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  1. Very true. It’s very much a beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As an enthusiast you will always find more value than others do. The only time they really start to come into there own is when like with the stock market, important people start to buy, like car collectors celebrities and the like. The only other time this value goes up is if the cars have a massive power gain advantage and are cheap to tune, like Honda civics, Toyota supra’s and the like. But keep looking, especially if you have the time to wait. As “ You can’t produce a baby in 1 month by getting 9 wome
  2. So we’re now getting to that point of POWERRRRR!!! I’ve been looking at a few options that I could go down. so the typical ones are turbo charging and super charging. But I’ve always been a sucker for IRTB’S or (individual racing throttle bodies) now with the engine being the non VVTI, this is fine, but, but, but..........., it’s expensive, and a pain to tune, and you don’t get the same kind of power gains as with turbos and superchargers. But I love the idea of an NA V8 pulsing under the hood.
  3. Just a quick one guys, Does anyone know if the 1995 Ls400 and the 1998 Ls400 share the same exhaust system? As I currently have my original system up for sale on eBay, and I’m struggling to find the fitment information out for someone. As I don’t want to miss sell. Any and all help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Yes I’m aware of the consequences of using Air filters such as the K&N. What I’ve been aiming for is a experimental conclusion. I have first, mounted the Filter directly on, without any cold air feed, to find out what this does to acceleration and fuel economy. And my conclusions are that as predicted and as you have stated, there is too much hot air being drawn into the filter, which gives an almost heat soak affect, like seen on turbos. So acceleration and response are awful to say the least. I then opted to add back the cold air feed from the air box. So from the grill w
  5. Sorry to hear that, but at least you are gathering places that you can go to now, so not all bad. And who’s to say you don’t find another 430 with low mileage, well looked after, but only selling cheap because the air suspension has gone. You never know what’s around the corner.
  6. Ummmm, by the looks of it, yours looks to be more of a grey colour, and mine is more of a sand colour. Comfortable are those sheep, whatever the colour. 🙂
  7. Managed to get this Mishimoto gear knob off eBay for cheap, as someone bought it for there lift reverse car and didn’t realise, so unused, and more than half the price of brand new. I love that whole Ferrari look from the early models.
  8. No problem. i think, go with the classic, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” I’ve just got to think what my next stage will be to check now. I’ve come to realise that with the low mileage of this one, the car must have had a lot of sitting around and short trips, so rubber bushings and suspension components and the like, don’t like been sat in one place for long periods of time. But as I said right at the start of this thread, I’m looking to save the ls400 before they all have there engines ripped out, and try and create more of an after market interest that it deserves. And try and
  9. So I’m up to 81,000miles now that’s including the km’s it did in Japan too. But don’t forget these are heavy cars, and without knowing the rubber compound and mix they use it’s hard to say if that’s normal or not, for time+mileage.
  10. It realy does make a difference in height, and the gearbox feels smoother and more solid, if that makes sense, well worth the time to do.
  11. So, let’s change the gearbox mount I thought, nice and easy looking job I thought, and then this happened. picture with the what I think is the driveshaft rubber on the right And then this happened. Lots of WD40, and even left to soak, took my time and, well it went really well.........
  12. Well I’ve been tracking this wobble for a while now, but I did wire brush, and brake clean the surfaces, but it doesn’t mean that I did enough. But I did think it could possibly be the drive shaft rubber, if that makes sense, With it being a rotational wobble feel through the seats but not the steering wheel. But I have just changed the gearbox mount in the effort to help the situation. And yes, looootttssss of pictures. I Like to show as much as I can, as sometimes I know people might be wondering how something looks on there own Lexus, but might not know where to start. At least I find
  13. So thought it was about time I sorted out the brakes. So got in touch with EBC and sorted myself out with some new disks and pads all around. Such nice quality, and to be honest I can’t fault the originals, but for a while now I’ve been trying to follow a speed wobble problem and my first start was wheels and tyres, but nothing, and now disks and pads. still no luck, it’s a strange wobble too, as every 3 seconds the wobble/vibration I should say gets worse, like its rotational. So just working my way through the possibles one by one. Ohhh the joys........
  14. Well that’s two people who have already given me the red light. Never a good sign in my eyes. And with it being two that I trust, think il keep my bargepole to myself, no pun intended.
  15. So time for a very expensive trial run. How well will track/road tyres work on a The beast. My thinking was, stiffer side walls,with a better contact patch, and much better grip. And reportedly very good in the wet too. So I can safely say one of the best tyres I’ve had for this car so far. The sidewalls really help with handling, saying I’m running stock suspension. And the grip in the dry is just madness. And in the wet too is very impressive. The one down side is, the tyres are loud enough to make you think a wheel bearing has gone. And I have recently done a trip down to Devon and ba
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