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  1. So I went about killing too birds with one stone, changing the look while also refreshing old rubber and curing small oil leaks, so after a bit of searching online and a few contacts I found and got these, Powdercoated and fitted with AN10 fittings ready for future proofing the build, I’ve pretty much at this point decided what I want to do engine wise and power wise too. And because things are gett8ng done more now I took advantage of the Halfords sale too.
  2. Had a few pics that kept giving me inspiration, always loved the the rat rod look as long as it was age related, and the look of that engine bay in The first Transformers movie, that point where they lift the bonnet on the seemingly rough Camaro and there’s this amazingly detailed and clean engine bay.
  3. So a few pics of the engine bay to get a before and after, while I thought about what I really wanted to.
  4. Ok so at this point I decided, after a service the next step is well, drive your car about 250 miles for a test drive to Torquay, so with the kids and all the baby stuff, and bags and spare wheel and tool kit ( just in case) the boot is huge as you all know. So off we went, trip there and back and driving around for the week was amazing, car ran like a dream, just parking was interesting, the turning circle really helps but the length of the beast is crazy. Anyhoo so lots of driving with it being stock and just enjoying the car for a while. Then I got going with my plan. Remember I said I was a bit of a fan of NASCAR’s, well I purchased these and spaces because the four pot callipers are too big for almost every other 16” wheel. So yeh again sorry about the pics, honestly they are the last ones on the phone, promise.
  5. So as promised, a realy bad picture of a picture from my stupid old I phone, plus a couple of the boot or should I say swimming pool.
  6. I do like a look of a good engine, no one should have a Lego engine bay. It’s the don’t work on your own car bring it to a dealer world we live in with finance up the eyeballs.
  7. The craziness of the newer shape gets me every time with the extras, I mean I have the multi disk changer and original head unit and antenna is in the rear window, but I think I have a base model, I do like how the seats are full electric even down to the headrest, and the seat belt height adjustment is electric too, and heated folding mirrors, it’s still beyond what most modern cars have now. Always makes me chuckle when I tell people. Love all the models, but just fell for the old school look of mine.
  8. To be honest i haven’t really looked at the differences other than the seats, I did like that I found some Yen in the car under the rear seat. what sort of quirks do you mean?
  9. Yeh they are so comfortable, and no seat burn in summer or freeze until your heated seats kick in, and it was imported in 2005
  10. No it’s the alternator belt, but I know the rule of sorting the water pump while your there just makes sense.
  11. Ok, so first things first. I obviously purchased the car. And this was the first part that would make most including me cringe. I purchased it unseen from a dealer down in London. Now yes I though I’m mad doing this, and even after doing lots of checks and my favourite, the DVLA MOT history checker as I think it gives more detail to its life than sometimes a fake service book that you ring the first dealer stamp and they say, we have only seen this car at purchase. Believe me I’ve had a few of those. And because the price was low and the mileage seemed to check out with the condition of the interior I though, give them a ring on the Mobly phone and get them to start it and walk round it for me. To be fair they mentioned all the things that were wrong that you can’t see in the pictures and I thought I want to save her regardless of the condition, because if someone doesn’t do it and only buys perfect, what’s going to be left. So anyway I get the car delivered like a takeaway to my house, on the back of a small car lorry that looked smaller than the car itself, now I did get a pic but it’s on my ancient I phone and I can’t even drag the pics off it anymore, but il have to do the worst best thing and take a picture of a picture so quality will be bad but anyway. So £165 pound takeaway delivery later, which I thought was good for London up to me, the cars off the lorry and I’m trying to now figure out what an auto is as I’ve never even been in one let alone driven one. That’s when the Nice delivery driver tells me as funnily enough he has an ls400 back in Poland, what are the chances. So park her up and let’s have a good look, and yep it’s smells of woolly jumpers, and yep the car is so quiet I thought it was electric, and ooooo the boot smells like someone died, so it’s either damp or it realy was a Sopranos mob car. But yeh everything seemed good. Took her for a quick drive and wow I wished I hadn’t waited to buy one, gearbox was smooth, acceleration was surprising for saying I had a sti scooby at the time and an Audi TT and an mx5, yeh I have a problem..... but as always it’s service time to see what’s really going on.
  12. Haha, I’m going to be a bit of a sod, as I’m planning on doing some daily updates as not to spoil too much. And I’m still working on her so there will always be updates.
  13. Yes it is, and I have struggled to find anyone else with the same. I’m not sure about how the japs would regard it realy, depends if it’s harder to get sheep or cows made into seats, well at least one doesn’t have to die I guess,
  14. So these are the pics off auto trader before I purchased her and that’s why I call it the Texus prodject, as it has LS badges on already, but with the Toyota steering wheel, Toyota wheel centre caps, and the obvious Toyota engine badge, not to mention all the Japanese everywhere, Hence why I got the car the price for cheaper than list. I know at one point they did import the Toyotas and re badge them as Lexus so they could put the price higher, but judging by this effort it looks self made. And hiding the numberplate something I’ve always done out of habit really. True that it doesn’t really make much difference as it’s easy to check with the DVLA checker now but I’m always cautious about cloning number plates, you just never know.