which Police Force might stop you, and I assume on the motorway they are not (surely) going to chase you down, though they may stop you when going itno service station. A tricky one for sure, but if you did it would be like going back to the 60s when motorways first opened. Last time I drove on a nearly empty motorway was 2005, on M74 coming south on a wednesday afternoon, managed to drive 15 miles of it without seeing another vehicle. Back last year same stretch, mid week same time(ish) maybe 300 yards without seeing anything else (how times have changed)
  10. Personally not quite sure what real Jazz is, I like all styles from Mammal Hands, GoGo Penguin, Cassandra Wilson, Nina Simone, Astrud Gilbreto, Stan Getz, Miles Davis, etc. I only got into Jazz as a result of a girl friend dragging me off to the Beaulieu Jazz Festival in 1976, where among others I saw Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen (and I might be wrong - but Oscar Peterson, or someone in similar style), and given I was a metal head I had my horizons widened. As to Jazz when in the LS, a definite NO NO, Jazz is for a comfie sofa and a nice whisky and soda with a log fire to warm your cockles
  11. Some great tracks on this post. If I were to have a favourite it would be a Neil Young track either Unknown Legend (from Harvest Moon) or Pocahontas (from Rust Never Sleeps). - I think Pocahontas edges it Not sure how to post YouTube clips, but none are quite up to scratch of the originals. (with a collection of over 600 albums, 600 CDs and 2500 downloads I could pick a few more - but these two tracks always make me go AAH)
  12. Built like brick outhouses (not so sure about more recent models), and I have mate who had a Volvo 240, used is a builders van, never went wrong in 30 years, my missus had a 440, (not an estate), but I recall it had a Renault engine, with some niggley faults, kept if for a year before going Honda. T5 lovely car, so long as you could keep a petrol station in the back, always interesting to put your foot down and watch it tell you it was doing a shade under 2mpg (not even my LS gets that bad even when hammering up a local 20% with foot to the floor.
  13. It is the most beautiful estate/brake ever made, saw one once and nearly displaced my all time favourite car since I was a kid, which was the 7 litre Iso Grifo, and got to see one in the flesh when at a garden show in 2018 one parked in front of me. Made my day. Would have preferred it in blue like my Corgi model was, but hey
  14. In my simple view, the party that decided the way to save the country was to make sure the bankers who ruined the country needed more Lambos and Bentleys while the people who underpin life in the UK could all have a pay cut and sign up for food banks, was eventually going to some unstuck, but was not expecting a pandemic to be the trigger. While in hospital, had a lot of time to listen to Radio 4 and World Service, quite a few economists saying the Thatcher/Regan model of selfish capitalism is likely to be a victim of Covid-19, we shall have to wait and see if our 'leaders' show compassion when this is all over, or will they tax the heck out of the lower classes to pay for generosity being handed out to the luckier ones (I am going to be furloughed, so feel like one of the lucky ones). The one thing all my friends who work in the NHS agree on, is too many managers not pulling their weight, so need to make sure we throw money a the right parts, but like any big system the incompetents and sheer naffing lazy will find broom cupboards to hide in. We can only hope that the government takes a different tack, and that the spoon faced skin-head Dominic Cummings is marginalised. 'Political rant over'. As you may tell, I am getting better (though I would struggle to throw an MP over a wall onto a quiet motorway!!!!)
  15. Lovely cars, a bit thirsty around town, but on long runs hot too bad, and lovely to drive.