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  1. And just a little sound clip, just a short flyby. 514900BA-1A55-4FE8-B1BE-035FFCD24AF3.MOV
  2. So the exhaust is now fitted. And I’m really happy with the work, it’s a high grade stainless pipe work with a lifetime of the vehicle guarantee. The best bit was going over to see the place, just a small work shop with a small group of blokes working there, with ages of experience. The sort of lads you could sit at an old minors pub with supping down a pint 🍺. Really helpful, and knowledgeable to boot, so I won’t advertise them unless that’s ok and people want to know. I didn’t opt for anything fancy as I wanted function over form. So I asked for a free flowing exhaust with no tips and it tracks down to the single silencer just before the cats, so not cat back but close, as the next step is the higher money end, and starts leading into another world of, what cats, sensor positions and the like.
  3. Ummm does make you wonder. I know with mine not only were they all numbered but they had a certificate, a sticker and also who made the leads too. But they make everything to order which means you have a lead time of about 3 to 4 weeks. As for Denso they might not go into so much detail as it’s not the only thing they make, that’s possibly the only reason I can think, why they aren’t numbered.
  4. So the original exhaust is off and the exhaust hanging brackets ready for the custom exhaust that is being installed. testament to the quality of these systems, no rust anywhere, well until you get up towards the cats anyway.
  5. Your not wrong about that, it’s something I still haven’t got round to really trying yet...... ohh I found a very old Haynes manual with the spark plug condition checker, great tool to find out how your engine is doing.
  6. So, time to pop the leads and new spark plugs in. Nice and simple job, especially when you have a good wiring diagram to make the job nice and easy. Little note with the leads. They are thicker than the originals, which does mean you need to modify the original guiding plastics to accommodate. It does come with a set of cable separators, and because of the thickness and the silicon quality they don’t move much anyway, so no worry’s of moving and touching moving parts. plus, I have included the wiring diagram to help anyone who needs it.
  7. Don’t we all haha. i know compared to the mark1 but was never sure if it was different between countries or not.
  8. Bit of a picture overload but, i love to try and show as much as I can, not only for future reference but for everyone else too. so no filters on these pics, so you can see the big reveal of what colour I chose, and also the fitting of the left hand side rocker cover.
  9. So il start with the first note, thanks I do appreciate the interest what keeps me wanting to keep building even more. As for the brakes, don’t worry that’s all done and will put up in a later post, and yes I do agree. yes they are radiator hoses, the one on the left is the down pipe, and the one on the right is the top hose. The magnecore lines are 8mm so the only problem is they don’t fit in the original plastic holders, but they do supply the cable separators so it’s not so bad, and because of the thickness, and the fact it’s silicone too means they don’t move. And reinstalling the rocker cover’s was fine, no snagging issues, as I found that I could took most of the wires out of the way, and with having the old ignition leads on at the time I wasn’t worried as they were going to be changed out anyway. and the blanking plate is the perfect shape and covers fine and allows for the original bolt holes to be used too. the two blockers?..... I’m not sure what you mean, I did use to Allen key bolts to put the blanking plate on with if that’s what you mean. And I agree, the powder coat works great and gives a nice long lasting Finnish too, when I took the old covers off they did have a lot of pitting but no signs of flaking which is good. hope this helps, any other questions, I will answer as best as I can, because I’m still trying to figure out what some things are myself. thanks
  10. Got the gasket and also, new air filter has arrived too, everything’s coming together now. And yes I’m expecting the power to more than likely be down, but, it’s all a trial and error curve now, as there is no set patterns for tuning or tuning parts. We shall see.
  11. So, got cracking on doing the valve covers, well until I realised I forgot to get a throttle body gasket. So got the right side done and also plugged up the PCV hose too.
  12. So got the TRD stickers on there to just to bring the rocker/valve covers to life. now time for cleaning and new gaskets.
  13. Sorry it’s been a while lot of things happening. so updates. a few things to add to the project for the long term, goals.
  14. So finally received my Magnecore leads and ordered An fittings and hose and also the blanking plate For the valve delete, and also because the wire coatings for the wire harness have turned to brittle dust I thought not a bad idea to address that too.
  15. I also needed to change the front seat belts as they had long gone, and couldn’t hold much of anything anymore, I tried washing the belts and re greasing but didn’t do too much and was a disgusting colour that came from them so yeh sweaty lovely ness. Oooo and the drivers side belt clip bolt looked like this when I came to it, let’s just say it was a fun job to get off with a few choice words chucked in to help with the job.